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He's new in town, has a cheap one-bedroom apartment not far from the beach, spends a lot of time in crappy bars, and wears a lot of black. He also seems to have a bad attitude and a chip on his shoulder the size of Noah's ark. A real fun guy to be around, in other words.
  • Barfly: Do you frequent the kind of place where the drinks are cheap and the beer's probably watered down? Slade does too! Fancy that.
  • Garou: Yeah, he's one. Shadow Lord. Ahroun. Not from this part of the country, but good luck getting him to talk about where he comes from or why he didn't jump right up to announce himself to the locals as soon as he got into town.
  • Unemployed: Since he doesn't have a mundane job and is slacking pretty hard on Gaia-given duties, Slade has a lot of spare time on his hands (see hook #1) and could end up just about anywhere. (Though he usually sticks close to home when the moon is full and he's more apt to lose his temper in the most violent way possible.)