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Information Snapshots
Streetwise PC: Seraphina is an extremely Street savvy character. If something happens on the other side of the city, she likely knows about it. (Streetwise 5)

Supplier: Seraphina supplies certain things to certain people in need. Things that most people wouldn't be so keen to admit to. Need a hook up? Sera's your girl.

Puppeteer: She is a mover. A shaker. And there are exceptionally dense resources at her disposal to make the cities underbelly dance as she pleases. If you've heard about this, you're probably aware of just how far the spiderweb reaches. (Streetwise 5 to know of her underworld influence.)

Addict: There is a lover in this woman's life, and it isn't another human being. Somehow? She's functional in spite of it... Most of the time. (Streetwise 2. Some junkie. Nobody too special.)

Criminal Record: Sera has served time for a variety of small-time crimes- including but not limited to attempted armed robbery and assault/battery charges. She claims they were all in self-defense- but who robs someone in self-defense?

Skater Girl: Sera spends most of her time hanging out at skate parks around the city. She's usually never alone.

Party Party Party!: Every. Single. Night. If you hang out in 'the bad part of town,' odds are you've been to one of Sera's parties.


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Contacts Quotes
Samara: Creep... Real creep. Not so bad though. Seraphina/Quotes

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