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Saskia is a relatively new face in Prospect, a foreign national from Germany as evident by her thick accent - she doesn't say where, and it's quite evident she keeps information about herself quite tight to her chest. A strong woman, both in mind and body, a war mage of House Flambeau. It rides side by side with her fiery personality, only a smidgen of anger issues. She's rarely seen without some sort of weapon strapped onto her, usually concealed in some imaginative way - most often an over-sized sword strapped over her shoulder. Old fashioned is best, she refuses to believe in the superiority of firearms much to the dismay of her colleagues. In addition, she has an unfortunate tendency to burn herself quite frequently when working her Will. Her main flaw is throwing caution to the wind, and utterly, disastrously failing to look more than a few feet in-front of her. Repercussions are something to deal with later, after-all. Once the fire is burning, well... just let it burn.

At current, she finds herself at a loss within the City of prospect. A stranger in a strange land, almost a person out of time due to her sheltered and spartan upbringing. She is often amazed at the luxuries and conveniences of the modern world, and frequently butchers local colloquialisms. Despite all of this, she is deathly loyal to her friends and loved ones. Her path as a war-mage constantly puts her at odds against the darker aspects of the Awakened world, she thinks her fire can burn away the darkness - but she is dead wrong.

She rides a motorbike, that's pretty cool right?


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Teagan: Quirky, adorable. Love her.

Evaline: She's a fighter like me.

Oktav: This man has style, of a sort.

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Saskia von Danneberg

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Saskia von Danneberg

Tradition: Order of Hermes

House: House Flambeau

Apparent Age: 26

Height: 5'11

Melee: Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.png

Mage.png Orderofhermes.png

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RP Hooks
House Flambeau: Are you a member of this house, in the Order of Hermes? Do you consider yourself a battlemage, or someone who likes a good fight? You might be familiar with the upstart Saskia.

Former Templar in Training: Saskia used to be a member of the Templars in childhood, joined with the Celestial Order. If you have any knowledge of the Templars, you may have heard of her Father who caused quite a stir.

Swords: Like Swords? So does Saskia, lets hang.

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Saskia4.jpg Sword.png Saskia5.jpg

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