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"I'm a criminal. Criminals are notorious liars. Everything about me is a lie.".

RP Hooks

Criminal Mastermind: Raymond is a criminal facilitator on a global scale. He has had dealings with various organizations and entities that even if you don't know him personally someone you know in the Underworld likely does. He finds the right criminal for the right job or failing that personally takes on tasks with his eclectic crew. Looking for a job in crime? Ray is likely hiring.

Mama's Boy: Ray is one of the Spider Folk, not something he is often forthcoming with. He is fiercely loyal to the causes of his people. It is common knowledge among the Damhan that regardless of Faction. Strange given usual Ananasi politics but it may be some small comfort to a lone spider in need.

Wyld Wizard: Ray is allied with the Wyld by all accounts it seems. Often drawn to Wyld phenomena and with unaware allies often in tow. He even found a Threshhold on his estate ground. The origin of which he insists he is ignorant of. Look to Ray if you have interest in the unpredictable Wyld.

Patron of the Arts; Perhaps due to his association with the Wyld or his love of decadent living Ray loves the arts. He encourages and bank rolls creative processes whenever he can. If a true artist needs a little help Ray is often willing to give it.

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Raymond Rodriguez

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In Summary


Breed: Homid

Rank: 2

Faction: Kumoti (Wyld)

Aspect: Amari Aliquid

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