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Update: 03/22/20

  • Selfie Time: So a Jock, a Bad Ass Chick and a Drop Out all show up to Court and we're all of the Blood. So the Head Honcho decides to grab a pic of us since we're so rare in his territory. The Jock's a transport from Hawaii and stepped in with a bow and will probably take the test, make the vow and go from there. The Chica ain't all about that but she likes the town. So she gets to take care of the Honcho's pet for permission to stay. Me? I told him that I would not let someone from THAT family test me. Nope. Not gonna happen. The Honcho told me to get tested and be prepared to swear yadda yadda blah blah before the throne and all that. NEWP. I'll just keep my distance for now.

Update: 03/17/20

  • Earned His Whiskey: Though he may get on my nerves every night there are some times when the man earns his whiskey. Like tonight when I hit up a bar on the border. Crazy lady decided to lock me inside, tell me to sit down like she owned the place. First, locking someone in somewhere they've never been is never a great way to break the ice. Nomads get a might twitchy when they feel trapped. Second, If you do try and lock us in make sure we don't have a geezer driving a rig that could crash through the front of the bar to make a hole. One way or the other we're getting out.

Update: 03/14/20

  • Court: Didn't die - so that's a win. Saw some stuff that confirmed what I had heard about the Camarilla for years. Told the Prince what was going on - that I wasn't planning on settling in his cities but that I would occasionally be passing through them. I was given a probationary pass for a week and then he wants to talk to me again. If he's wanting me to bow and scrape like the others I saw - well that just ain't gonna happen; ain't me.
  • Lord of the Dance: One of the weirdest things I saw was after my moment on the stage. A guy had put himself up to take over the Brujah. Brand new guy that was just presenting himself to the Prince...that night. I know right? What Brujah's gonna follow a new guy like that? Well, some woman called him out on it. I was ready to see a good old fashioned Brujah brawl. But what does this guy call as the weapon of choice for their fight? Dance. DANCE. Between Brujah. WTF? I mean seriously, WTF? I'm going to have to get those glitter bombs ready. My sire ain't -never- gonna believe this shit.


(I know you)

Alice Those Ta-Tas almost kilt me girl.
Alzbeta Never lock a cat in a cage and expect to talk.
Ashton You'd not be permitted to live if you were of my blood.
Bard Lord of the Dance
Berch At least I wasn't the only one standing out at the bar.
Eric Cool club.
Heathen Still got those friends - and I'm still broke.
Istvan Impressive...cane.
Jolene First meetings and things are off to an interesting start.
Manfred Cool but only saw him for a few minutes.
Mikael Yup, still broke.


(I like you)

  • Joe: He family, but like all cousins - I ain't really seen him much. But if he called, I'd answer.


(I trust you)


  • Known to have been hanging around Rawlins, WY about ten years ago.
  • Mostly a drifter that runs around with a few people now and again.
  • Somehow he managed to find a driver, "Gramps", that keeps en eye on his rig when he's out and can drive him around when he's sleeping.
    • The driver is an old, bitter guy; a truck driver for nearly forty years. He's got lung cancer from smoking a pack of day since he could drive and a liver that's about quit on him. Without semi-regular doses of 'the shit' to keep him going he'd have been dead months ago. Every fourth word out of his mouth is a cuss. Now that he's got 'the shit' from 'the kid', he's feelin like a man that's twenty years younger.
  • He's mostly a nomadic creature
  • Walks around UCP campus in the evening.
  • College Bars
  • Road House Bars
    • "Gramps" drops Rawslins off wherever it is that he needs to be that night and then finds a spot to park the rig until he gets a call for a pick up. The kid hands over whatever cash he scored that night for gas and stuff and crashes out while he moves them around.
  • Campus Library: UC Prospect
  • Typically outside of Prospect though they move around a lot.
  • Has a mobile haven that's an old Chevy camper from the mid-80's.
  • He's tried to put down roots before - to have a traditional haven but those things are seemingly too easy to find and then they turn into a weakness.
  • They never seem to be in the same exact spot two days in a row - just to throw people off the trail.
  • Being controlled by another. Whether it's the whim of a Prince of the Camarilla or the fanaticism of a High Priest of the Sabbat, when he starts to feel the hands of others trying to put a collar around his neck he is quick to hit the road. Ain't no place worth being a slave.


Name Rawlins
Apparent Age Early Twenties
Occupation: Vagrant
Demeanor: Rebel
Nature: Survivor
Race: Vampire
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 190
Concept: Nomadic Vagrant



  • Nomad: When the going gets tough, my house got wheels.
  • Survival: The struggle for survival in this World of Darkness is a real, almost nightly problem. Where to find food, keep out of trouble, keep out of the light, one step ahead of anyone looking to settle scores, etc.
  • Addiction: He's got the best/worst addiction in the world. He might hate part of it but there's only a limited amount of time he can go without feeding that need once more. Like any addict he doesn't really care - mostly - where he gets his fix so long as it's the good stuff. Can't come out of a bottle though. If it ain't hot, beating and moaning he don't want it.
  • Hunter: His eyes, his senses, his perception are all keenly aware of the prey around him. He loves being able to walk through a crowd, select his target, run him to ground, circle around it and go in for the kill...or the kiss.
  • Out of Towner: Recently arrived from Las Vegas or roughly from the Nevada / New Mexico region
  • Family: He never had a family growing up and it'd be a stretch to say that his new clan is anything close to a family but it's all he's got. So he tries to go out of his way for members of what he calls "The Blood".
  • Hunted: He's on the fringe of the midnight society and because of that there's a real possibility that he's got to keep an eye out for one of his own kind out for his head.
  • Loner: Whereas not all of his clan had left the Camarilla, he's definitely not one to show up at court. It's just not something that interests him. This has earned him the label of a loner or a lone wolf since he's less likely to get involved with inter-clan politics.


Camarilla.png Really not a fan of the political bullshit. It's like Mean Girls with fangs.
Sabbat2.png Seriously not a fan of their religious and political fanaticism. Trying to convince everyone else that they are right about things but then not letting you decide for yourself.
Brujah.png Not the worst. These guys got a serious rage problem. If they can keep it check they can be cool people.
Nosferatu.png Those poor bastards. Made the best of what they got but damn. I pass them info if I run into it.
Tremere-icon-blue-01.png Uh... no comment.
Ventrue.png At least -some- of these guys will buy you dinner before they fuck you over.


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