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Dr. Trevor Novak

"I'm sure we have lots of people dedicated to making the most money they possibly can, but that's not my job.
I'm in the business of evil and business is good."

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Dr. Trevor Novak/Background

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Height: 5' 7" (1.69 m)
Weight: 133 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

Trevor is a nice man, but he's also a bad man.

A mad scientist working for the maddest scientists of them all.

To the outside world, he's a perfectly normal guy who goes to his perfectly normal job working on asthma medications.

For those who know better, he's a guy who can get you the best drugs and into a lot of trouble.

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Theme Songs: - Amazing by Aerosmith (His song about how his Wyrm-Totem saved him) - I hate you, I love you. (A love song to the Wyrm) - Kills You Slowly (Relationships with a monster song)