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777,779 Words That Bind the Clouds Above
Information Snapshots
Could you even imagine what it is like to fly? Can you even visualize the way clouds blow past you, or how revealing of the self it is to fall at the ground at Terminal Velocity? Do you already know? Do you remember the feeling? How could you forget it? Do you know what it's like, to fly at Mach 2, 4, 6, 10? I do. Do you have Faith? Do you Believe?
  • A Vietnam Flying Ace with a Criminal Record.
  • A Vengeful Twister, and The Fall of the Drum-Wheel of the Seven Winds.
  • Memory Beyond Time, and an impatient crackshot in need of a target.
  • Sometimes you leave the war, but it never leaves you. Modern Day Knight.
  • An empowering breath of fresh air, or a life-changing clap of thunder.
  • The Crimson Legion's Infamous Flying Ace: The Ultimate Game of Tag, until Caine fucked up, that is.
  • I taught them how to sing every emotion into being, and they chose to spit curses instead.
  • A Judge of Worth: Sometimes we handle trauma like adults, sometimes we try to fix the world with our trauma.
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