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The Birth

"Fuck damnation, man! Fuck redemption! We are God's unwanted children? So be it!"

xxxxxOnce a noble Garou with a bright future ahead of him, his was a story of betrayal and tragedy. Murayama had to be thrown into the dark, ravaged by rabid wolves, forged in the pit of balefire, and molded in the Black Labyrinth to become the hateful, malevolent creature that he is right now. He now revels in his newfound identity; a monster first, and nothing second.

xxxxxThe circumstances that led to his downfall, and consequently his rebirth were by no means an accident. He was tricked by the same people that he once hailed as comrades, the Shadow Lords, and the Dancer is now out in full for blood. He might not find the ones responsible anytime soon, but the blood of the Tribe in general will do, and so will the rest of the Gaians.

xxxxxHe finds a new dark brotherhood in the form of the Black Spiral Dancers, especially favoring those who are similarly outcasts of the Garou Nation. His drive to exact revenge is, in truth, much stronger than any loyalties he has to the Wyrm and its minions.

The Wolf
Axel Murayama
Sphere: Garou
Faction: Wyrm
Tribe: Black Spiral Dancers
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Philodox
Demeanor: "Seize the day,
Nature: then set it on fire."
Pack: MFKR
  • Broken Moon:  The balance of the Half Moon has been broken, the duality now twisted to give birth to a hypocritical monster. Justice no longer means anything to him — it's a cruel cruel world, and one must become even crueler to overcome it.
  • Fallen Prince:  A fallen Shadow Lord, he now defies anything and everything that has ties to his previous Tribe.
  • Shadowhunter:  A Philodox with the streak of a skulking Ragabash, or an outcast hell-bent on revenge against his former Tribe?
  • Dishonored:  Deceit, manipulation, and trickery; he still remembers his training well.
  • Dark Nobility:  "Mate, Feed, Kill, Repeat, motherfucker. Remember the name."
The Pack, the Prey, and Anybody Else Inbetween...
  • Danielle — Mediocre... don't tell her I said that.
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