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How does one describe Mira? Well Beyond the obvious pretty, she seems to always be in a good mood, despite her apparent homelessness. She is making friends in the city and a few have been nice enough to give her a place to clean up and rest her head. Others are more interested in the adventures that she can lead them on.

Namely there is a place called the Autumn Falls where she likes to go, but very few know where to find it...

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So far there hasn't been much to gives stereotypes about. Most everyone has been accommodating, and some even protective of her, which is a blessing due to the fact that she is still a little Naive to the real world.

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People From the Now:
  • Mora Just for a moment you had me fooled. You weren't serious.
  • Anyu It's okay. take a good long look.
  • Sterling Yes, there are plenty of words.
  • Catalina Interesting conversation, likes her tech, pity she's straight

People from The Past:

  • Royan - Lord of Crows...I'm sorry...Ravens. Also my adventuring buddy
  • Skye - Don't worry, the floor is more comfortable than the ground.
  • Eroica -Yes I sit funny. I have to. Is that why you're staring?
  • Liesl - Kind boss. Good lady. Scary snake.

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Some OOC info.

-High Dex, Very high App.

-Changeling Eyes (Violet)

-Wings (with full flight on Fae Mein)

-Wild Mind

-Knows her way around the woods, has been living there since she ran away from home at 13

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RP Hooks
She's always looking for a place to crash, shower and eat.

Looking for a job as a waitress or busing dishes, doesn't believe that she can do better than that

Loves her coffee, Caramel Latte. But one and she'll be your bestest bud.

Walking through the woods, might see her.

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