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There's an old saying. You can take the girl out of the trailer, but you can't take the trailer out of the girl. Mara is constantly trying to move farther and farther away from her redneck past, and embrace the world she wants to live in. Even if the world she wants to live in no longer even exists.

Her move to Prospect is her first attempt to strike out on her own, and find her place in the world.

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RP Hooks
Food: Perhaps due to some divine irony, Mara has recently found almost compulsive interest in food. Trying just about any new cuisine she can find.

Drink: She drinks like it's the Civil war and she's about to have her legs sawed off.

Smokes: Like a chimney.

Fashion: Though her look is sometimes a bit retro, she puts an almost obsessive amount of effort in to clothing herself.

Drugs: Specifically Heroin. It's more of a hobby than an addiction at this point.

The Voice: More than her look, more than her habits, her voice is the one serious defining factor about Mara. Soft and a little low, it's almost hypnotically beautiful.

Low Class: As much as she tries to clean up her act, eventually she always seems to somehow reveal her trailer park origins.

Chill: Perpetually laid back, she's never one to cause or create any sort of spectacle.

Friendly: She'll sit down and shoot the shit with nearly anyone, she just doesn't seem to have a judgemental bone in her body.

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Full Name: Mara P. Douglas

Nicknames: Laura Ashes

Date of Birth: 10th October

Apparent Age: Early Twenties

Ethnicity: Mixed

Origin: Ashland, Oregon

Occupation: None

Religion: None

Notable Traits: Thin, short, pale, very 90's Heroin Chic

Enneagram: Two " The Helper

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 90 lbs

Hobbies: Singing

Eye Color: Brown/Green

Hair: Black

Mara's Song: [1] [2]

Played by:

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Apone: The sole of my kind here, there is much I hope to learn from him.

Vivianne: One of the first people I met here, far too kind.

Amelie: The first person I met when arriving in Prospect, helpful and welcoming. I hope all who I meet are as wonderful as her.

Lillian: A kindred spirit, born of fire and full of grace.

Vegard: Surprisingly welcoming, considering everything.

Stanley: Larger than life....

Heathen: There must be more to you then all this.

Mikael: Pretty for a boy. Kinda wonder if you're more complicated than that.

Itto: I've known your kind before, big neon lights reading "danger". Are you any different?

Abigail Cole: Mine...

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