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Mortal Host


The woman known simply a Maggie is a Japanese immigrant who frequents the area of Chinatown, and occasionally works the streets as a prostitute. She has a police record for prostitution and petty larceny, and is said to have been the girlfriend of a San Francisco Yakuza Lieutenant prior to his death in gangland violence. She has been around the city of Prospect for a couple of years now.

Demon Soul


Gemekaa, the demon that inhabits Maggie was a member of the Sixth House, a Rabisu General of the Ebon Legion under the Archduke Abaddon, she was known for her packs of feral beasts that she used to relentlessly hunt the loyalists of Heaven, and bringing beasts of war to the humans that sided with Lucifer's host against Heaven.

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KH1bAS.jpg Karasu - A prominent figure in Chinatown, and a provisional ally on things related to the well-being of the neighborhood.

Hana.jpg Hana - A friend I met one evening in Chinatown, aggressive, fit, and entertaining company

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RP Hooks
  • Foreigner: Maggie is a Japanese native, though has become a naturalized citizen of the US.
  • Criminal Record: Maggie has several minor criminal infractions, prostitution, petty larceny, and similar minor, non violent crimes.
  • Tattoo: Maggie has a very elaborate tattoo, done in a traditional japanese style that covers much of her back, and extends to her shoulders and arms.Semi NSFW
  • Eminence: Maggie was once a notable war leader and officer of the Ebon Legion, engaged in active war against the host of heaven.
  • Legacy: Maggie has many memories from before her imprisonment, knowing places, names, and details of major events and people.

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Name: Maggie
Real Name: Morimoto Megumi
Age: 23
Occupation: Prostitute / Petty Thief
Ethnicity: Japanese

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Demon Overview
Celestial Name: Gemekaa
House: Devourer
Faction: Luciferan
Court: Elohim

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Notable Stats
Stamina: Seaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot.png
Appearance: Seaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot.pngSeaglassdot.png
Intelligence: Seaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot.pngSeaglassdot.png

Streetwise: Seaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot.pngSeaglassdot.png
Animal Ken: Seaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot.png

Lore of Beast: Seaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.png

Legacy: Seaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot.png
Eminence: Seaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot.pngSeaglassdot.pngSeaglassdot.pngSeaglassdot.png

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