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Cerys 'Lux' Maldona

Age: 27
Apparent Age: Mid twenties.
Occupation: Deviant
Nature: Guess
Demeanor: Guess Again

Sphere: Vampire
Alignment: Sabbat
Pack: Quinto Sol

Insanity: Want to swap stories about the water treatments or electroshock?

Vampire: Fangs and all. The nightlife is always better with blood.

Occult: She knows things and what she doesn't know, she can find in her books.

Librarian: Lux loves books, the more arcane the better. Have a parcel of knowledge? It's the perfect bait to land this fish.

Trickster: Doesn't everyone love a good practical joke? Like the time she had your car towed? Good times!

Seer: The madness within her combined with the curse in her blood allows Lux to see far beyond the here and the now.

Beguiling: Lux is tiny, blonde, insane, she looks delicate, but beware what hides behind that beguiling smile.


La Familia

  • Selena - My Crimson, my ductus, my Bishop.
  • Sinclair - My Amethyst, my mentor, my soothing darkness.
  • Santos - My art, my passion, my angel in the guise of a devil. (MIA)
  • Freeman - My Brother, my curiosity.
  • Marisol - My Sister, my Priest, my bane.
  • Noa - My Sister, my glittering darkness, probably my end.
  • Hassana - My Sister, another curiosity.

The Others

  • Vera - Seems to like themed costumes.
  • Croc - Crocodilius, scaly friend, wonderful perch, piggyback rides!
  • Anezka - Really not sure what to make of her yet.
  • Daemion - Big Guy, useful, amiable enough.
  • Khamael - You have to watch the quiet ones.
  • Gregg - Big Big Guy, I like him. He's like a fanged teddy bear.
  • Zara - Ambitious, we'll see how that works for her.
  • Stefania - Malkavian, oh how the blood flows.
  • Armela - Another Malkavian?! Young, impetuous, hiding things.