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Information Snapshots
  • Penny the Pencil - Don't mess with her sister.
  • Performer - Jazz club headliner and wannabe star.
  • Bad Boys - Lucy likes powerful men.
  • Golddigger - Lucy also likes money and expensive gifts.
  • Booze - She's a bit of a lush.
  • Carousing - Good thing she can hold her liquor.
  • Seductress - Men are putty in her hands.
  • Unethical - Morals shmorals.
Contacts Quotes
  • Penny the Pencil - The big sister, who casts a big shadow.
  • Benny - The family lawyer. At Lucy's rate, she's gonna put his future kids through college.
  • Rosalia - Some leggy broad she's seen working the clubs from time to time.

RP Logs

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