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Penny 'The Pencil' Rosselini

Image: 250 pixels

Concept - Mob's Accountant

Nature - Competitor

Demeanor - Rogue

At a Glance

  • Age: 27 (Born 1902-01-12)
  • Parents were a mess, her mother died young, dad was a disappointment.
  • As a child, she would fill in to help out the family, working with her uncles, preferred to dress as a tomboy; family business involved a mix of funeral parlour tasks and doing grunt work for the mob.
  • Math and business prodigy, graduated university with a major in Mathematics, while continuing to do odd jobs for the mob.
  • Decides to continue working for the mob; couldn’t find work except as a teacher or office clerk anyway, and she hates kids and people. Not super interested in the family business either (Funeral Parlour magnates with mob ties), she has a chip on her shoulder
  • An up-and-comer; she likes to win.
  • Prefers masculine clothes, hangs out in clubs, wins at cards
  • Her job: Gins the odds for the house, and takes out rival clubs with her book smarts. She can also help with fencing, planning a heist, influence, and marshalling resources.
  • Connection to the Giovanni: she’s a Rosselini
  • Takes care of her saucy little sister, as well as she can.