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Mortal : Awesome!

Everything Else: Huh?

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Dante - Such a sweet heart. I'm so lucky we met.

Goldie - Good friend and someone to talk to.

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Fame 2 - She has been featured in adds mostly for health and fitness adds. Usually in the background or part of a group. More recently she has been featured prominently in the adds. She maintains a social media presence. Mostly on health and fitness topics. The quantity and quality are sporadic.

You from around here? Me too! Maybe we bumped into each other sometime in the past.

University of Southern California Prospect - She doesn't go there. Oh god no! But they do throw some good parties there and those she does attend sometimes.

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Lillian pickford

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Name: Lilly. Duh.

Age: 22

Height: 5'1 and up depending on the shoes

Weight: --

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RP Hooks
Fame 2 - Up and coming fitness model. She can be seen in advertisements for health foods and work out clothing or equipment. She has an Insta account with that same theme but her updates are sporadic.

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