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Awakened.    Choruster.   Carpenter.   Penitent.
Jonathon South
“We all long for Eden, and we are constantly glimpsing it: our whole nature at its best and least corrupted, its gentlest and most human, is still soaked with the sense of exile.”     ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien


Date of Birth: August 19th, 1992

Apparent Age: Late 20's

Occupation: Carpenter

Demeanor: Honest Abe

Strength: ●●●●

Appearance: ●●●

Arete: ●●●

Prime: ●●●

Life: ●●

Entropy: ●

Avatar: ●●●●●

Resources: ●

Insensible to Pain: ●●●●●

Past Life: ●●

Resistant Pattern: ●●●●●●●


Mountain Goats - Psalm 40:2

Pulled off the highway in Missouri and lo, our hearts were heavy laden
Made for the chapel with some spray paint for all the things we'd held in secret
Lord, lift up these lifeless bones
Light cascading through the windows, all the rainbow's heavy tones
He has fixed his sign in the sky
He has raised me from the pit and set me high
Left that place in ruin, drunk on the spirit and high on fumes
Checked into a Red Roof Inn, stayed up for several hours and then slept like infants
In the burning fuselage of my days
Let my mouth by ever fresh with praise
He has fixed his sign in the sky
He has raised me from the pit and set me high

More To Come.


  • Troubled Past: One thing becomes clear when you spend real time with Jon, and that is the fact that he has a rough past. He doesn't like to talk about it if he can help it, but it seems to have left him with some pretty bad scars...both emotional and physical.
  • Penitent: Whatever his dark past entails, Jon seems pretty intent on making up for it. He's a very kind man with an undercurrent of tragedy and self-loathing. What is he making up for?
  • ANCC: He belongs to the American National Catholic Church, which is an off-shoot of the Catholic Church and unrecognized by them. It has many similarities, except for not believing the Pope is infallible, and also having clergy of all genders and sexualities. They have been gaining numbers in the US as younger church-goers grow disenfranchised with conservative values.
  • Awakened: Jon is one of the Awakened. He's fairly new to the Traditions, and has only been a member of the Chorus for a few years, even though he's been Awakened for far longer. There's a story there, no doubt.
  • Single: He is not only single, but he has never been in a real relationship. It's complicated. This is something he's curious about these days.
  • Carpenter: Like Jesus, he is a carpenter. He's a contractor, and happy to build decks, help repair or build houses, make tables and chairs or chests or...whatever. He can also do basic plumbing and handyman work.
  • Scars And Ink: He tends towards long-sleeves and pants, but when folks actually see under his clothes, the old, NUMEROUS scars are obvious...along with some odd, Christian (And possibly Supremacist) tattoos.
  • White Hat?: I hate the term, but I want to be clear: Jon tries hard to be a good person, but has a BAD history. A dark one. He struggles with old deeds and mentality, and people are after him. He TRIES to be a hero, and do what he thinks a good person should do. He's complicated, though, like any person should be. Unless you're murdering people in front of me, I am not here to kick over your sandcastle and 'White Hat' all over your stories. Also, I am open to dark plots and story, as well as calmer, simpler slice of life stories.

Other's Thoughts

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This man stands a firmly built 6'3". He has tanned skin and has wide, strong shoulders. His hair is blonde and a few inches long. It tends to be combed, but often falls across his forehead, anyways. His eyes are a crisp, bright blue. He has a well-trimmed, close beard. He's handsome, but there's something haunted in his eyes. He looks like he is somewhere in his mid or late twenties.

The man tends to wear long-sleeves. Jeans, work boots and various flannels are common, but if it is too warm for them, then other, thinner long-sleeved shirts are worn. Sometimes an old,, simple crucifix can be seen around his neck.



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