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Full Name Jason Charles Walker
Apparent Age 20s
Demeanor Artist
Height 5'10"
Occupation Criminal / Rapper

Noticeable Stats Funny



Jason "Jayce" Walker is a Prospect native from the wrong side of the tracks. He is a petty criminal, but also an aspiring rapper that nobody has heard of yet.

Right now he's supporting himself through drug sales and stealing stuff but his goal is to make it in the rap game. Unfortunately he's not taken very seriously as a white dude not named Eminem, but he's still trying and his bars are pretty good. Plus he's got a record and a little street cred so that helps somewhat.

Otherwise he's your average Prospect ne'er-do-well who lives in the bad part of town and likes loitering in front of 7-Elevens.

RP Hooks
  • Drugs - He's an occasional user and a constant supplier. If you need drugs Jayce can maybe hook you up. He's got a guy who gets him fentanyl and molly. He's a specialist not a generalist, so if those aren't your flavors he's probably not your dude.
  • Crime - Theft is his other means of income besides selling drugs. He's not a mastermind and he's not out here recreating the North Hollywood Shootout. He's a B&E guy and occasional stick-up man. He's willing to go big time but he's currently without a reliable crew.
  • Rapper - He's an unsigned rap artist who releases his songs mostly through Soundcloud and occasionally through street mixtapes. He's pretty good but has had zero exposure and most people in Prospect have never heard of him.
  • Videos - He's self-funded a couple of music videos to put on Youtube. They only got views in the thousands and those mostly because he puts his girl and her friends in skimpy outfits and has them shake it for the camera. He's looking for people with the skills to take his shoots to the next level. Directors, videographers, stylists.
  • Bro - He looks like an asshole but he's surprisingly good with people. He's got friends in parts of town and walks of life you wouldn't expect him to do well in at all.

  • Gallery

    Jayce02.jpg Jayce03.jpg Jayce04.jpg Jayce05.jpg

  • Jessika - His girlfriend. She lives with him along with her two kids. Calling it a rocky relationship undersells it.