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"Anyone who thinks the pen is mightier than the sword has not been stabbed with both."

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Age: 21
Height/Weight: 5'6" ft. / 105-ish lbs.
Hair Color: Dark with brown highlights
Race: Kinfolk
Tribe: Shadow Lord
Pure Breed 1
Merits Approachable


Jane Liang, or Jian as her Asian ancestors might spell it, is a Kinfolk born of a mixed Chinese-American family. Her parents were also Kin, but with a grandfather and uncle who were both Garou, Jane received a lot of exposure to the Garou Nation from a young age.

Coming of age in such a family, she spent a lot of time watching her uncle in his forge where he would craft weapons and other useful items for members of the Sept. When Jane was old enough he took her on as an apprentice. The sight of the slender girl wielding the heavy smithing tools was a dichotomy, but Jane took the craft and excelled under he uncle's excellent tutelage. Recently she completed a work he deemed to be her master's work. Jane's family has now encouraged the young woman who has traveled so little to set out and see the world. Supported by them for the time being, Jane has been traveling across the country, recently arriving on the West Coast.

Jane has an exceptionally warm and friendly demeanor. Even complete strangers find her very approachable and easy to speak to, and people are often quick to put away distrust around her. In game terms Jane has the Approachable merit.

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