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Information Contacts

Fullname: Nathan Jackelson
Age: 37
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 169
Eyes: Sky Blue
Hair: Black
Nature: Caretaker
Demeanor: Bon Vivant


Stamina 5
Medicine: 5
Eminence: 2
Paragon: 5
Lore of Awakening: 5


Angelic Aura
Angelic Gaze
Silence (Merit)
Otherworldly Taint
Vice (Flaw)

Hooks Quotes
  • Drug Dealer - Jackel deals. Deals what? Depends what you're looking for. He's pretty loose with the soft stuff. Especially Molly. That he always has in stock. And none of that fake crap, mixed with fillers, he makes damn sure it's pure, and the powder is in a capsule, not a pill. You want some of that, he'll hook you up pretty easily. But you want something harder? More likely to fuck you up? No, he's gotta get to know you first for that. Gotta make sure your head's on straight and you ain't just gonna dump the scraps of your entire bank account into one last hit before they throw you out of your place. He takes care of his customers, even if they don't want to be taken care of.

  • Demon - Those more famliar with the fact "Jackel" isn't all he seems, and perhaps have a keen knowledge of Fallen history, particularly those that experienced it may be able to recognize the spirit inside Jackel. During the times of rebellion he was both a medic and a scout. Mostly a medic. He was Abraxos and his grasp on and control over the Lore of Awakening in particular was his specialty. It was in equal strides awe inspiring and emboldening for his allies, knowing that any wound or affliction was far beneath his ability to heal, and terrifying to his enemies when his torment grew and twisted it. Though now, with a mortal perspective, it seems he's abandoned the more tormented uses. Though the legacy he crafted still lives in memory. He was, and still is loyal to Lucifer, believing in both him, and humanity. Especially humanity.

  • OOC Info - The player of this character works night shift security, and most often is online during his shift (no, not neglecting my job). 0000-0500 on Friday, 0000-0700 Saturday and Sunday, and 0000-0500 again on Monday and Tuesday. May or may not log in on my days off Wednesday or Thursday. Feel free to @mail/page me if I'm online, because chances are unless it's only an hour or two away from when I'm gonna need to leave anyways, I'll be more than happy to RP, or schedule RP in the future. I'll even wake up early or stay up after coming home for work to catch scheduled scenes, and have in the past.


RP Logs

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