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RP Hooks
From Missouri:

A long ass fuckin time ago in a town called Kickapoo,
There lived a werewolf family, Glass Walker through and through,
But yae there were some black sheep and they knew just what to do.
Their names were Mike and Jack and they refused to step in line,
A vision they did see-eth, fuckin' surfin' all the time,
They wrote a business plan and all the planets did align!

Rite of Passage:
The fomori's balls were blazin' as we stepped into its cave!
But we swiped its fuckin' laptop, the recon took us several days,
T'was we who stole the data, fuckalizing fuckaloo,
And if you try to fuck with Mike then I shall fuck you toooooooo!

Outlook on Life:
Gotta get it on in the party zone
I got to shoot a load in the party zone
Gotta lick a toad in the party zone

Gotta suck a chode in the party zone, aah!

But seriously: Jack and his brother Mike operate a home business growing and selling exotic plants (orchids, succulents, etc). Primarily over the internet, but there's a few local sales as well. To shore up his side of their finances Jack takes low level limited contracts for work-at-home programming gigs, nothing major. Occasionally he and his sibling will do some musical busking at the beach when they need a couple bucks (they're not good musicians). Working on their surfing skills, juggling expenses, getting a tan, just livin' the dream the way only a couple of late teens can.

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I dream of greenery

GreenCity.webp JackAndMike.jpg

JackAndMike2.jpg JackSurf.jpg

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Jack Morrison

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Name: Jack Edgar Morrison
Tribe: Glass Walker
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Ragabash
Rank: Cliath (1)
Rite Name: Level Up!
Pack: Frog Brothers
Spouse: I'm single bayBEEEEEEE!
Sibling: My little brother
Nature: Optimist
Demeanor: Visionary

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Notable Stats

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