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Born on the African savannah of the Masai Mara in Kenya, Honey grew up as a fairly normal cheetah. Soon after Honey had her first litter of cubs, an aggressive pair of male lions attacked. It is suicidal for a cheetah to try to stand up to a single lion, let alone two, so Honey tried to lure the lions away, but finally had to stand and fight to try to give her cubs time to escape. She was badly mauled, and the lions ran down her cubs and killed them anyway.

One might wonder how a cheetah goes from laying nearly dead on the plains of Africa, to wandering the forests of Southern California, for that is where one can find Honey today. Obviously something has happened to her, and perhaps you will be the one to learn her tale.

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Brock - Lions and... bears. No tigers though.

Chambers - Have not seen you in a while

Jake - Helping me with a thorny issue

Steinar - Hope you have been well

William - It's been a long time

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Apparent Age: Cheetah: young adult. Human: Late teens.
Occupation: Hunting gazelle and other meat containers.
Race: Kami
Played By: Ashley Sky

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RP Hooks
Honey is obviously not a native species, so stays away from most humans. Gaian shifters it is much easier to interact with her.

She is able to take a human form, though has not had much reason to do so yet.

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Played By: Ashley Sky