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҉ ҉ Hazel ҉ ҉

Likely a frightening concoction of Red Bull, meth, and ABBA records, Hazel is new to town. Known by many names depending on who asks, and how much attention was paid to her answer, the diminutive figure is curious, energetic and likely in need of far less alcohol than she seems to consume. Faster than a wild west quick draw, if said quick draw used smiles, she's almost as quick to explosive emotional displays as she is to let them slip away.

Hard to tell where she came from, she normally has no accent, but does occasionally dabble in random accents, so that is not that helpful.

Frequently known to answer the same question with different answers, even if it's just the time of day.

RP Hooks
  • Music and Dancing: She loves music and will start dancing at the drop of a hat. She hasn't shown any skills with an instrument so far, but she can sing.
  • Juggling: Self-proclaimed master of the juggling arts. There may be a discrepancy in that title but she refuses to hear of it.
  • Drinking: Like a fish. Seriously. AA allegedly has her pic on a poster, either as most wanted, most in need, or in hope she can be deterred from showing up to meeting with drinks for everyone.
Another Section To Be Figured Out! You too can have an impact! VOTE!
  • Item 1: Likely involves love-torn seal couples, avocados, or perhaps seals with avocados.
  • Item 2: The Revenge of Seal-ocados! Now with 235% less desirable avocado jokes. Voted down as too bad to deserve a Raspberry Award 18 hours and growing!
  • Item 3: Not everything has to be funny.
People Who May or May Not Be Annoyed By Me…
  • Clover – You did what with a monkey?

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Hazel 8.JPG
Name Elenore Hazel Isley
Occupation Does miscreant or vagabond count?
Nature Bon Vivant
Drinks? Always, please, doubles?
Bites? As needed or when bored
Height 5'1"
Weight How rude!
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown or Variable depending on whim
Apparent Age 18-21
Race Changeling
Kith Satyr
Court Seelie
Seeming Wilder (Wildest?)
Musical Stylings Something
Even More thingies