Flower Greene

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Flower Greene
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Information Snapshots
Noteable Stats:
  • Medicine: 4 (Traditional Medicine)
  • Appearance: 3
  • Etiquette: 3
  • Computers: 3
  • Empathy: 3
  • Primal: 4
  • Fae: 5

RP Hooks:

  • Kinain: Flower's mother is a Kinain herself and did her best to raise her daughter in the ways of the Changeling.
  • Kinfolk: Along with fae blood, Flower's also got some wolf in her. The father she never knew was a Garou. While she doesn't know much about this side of her, she has managed to find someone to help her learn some of what this part of her life means.
  • Healer: She is a healer, both traditionally and in ways a bit more magical.
  • Who's That Girl: Details about her are foggy, making her something of a mystery outside of certain circumstances. Has someone come asking you questions about her? Do you have questions about her?
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