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“Never stop dreaming and follow the omens.”
- Paulo Coehlo


Ella Bunsythe is a NPC for the Changeling sphere. A Seelie Grump Boggan, she serves as the Headmistress of Covey-Fychell College and as the Court Seer for Countess Naevys ni Gwydion, the current ranking Noble of the County of Lion's Reach. Most notably, she is also a member of the Crystal Circle. Her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are Kithain and Kinain and even mortal, with one grandson counted as a member of Countess Naevys' Court. Generous with her wisdom, she also brooks no nonsense from her students at the College, nor of the other citizens of Lion's Reach. Noble and Commoner and Kinain alike are all considered her charges, and it's considered almost as gross an insult to her as to the Countess should one transgress the Escheat.

OOC NOTE: As Naming is a banned Art for PCs on City of Hope, all use of it with this NPC is restricted and requires staff approval. Its intended usage by the College is to help new IC Chrysalids get Sained and discover their Houses, if Sidhe, or True Names, if Commoners.

County of Lion's Reach
Covey-Fychell College
RP Hooks
  • Changelings: My children.
  • Boggans: The heart and soul of the Dreaming.
  • Clurichauns: Always pleased to share a mead with you.
  • Ghille Dhu: Far too rare; a comfort when around.
  • Merfolk: Your diet is a wonderful challenge to cook for.
  • Nockers: Unburden yourself of your frustrations on me.
  • Piskeys: We both share a deep love of the little ones.
  • Pooka: It's nice to be able to unburden myself on your sympathetic ears.
  • Redcaps: Channel that rage, fierce one, and you can perform miracles.
  • Satyrs: Too often your songs hide sadness. Let me help.
  • Selkies: Bless your hearts.
  • Sidhe: Your wisdom is our wisdom.
  • Sluagh: We are merely two sides of the same coin.
  • Trolls: You are strength, we are speed.
  • Gallain and Inanimae: I should love to visit your Courts.
  • Nunnehi: I would love to meet you.
  • Kinain: You are our bulwark against Banality. Never forget that you are special.
  • Thallain: Corruptions.
  • The Seelie: Remind us of the lost glory and pageantry of Arcadia.
  • The Unseelie: The darkness makes the daylight shine all the brighter. It has its purpose, too.
  • The Shadow Court: Corruptors. Apostates. Abominations of the Dream.
  • Dauntain: Too weak and dull to accept the great gift they have been given. Destroy them.
  • Mortals: Your Dreams grant us vitality and relevance.
  • Magi: Some of us know who caused the Shattering. And we have long memories. Our Kinain magi are insurance against treachery.
  • Shapeshifters: Only House Fiona need honor any ancient pacts with these mutated Pooka. And I am not Fiona. Take care in my home.
  • Children of Lilith: Animated corpses who only see the rest of us as pawns in their games. They burn brightly and beautifully.

Cheryl-Fair-Crone-Project-wood-nymph-240x300.jpg 3d29da18cb6f965e71fed0ec425048a0--brian-froud-godmothers.jpg

Lady Ella Bunsythe
Birthday: 20 July, 1950
Chrysalis: 20 July, 1969
Occupation: Seer
Sphere: Changeling
Kith: Boggan
Seeming: Grump
Seelie Legacy: Sage
Demeanor: Bumpkin
Chronos: 3
Naming: 5
Primal: 3
Pyretics: 2
Soothsay: 5
Actor: 5
Fae: 5
Prop: 3
Scene: 3
Time: 3
Notable Attributes
Dexterity: 4
Intelligence: 5
Perception: 5
Stamina: 4
Strength: 3
Cooking: 5
Crafting: 5
Intuition 5
Kenning 5
Occult 5
Lore Changeling: 5
Gremayre: 5
Banality: 5
Glamour: 9
Remembrance: 5
Title: 2