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Dr. Druitt is a veterinarian who harbors a slight British accent and, of course, a love of animals. He is pleasant and generous, always tipping well and offering discounts to the needy. He happens to be a vampire, though he is apparently without clan or sect so he doesn't let that get in his way of being a nice but reserved man. He is known to do quality work at a fair price, and despite (or perhaps because of) having anxiety and maybe even a fainting disorder he is a saint of a man. He is often accompanied by a large black service dog, a beast that looks almost like a wolf. The animal helps with his anxiety, or so the paperwork says, and he uses a long walking stick as well, in case he has a balance issue due to a fainting spell.

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RP Hooks
  • Criminals
Word has begun to spread, first amongst the Russians and then other groups, that if you go to the vet clinic and seek him out, he will stitch you up. He doesn't report gunshot victims to the police, and he runs an underground blood bank so there is donor blood for major surgeries. The Doctor is even available for plastic surgery for new identities, complete with documents, and other medical needs. He's actually a good doctor, for a vet. Is it time for a checkup or STD screening?
  • Animal Lovers and Shifters
Do you have a pet that needs looking at? Are you a shifter who was hit by a car in animal form and brought in by a good Samaritan? Do you say hello when you see him out with his big black service dog? Would you like to work with animals? There are many options to meet with the good doctor.
  • Las Vegas
The Doctor used to be based in Las Vegas, but left the city when Vampire politics drew too much mortal attention for his taste. While he's packed up and moved his practice to Prospect, he was in Vegas for some time before, a decade at least, and certainly could have run in to anyone that was there since the turn of the century.
A founding member of The Nicolette Carnegie Memorial Group, and current Chairman, Dr. Druitt is very involved in the Group's patronage of the Pandareos Ramses Primrose Museum. The Museum is finally officially opened, after decades of delays and legal issues, and he is like a proud grandfather, spending much of his time there.

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Service Dog
Reaper Resting.jpg

Reaper, Druitt's Service Dog, is almost three feet tall at the shoulders, and weighs over a hundred pounds. Apparently the dog is AKC registered as a mix of Husky, Shepard, and Chow. The dog is registered trained to alert it's master of oncoming anxiety attacks, as well as to pull him to safety if he were to faint in a dangerous place such as a street or elevator doorway. This photo is of the beast in a no-leash dog park in the Sierras, resting after playing in the snow.

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Dr. John M. Druitt
Druitt Profile.jpg

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Name: Dr. John M. Druitt

Occupation: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Age: Mid Thirties

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 160 lbs.

Body Type: Mesomorph

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

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A classical specimen, albeit an incredibly beautiful and talented one.
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something ... askew?
An intriguing, and yet, infuriating mystery. Beyond plain speak.
My last 'child' was too independent. I won't make that mistake again.

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Druitt Sad.jpgDruitt Disturbed.jpgDruitt Fancy.jpg

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Played By: Jude Law