Diana de la Cruz

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"To live is to appreciate the tiny crumbles of sand & the ocean at the same time."'
- Skylar Sustin


xxxxxA local beach burnout who managed to make a living with her photos of the coastal beauty and the local surfing scene. Now she's in and out on assignment, going out with the tide and rolling back in months later still smelling like the sea and with new stories to tell about where ever it was she washed up.

RP Hooks

  • Beach Babe - The local beach-and-surf scene have been her home for a while. If you participate in beachfront activities or sports, it's likely you've at least seen her around--she loves heading to surfing competitions to snap a few pictures.
  • Take a Picture, It'll Last Longer - As a local photographer and photojournalist, she's not a huge name but she's had at least one display at a local gallery, though it's been a while since then. If you do know her through her work, it's mostly natural shots of the coast (especially underwater stuff) and waterfront sporting events.
  • Keep Our Beaches Clean - Environmental activism is something she's big on, so she's a common sight at protests regarding local environmental issues. Again, anything to do with the coast and local beaches is top of the list for her.
  • Here and Queer - She's a member of the local LGBTQ+ scene. Maybe you her at a Pride event or ran into her at a local bar or club.


  • Marina - A fellow Selkie, and a new one at that. Now that Diana has washed up on her home shores again, she wants to do her best to help out the newbie after their first meeting.