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The Quick & Dirty

Full Name:          Devon Rose Harlow
Birthday:           January 28, 2001
Hometown:        North Canton, OH
Height:               5'1"
Weight:               98lbs
Demeanor:         Optimist
Nature:              Sycophant


Noteworthy Stuff
Appearance: Wdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.png
Manipulation: Wdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.png
Charisma: Wdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.png

      Merits                              Flaws
        Approachable                         Addiction
         Good Listener                         Big Mouth
         Gossip                                      Chronically Late

Roleplaying Hooks
UC Prospect: Devon dropped out during her sophomore year, but she's still on campus often to party her butt off at the frats or hang out with her Tri-Delt sisters. Maybe you remember her, or maybe you wanna run into her?
Magadon: Devon's a junior junior junior junior junior administrative assistant at Magadon Pharmaceuticals, which means lots of long hours and low pay. Do you work there too? Maybe we can bump into each other.
Nightlife: There's no better partner for a world-class drinking problem than a love for the Prospect club and bar scene! A fake ID and a winning smile means she can get in almost anywhere. And she does.
Kinfolk: Devon is kin to the big bad Black Spiral Dancers, but don't let that put you off. She's sweet as candy, honest! You can totally hang out even if you're not Wyrmy.


The Squad:

       - None yet!

Work Peeps:

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Maybe Shady:

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Photo Gallery

Devonh1.jpg Devonh2.jpg Devonh3.jpg Devonh4.jpg Devonh7.jpg Devonh6.jpg