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Daciana was one of the success stories of Acasă Sălbatic, or Wild Home, a sprawling privately owned preserve in Eastern Montana. On the outside, it was a simple natural retreat for a well-to-do but reclusive family who worked with local animal control and rangers for the keeping of wolves that otherwise could not be relocated. In truth, it was a vastly funded breeding project run by the Shadow Lord tribe to establish a foothold for their imported wild kin in America without having to resort to competition against the Red Talons, Wendigo, and even Uktena who commanded a goodly claim on the native wolf populations. While they did take 'donations' from the other tribes to mind kin packs of other tribes, the Lords retained the vast bulk of the land for their own use. The packs they had were kept as wild as possible despite their ultimate confinement, but not without some extra work on the Lords part in regards to 'enrichment' to try an encourage a smarter and more adaptable lupus population. In many parts they succeeded, as a preserve-bred pup they called Little Ghost proved to be particularly uncanny when it came to figuring the food puzzles and even learning her 'keepers' habits and behaviors to a rather unwolflike level. It probably helped she was Garou, or would be, Changing shortly after her second spring. Instead of considering to stay with her natal pack or find a mate from one of their neighbors and establishing her own pack, the Little Ghost found herself instead learning to walk on two legs and converse in a bizarre bunch of sounds they called English. Prepared by the efforts of her human kin, she learned quickly, even if it would take years for her to ever grow passably comfortable acting as a human. Given the name Daciana Tunet in keeping with her bloodline's given name, the Little Ghost was quick to progress to her Rite of Passage.

As a Theurge, she was sent into the Umbra to find and subdue a particularly troublesome Lune that had been pestering some of the older Garou. She tracked it through the Shadow, only to come to the uncomfortable realization the Lune had friends. A lot of them, including a particularly nasty fire elemental. Just so happens, however, she had tracked them to the site of and old battle between her tribemates and a nasty Bane several generations back that had been lost to the current memories memories of the Sept despite the efforts of one of the lost Garou's modern descendants. There she found the Thunder Harness, an ancient reinforced chain mail shirt marked with glyphs honoring Grandfather Thunder that gave the wearer the power to call upon the storms for aid. Sacrificing some of her own spiritual power to reawaken the sleeping fetish, Daciana called upon Thunder for aid and he answered. Great fangs of dark clouds covered the moon's light as an umbral storm churned to life, lighting striking down the offending spirits in blinding arcs. With her task complete she quickly returned to the sept and gave the fetish, with all due reverence, to the Sept Elder for proper care and safekeeping. Word had it the descendant of the Fetish's former owner was less than thrilled he did not recover it, but no trouble seemed to have arisen from it.

Given the deed name of Devours-the-Moon, Daciana didn't long stay with her natal sept. Displaced from the life she would have led as a wolf, wanderlust was an irresistible urge along with a desire to find new territory and a pack of new blood to call her own. She departed west towards the setting sun and the enticing tales of the ocean and, in time, found herself on the outskirts of a caern in Prospect, California, curious as to what the far coast might have in store.

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Daciana's only real contacts are at the Sept of the Six Pines, a rank 3 caern of Stamina in eastern Montana under the totem of Bison. She has numerous relations there, though being Lords, none will up and come rushing to her aid unless it's of dire need. Though young, she's expected to endure on her own. I'm purposely leaving close relations vague for anyone who might be interested in playing one.

Prospect's Sept of the Enduring Spirit is no doubt learning quickly that, while she is an approachable lupus who actually doesn't run from a city, she is a Garou of Old World traditions and expectations. She bristles at the broken traditions and issues of disrespect she has witnessed, but so far the newcomer is remaining fairly quiet and polite about things in public. Rumors are there is a storm brewing, however, and the Shadow Lords have begun to gather. For what purpose is yet unknown.

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RP Hooks
  • Garou are the most likely to encounter her as she's commonly found near the caern and, for all her odd air, is actually fairly approachable - for a lupus.
  • The Tunet bloodline is fairly well known among the European Garou and is quite possibly familiar to vampires hailing from the Romanian region as her family had numerous run ins and unfriendly dealings with them over the centuries there. Other long-lived folk are welcome to say they've heard of them too. The family has generally been financially well off and does have ties to the old royalty, though too long removed now to be considered any sort of modern power or influence.
  • She's never had dealings with Fera, though as long as everyone is civil she is likely to be a polite encounter though more than a tad curious.
  • She can, at times, be found in the city though usually with a purpose in mind. It isn't where she's just going to meander on a nice day. If you're interested, just let me know and I can devise a reason easy enough.
  • She's crossed a lot of ground from Montana to California, so there's chances for having met a lot of folk - normal or otherwise - on her trip.
  • I am a full supporter of ICA=ICC and am perfectly fine with all non-TS RP up to, and including, extreme violence, horror, PC death, etc etc. I'm just as happy sitting back for a quiet drink. Please clear anything major with me first as a courtesy. Be advised I will react accordingly IC depending on your IC actions, but please know I'm a very open person and will happily discuss any scenes or events with you! I don't bite! Well, OOC. :)

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Human Name: : Daciana Tunet
Deed Name: : Devours-the-Moon
Birthdate: : April 12th, 2010
Race: : Garou
Breed : Lupus
Auspice: : Theurge
Tribe: : Shadow Lords
Rank: : Cliath (1)
Pack: : none
Demeanor: : Enigma
Nature: : Manipulator

Werewolf.png Theurge.png Shadowlords.png

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Notable Stats

Appearance : ● ● ● ○ ○
Charisma : ● ● ● ○ ○
Wits : ● ● ● ● ○

Intimidation : ● ● ○ ○ ○
Leadership : ● ● ○ ○ ○
Crafts : ● ● ○ ○ ○

Pure Breed: : ● ● ● ● ○
Ancestors : ● ● ○ ○ ○
Totem: : ● ● ○ ○ ○

Renown: : Click Here

  • Disconcerting: Daciana has the Disconcerting Flaw, which means there's just something about her that puts folks off. There's a pervasive sense of eeriness about her and there's a certain look about her, how she holds herself and how she looks at someone, that is both feral and exotic and overall just very uncomfortable. Take the feeling of someone walking on your grave, mix it with the sense she knows exactly what you're thinking, and then pretend you're listening to some voodoo ritual and add a shot of lemon juice. Just... creepy.

OOC: Consider her at +2 Difficulty on Social rolls getting someone to like or trust her.

  • Enchanting Voice: Though generally quiet, Daciana's voice commands notice, be it in a private setting or a packed room. It's difficult not to listen when she speaks and there's just a haunting quality to her voice that insists on being heard.

OOC: Voice rolls using Charisma or Manipulation are -1.

  • Notable Lineage: Daciana comes from a very long line of Shadow Lords. While breeding alone doesn't mean everything, the fact that her ancestors were Very Good at what they did serves her well and she reaps the benefits of their infamy and renown. Her most famed ancestor was Sarina "Night-of-Broken-Stars", an Elder Philodox who led the battle to successfully defend the Sept of the Dragon Peak in Romania in the 1600's against one of the largest Wyrm incursions of the century. She also claims several others, among them Rain-Falls-Up the redeemer of the corrupt Bane Klaive Skyeater and Sergei Raven's-Eyes who discovered the vampire uprising of Curtea de Argeș in 1872.

OOC: Garou of the Old World will be most common with her name but her family has migrated a branch to America. Those hailing from the Romanian region may be familiar with the name as well, for good or ill.

  • Mark Of The Predator: There's just something predatory about her and animals don't react well to the instinctive realization she could consider them lunch.

OOC: Herbivores avoid her like the plague and carnivores feel threatened and challenged around her.

  • Enemy: Andre "Storm-in-Shadows" is a Fostern Shadow Lord Theurge whom Daciana had the misfortune to cross. She hadn't intended to find the lost Thunder Harness fetish on her Umbral Rite of Passage. She just so happened to get lucky and cross the right part of the Umbra, but she was pleased to take the credit for finding it regardless. Andre did not find her fortune so welcoming. He'd been trying to locate the lost fetish of his fallen ancestor. His paranoia fueled the notion the sept laughed at his failures, being shown up by a half-Rited cub, and it didn't make matters easier he'd been eyeing the well-bred and noted younger Theurge as a potential challenger in the future. He doesn't care she's gone off on her own, he vowed to make her pay for his indignities and still suspects she's somehow aiming to steal his thunder again. Literally, again. Did we mention he's paranoid?

OOC: He is open to be played if you're interested!

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