Cirrhosis Sam

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I'm unstable, I'm not a show horse
I can't be bridled, of course
I'm outstanding, I'm unregretted
I got tattooed in reverse
-Tattooed in Reverse
Marilyn Manson

Sammy Maitlin
Cirrhosis Sam/Overview
RP Hooks

Hi kids! Do you like violence? (Yeah yeah yeah!)
Wanna see me stick Nine inch Nails, through each one of my eyelids? (Uh-huh!)
Wanna copy me and do exactly like I did? (Yeah yeah!)
xxxxxMy Name Is

Beautiful tats
All over my back
Makes me so proud
I'm gonna shout it out loud
I got another tattoo baby
xxxxxAnother Tattoo
xxxxx"Weird Al" Yankovic


Music to whither your soul.

Wanna see something ugly? You were warned, pretty.


Rank: Cliath
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Black Spiral Dancer
Rite Name: Cirrhosis of the Soul
Pack: The Dragons
Pack Totem:Green Dragon
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown/Green

Stamina Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngMoonsliver.png
Wits Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngMoonsliver.png
Appearance Fullmoon.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.png
Expression Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.png
Brawl Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngMoonsliver.png
Rituals Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.png

Played by:
Cirrhosis Sam.jpg
Laz The Grand Dragon

Merick Watch it, Clayface.

Jessy Thanks for the twinkie.

Alena It's like you're my mirror.

Cori Temper tantrums get you a beating.

Hamish Guess there really is a feral hog problem. Sweet!

Thomas Sing a song of sixpence, don't pluck out my eye.

Chloe The flesh is our canvas.