Character Generation/Nunnehi

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Choose concept, Camp (use Faction), Legacies (Summer and Winter), tribe, seeming and Kith (Family)

  • Camp: Winter (Rock), Summer (Dogwood), Midseason (Laurel)
  • Tribe:
    • Prospect is in the Far West; Changeling Players Guide page 109 lists Flatheads, Miwok, Modoc, Utes, Nez Perces
    • Nearest ones to Prospect are Kumeyaay, Cahuilla, Luiseno, Cupeno, Juaneno
    • This Wikipedia page has a map at the top, plus "List of indigenous peoples of California" which identifies tribes by region
    • Other tribes are allowed, especially from nearby areas
  • Seeming: Youngling, Brave, Elder
  • Family: typically Water Babies or Numuzo'ho (Crushers of People)

Attributes: 7/5/3

Abilities: 13/9/5

Backgrounds (5), Arts (3), Realms (5)

  • New backgrounds: Household, Totem, Vision
  • New art: Spirit Link

Record beginning Glamour (Medicine), Willpower and Banality as determined by your seeming.

Seeming Glamour Willpower Banality Description
Youngling 6 1 1 Cherished and protected, you are a child among your tribe and a treasure full of dreams and visions. NOTE: As PCs must be at least 18 years of age, we DO NOT allow Youngling PCs.
Brave 5 2 3 You are the activist of your tribe, the bold, the courageous and the impetuous. Your creativity is vital to your people. NOTE: PCs must be at least 18 years of age.
Elder 4 5 5 You are the harvest of your earlier life stages. Your wisdom commands the respect of the younger generations.

Choose Merits and Flaws

Spend freebie points (15)

Freebie Costs:

  • Attributes: 5
  • Abilities: 2
  • Arts: 5
  • Realms: 3
  • Background: 1
  • Glamour: 3
  • Willpower: 1

Note family Birthrights and Frailties. Some are recorded via permanent +effect (ask staff to set these):

  • Numuzo'ho: +2 Strength, +2 Stamina; -2 Dexterity or Perception (Elder)

Note that some Birthrights do not affect your mortal seeming unless you have the Seeming's Blessing merit.