Character Generation/Inanimae

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Choose concept, court (set as both Faction and Court), Legacy, Jeu (set as Seeming) and Phyla (set as Kith)

  • Court: Gladeling or Krofted
  • Phyla: Glome, Kubera, Ondine, Paroseme, Solimond, Mannikin

Attributes: 7/5/3

Abilities: 13/9/5 (house rule)

Backgrounds (5), Arts (Slivers) (variable), Realms (Gifts) (5) (house rule)

  • New backgrounds: Husk, Regard
  • Dreamers and especially Resources are rare

Record beginning Glamour, Willpower, Banality, and Arts as determined by your Jeu.

Jeu Glamour Willpower Banality Arts Description
Childling 5 2 3 3 You have only recently awakened to the world. NOTE: Though age is a murky concept for Inanimae, for consistency, we DO NOT allow Childling PCs.
Wilder 6 3 4 3 You have been active in the world for at least a few years.
Grump 6 5 6 4 The Inanimae has been awake since the Resurgence, or possibly even longer.
  • Slivers: Petros, Pyros, Verdage, Aquis, Stratus
    • Only Mannikins can learn non-Sliver Arts
  • New Realms: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Spirit
    • Glome and Kubera should have at least 1 in Earth
    • Ondine should have at least 1 in Water
    • Paroseme should have at least 1 in Air
    • Solimond should have at least 1 in Fire
    • Mannikin should have at least 1 in Spirit

Choose Merits and Flaws

Spend freebie points (15)

Freebie Costs:

  • Attributes: 5 (house rule)
  • Abilities: 2
  • Arts: 5
  • Realms: 3
  • Background: 1
  • Glamour: 3
  • Willpower: 1 (house rule)

Note phyla Birthrights and Frailties. Some are recorded via permanent +effect (ask staff to set these):

  • Glome: +2 Strength

Note that some Birthrights do not affect your mortal seeming unless you have the Seeming's Blessing merit.