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  • Seeming (Kun Shou)
    • Hsien-tsu (inhabited form of baby/child (15 or younger) and has grown up since; Contacts and mortal society merits/flaws recommended)
    • Hsien-jin (inhabited form of adult (over 15), usually after it died unnaturally; Remembrance recommended)
  • Faction: Kamuii (noble) or Hirayanu (commoner)
  • Kith
    • Kamuii: Chu-ih-yu (metal), Chu Jung (fire), Hou-chi (wood), Komuko (earth), Suijen (water)
    • Hirayanu: Nyan (cat), Heng Po (fish), Hanumen (monkey), Tanuki (badger), Fu-hsi (serpent)
  • Court
    • Li Shen (The Traditionalists, "The Ceremony Gods", The Fu; all kamuii)
    • Xian Mo (The Quiet Ones, "Immortal Magical Spirits")
    • Yu (The Classicists, "The Great Ten"; mostly kamuii)
    • Xian Mun (The Worldly, "The Immortal Society"; somewhat more hirayanu)
    • The Peasants (Wu Hsien, "The Family of Hsien"; mostly hirayanu)
    • Tu Shen (The Ambassadors of Heaven, "The Gods of Harmony")
    • Shu Shen (The “Profane Gods,” the dissolute in Shinma society. The Shu Shen defy the concept of balance and pursue extremes in both carnal appetites and savage violence)
    • Yellow Lotus - (The Yellow Lotus dredges up ancient rivalries and long-forgotten wrongs in an effort to disrupt the order of the Li Shen ministries.)
  • Yin Legacy: Courtier, Hermit, Orchid, Panderer, Saint, Squire, Fatalist, Knave, Outlaw, Riddler, Ringleader, Rogue, Wretch
  • Yang Legacy: Crafter, Dandy, Paladin, Regent, Sage, Troubador, Wayfarer, Beast, Fool, Grotesque, Pandora, Peacock, Savage
  • Hsien Rank: Equal to Yin + Yang (see below)
  • Attributes: 7/5/3
  • Abilities: 13/9/5 (see '+rules kuei-jin' for Martial Arts house rules)
  • Backgrounds: 5
    • Auspicious Treasure: Use Treasure
    • Dragon Nest: Use Holdings
    • Not available: Chimera, Dreamers
    • Specific to hsien: Jade Talisman, Pakua
    • Redefined for hsien: Holdings, Remembrance, Retinue, Title
  • Arts (Wu Tan): 1 in major (by kith) + 3 more
    • Di Tan (Earth Alchemy) - major for Hanumen and Komuko
    • Hou Tan (Fire Alchemy) - major for Nyan and Chu Jung
    • Lin Tan (Wood Alchemy) - major for Fu Hsi and Hou-chi
    • Tieh Tan (Metal Alchemy) - major for Tanuki and Chu-ih-yu
    • Shui Tan (Water Alchemy) - major for Heng Po and Suijen
    • Nei Tan (Internal Alchemy) requires freebies
  • Yin and Yang
    • Chu Jung, Nyan: Yin 2, Yang 6
    • Suijen, Heng Po: Yin 6, Yang 2
    • Komuko, Hanumen: Yin 4, Yang 4
    • Chu-ih-yu, Tanuki: Yin 5, Yang 3
    • Hou-chi, Fu-hsi: Yin 3, Yang 5
  • Yin Chi: Equal to Yin
  • Yang Chi: Equal to Yang
  • Tao requires freebies
  • Yugen: Equal to Yin + Yang
  • Willpower: 4
  • 15 freebies

Freebie costs:

  • Attributes - 5 per dot for Hsien-tsu, 4 for Hsien-jin
  • Abilities - 2 per dot for Hsien-tsu, 1 for Hsien-jin
  • Backgrounds - 1 per dot
  • Arts - 5 per dot for Hsien-tsu, 6 for Hsien-jin (no single Alchemy can exceed 3)
  • Yin, Yang - 4 per dot (cannot end up balanced except Komuko or Hanumen)
  • Tao - 3 per dot for Hsien-tsu, 5 per dot for Hsien-jin (cannot exceed average of Yin/Yang, rounded down)
  • Willpower: 1 per dot (house rule)

(This incorporates the errata here)

Staff should set permanent +effects for the following Luck bonuses:

  • Komuko: +2 Shentao
  • Suijen: +2 Swimming (you can also swim using Athletics, but in that case you need to include +2 in your roll manually)

The following Wani bonuses are available using +shift:

  • Hanumen: +2 Dexterity
  • Nyan: +1 Perception, +1 Dexterity
  • Tanuki: +1 Stamina