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Brody Salvino
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Information Snapshots


Name: Brody Giovanni Salvino
Apparent Age: Late Teens
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180lbs
Hair & Eye Color: Black & Hazel
DoB: June 13, 1980
DoD: October 13, 1998
Death: Shark Attack (Murder?)
Occupation: Ghostly Surfer

Race: Wraith
Faction: Renegades
Guild: Puppeteers
Shadow: The Pusher

Notable Stats:

Merits & Flaws:

  • Daredevil: Brody has always been a risk taker. It was this behavior that partly lead to his death. Whenever engaging in dangerous feats, Brody can ignore a single 1 on his rolls. In addition, when performing a dangerous feat, Brody gains a +3 on dice rolls. A dangerous feat is defined as any action that has a difficulty of 8 and bestows 3+ damage if failed.
  • Overconfident: Brody's recklessness comes from his bravado, the surfer generally succeeding at whatever physical endeavors he attempts. As a consequence, he frequently approaches problems believing he has all that he needs to solve them, even if he actually doesn't.
  • Flashbacks: Brody's death was traumatic, even if it was quick: the gaping maw of a shark visible on the edge of his peripheral vision, the warm splash of his own gore as his torso was bit in half, and the cold waters of the ocean enveloping his dying body as he sunk helpless into its dark depths. Whenever under duress or trauma that might trigger memories of his death, Brody experiences flashbacks of that horrible day.
  • Absent-minded: Brody shares certain qualities with the stereotypical surfer and jock, being an airhead is certainly one of them. He has a lousy short-term memory, and must make a Wits roll to remember anything other than what would be considered common, standard knowledge.

Surfer's Cove (Haunt)



Cody Matera (Favored NPC Consort)

Cody is a member of the Kappa Alpha Pi fraternity at UC Prospect.

Chowder (Favored Animal Consort)

Story Hooks Contacts

  • Champion Surfer:
    xxxxxHaving been surfing since the age of five, Brody won the prestigious Banzai Pipeline competition at Oahu, Hawaii while a sophomore in high school. The trophy remains on display, behind glass, at his local school since his death.
  • Notable High School Student & Activist:
    xxxxxBreaking all precedents, Brody became captain of the varsity wrestling team as a freshman. In addition, he was elected to serve on the student council while in high school and was an outspoken environmentalist in the community, partaking in a number of protests and stunts within and around Prospect in order to raise local awareness.
  • Press Coverage of Death:
    xxxxxThe gruesome story of Brody's death, from a great white shark attack, received national coverage by most media outlets and was even mentioned by international news sources, briefly making details of his personal life and professional accomplishments as a surfer widely known. A decade later the indie documentary "Brah Brody" and the feature film "Locked In" were released on his life's tale to rave reviews.

  • Puppeteer Guildsman:
    xxxxxAfter his demise, a little over a decade ago, Brody studied under an infamous Puppeteer known as John Penny, whose services (even though in violation of the Dictum Mortuum) were widely employed by the Hierarchy, Heretics, and Renegades of Prospect. Rumor has it that the Puppetry master mentored the young Restless at the request of one of the mysterious Ferrymen, who had supposedly rescued the surfer from his caul as he sank into the Tempest.
    xxxxxLess than a year ago, John was assassinated by an unknown rival. His final wishes were said to have been communicated to Brody, his last pupil, just as a Nihil opened beneath him to pull him to Oblivion.

  • Renegade:
    xxxxxFollowing the destruction of his mentor, Brody has aligned himself with a local group of Renegades that call themselves the Phantom Surfers, an eclectic group of Restless who claim Surfer's Cove and much of the surrounding Shoals as their haunting ground.
  • Haunt:
    xxxxxBrody haunts the shores of Surfer's Cove, where he use to surf and where his mauled body washed up. Local surfers tell stories of having strange dreams when falling asleep there, of electrical devices acting up, of driftwood inexplicably igniting, and of large printed letters spelling out words mysteriously in the sand. They sound like mostly harmless encounters to the curious. Posers and outsiders, on the other hand, seem to recount things very differently, having frightening tales of being attacked by a poltergeist or of being haunted by nightmares, activity that persisted till they stopped visiting the cove.


The Restless:

  • Yvessa: Ran into her once at the park. I respect her methods, some haunts need a Spook.

The Quick:

  • Deidre: A gidget, with some bodacious surfin' skills, she midst well be a fish outta water. Keep livin' the dream, I'll keep cheerin' yah on.
  • George: Here's a brah that's got my respect, and my thanks. It's really hard to find someone that genuinely cares 'bout Prospect's beaches...'specially these days. Bonus, like, I don't gotta overreach to talk to him.
  • Kaiser: He and I remain bound together by memories from so very long ago. I can't let them go, brah, I'm sorry.

The Others:

RP Logs Soundtrack

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Rockaway Beach - The Ramones

Out the Window - The Phantom Surfers
Teke, Teke, Teke - The Mach IV
Crash - The Apemen
Beatnik Bandit - The Volcanos
Bikini Men - Power Bomb
Docteur Legume et Les Surfwerks - Raumpatrouille Surf

Hell - Squirrel Nut Zippers
Ghost of Stephen Foster - Squirrel Nut Zippers