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A gift to those at the Sept of the Enduring Spirit from the Mother. One whose essence can heal.

But something went awry. Those who were escorting her had not made it to their destination. More than half of the pack that was to be guarding her had been found dead in the umbra by a exploring corax. Word has made it to the sept though, from there it is the wolves' decision on how to handle things.

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Gaian.png It is what I am. Mother, you let them know. I was to mend them. They were betrayed from within.

Wyrm.png They found me first. I could not help the loyal. They use my sap and my toxin, but they have not defiled me yet. So little light. So little water.

Werewolf.png You found me and brought me underground. This place is weird.

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Katie - I likes her a lot. She don't like me

Bobbi - I likes her, sometimes I thinks that she gets tired of looking out for me. She don't visit no more

Astrid - Climbing Girl - Quiet, at least with me. I don't know much about her. Sometimes looks at me strange. First Kiss. Hasn't talked since

Xiu - Naked forest Friend -Thinks I was sent to her, this upset Bobbi a bit. I might learns more about me.

Hardy - Handsy boy - They likes to be touching.

Saraid - Flower Girl - I likes her. She's good with plants...Maybe good with me?

Robin - Art Boy - I likes him. He understands.

Zazu - Picture Boy - Says confusing things. Tells me I should model

Wick - Music Boy - Always leaving when I'm getting there

Conn - Smart Boy - Kind, Knows lotsa stuffs

Hop - Bunny Boy - Good foods, likes to talks, But always leavin' so quicks

Emrick - Tech Boy - He gives me stuffs and shows me stuffs. Nice Boy.

Kylie - Red Girl - Sounds Rough, but nice, Likes cake. I thinks her friend would likes my home

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RP Hooks

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