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At the still point of the turning world. Neither flesh nor fleshless;

Neither from nor towards; at the still point, there the dance is.

-T.S Eliot, The Four Quartets

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'You ask of me what I think of other shapes? Well. I think...

Vampire.png: That this shape is not so vile as most believe. There is art to be admired in the tragedy of their supposed existence. Yes?

Garou.png: That all those who change shape so simply are enviable. But the nature of their change is too simple. I seek something more profound.

Mortal.png: These are those that might bloom. The simplest of shapes- and thus, the simplest to mold.

Sorcerer.png: They interest me, in their shape. It is not so simple- but neither is it so complex. They toe the line of change. Maybe a dance...

Mage2.png: Many are haughty. Those that believe themselves the pinnacle. But few understand the true meaning of 'magic.' Magic is to change. To transcend.

Changeling.png: I hear tell that their shapes are fascinating to behold. As many and varied as the stars in the sky. I should quite like to meet one someday.

Those with which I am more familiar... They are just so. Familiar. Each shape has a lesson to teach- and so do I learn.

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Emi: A first contact. A kindred spirit? A curiosity. We shall see.

Hardy: Strange. Interested in artistic pursuits. What craft will occupy his hands?

Hana: How I long to speak at greater length. Visit soon.

Karasu: I know little of your kin. As Chi'n ta- there is only so much that I can. But I look forward to learning.

Hideaki: No greater bladesmith, Karasu had said. Perhaps I shall test that?

Caressa: A joy with which to speak. I thank you for your hospitality.

Catherine: I will defend you. With everything I have. Always, forever, eternally. Yours.

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Ayaka Minagawa

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Age: 24

Occupation: Dance.

Faction: Shen

Demeanor: Confidante

Nature: Visionary

Merits of note:

Perfect Balance

Flaws of Note:



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RP Hooks
Shen: Ayaka is an Eastern PC. The odds of seeing her around Chinatown are high!

Dance: She moves the moves and steps the steps. But at times? She transcends. Perhaps you share her passion?

A cat!: A cat follows her almost everywhere! Do you like animals? Are you allergic to them? Tell her about it!

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