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Full name: Bliss Rives
Date of Birth: March 17th
Occupation: Famous Singer/Musician/DJ
Race: Mage
Tradition: Virtual Adept
Resonance: Excitable
Essence: Dynamic
Roleplay Hooks
New to Town!

She moves around a lot, so she doesn't exactly call one place home. Though if you really ask her, she was living in Colorado for the past three years with her jerk ex-boyfriend. Before that was Ybor City baby!

Just a little bit famous!

She is an EDM musician as well as a DJ.

Evil Ex-Boyfriend

No, she isn't Ramona Flowers, this isn't some evil league of exes! Her ex back in Colorado and her had a super rocky break-up. He could be a potential problem and is a bit on the evil side of things. Why she left. She'll talk about it if asked. How much detail depends on who you are.

More Coming!



Such a sweetie. Just going to eat this streamer up!

I am so glad you are the head now instead of that neo-nazi creep. So glad I just missed all of that. But I will happily help you try to mend what all disrepair he caused.

Fellow Adept who plays on my whims. This will get interesting or messy. Either way fun!

I demand more van adventures!

New to the city like me and a fellow Elite. Pretty chill so far.