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Aramis LeCarrde




Date of Birth: February 15, 1995
Change Date: October 4, 2009
Height/Weight: 6'1 ft. / 175 lbs
Hair/Eyes: Black / Grey
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Silent Strider
Auspice: Ahroun
Pure Breed:


Risk Level:



To say that traveling is in his blood is something of an understatement. Once, millennia ago, his ancestors were Medjay; scouting the length and breadth of Pharonic Egypt to keep the peace and serve the will of their God-Kings. With the death of Sutekh and the subsequent cursing of the Tribe, his ancestors fled west along the Mediterranean coast to an area that would one day become Algeria. Then, after the Romans moved into the region, north to Spain. Then to France. Then, finally, to New Orleans, Louisiana.

It was there that Aramis was born; though, true to his roots, he did not remain. Maybe it was his First Change, or maybe it had something to do with that change happening just about the same time he was hitting his stride in his mid-teens; but for one reason or another he left home, left the city, and left the state. Eventually, he even left the country. In the ten years since that change he's wandered far and wide - across the Americas, Europe, and whatever areas in Africa his people can still set foot in.


Werewolf - He is one. More than that, he looks like some idealized version; as if he's the embodiment of someone's response to what an iconic Silent Strider should look like.

Vampire - No, he doesn't like them; but he also doesn't have quite the same knee-jerk reaction to them as some other members of his tribe. For his part he's just happy if he never sees, hears or smells one.

Wraith - Whatever interest he lacks in vampires seems to have been shifted to the less corporeal sorts of Undead. He knows a fair amount about them, can see them even in their discorporated forms, and has even visited their side of the Shroud from time to time. He bears them no ill will, however, and has even been known to help them from time to time if they ask; but by and large he rarely initiates contact. If they ignore him, he ignores them.

Changeling - If he wants to know about Changelings, he'll ask a Fianna.

Mage - Other Garou have strong enough opinions, so he doesn't have to.



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