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“Never laugh at live dragons."



Full Name: Amoracchius de Challon
Alias': Amora, Chally.
Date of Birth: February 6th 1096
Heritage: Bygone
Type: Dragon (Celestial)
Elemental Affinity: Fire
Occupation: Private Security
Apparent Age: 29
Height: 5'8"
Weight 110lbs



  • Bygone - Amora's an old Dragon.
  • Archive - Amora's got a lot of knowledge.
  • Eidetic - So is Amora.
  • Pile of Gold - There might be one somewhere that belongs to her.
  • Fighting - Amora's not quick to anger..but it happens.
  • Traditions - Amora's sort of a 'Mascot'.
  • Meeting - She's not shy and loves to talk and meet people!


The pines were roaring on the heights, The wind was moaning in the night, The fire was red, it flaming spread, The trees like torches blazed with light. The bells were ringing in the dale, And men looked up with faces pale. The dragon's ire, more fierce than fire, Laid low their towers and houses frail. The mountain smoked beneath the moon. The dwarves, they heard the tramp of doom. They fled the hall to dying fall. Beneath his feet, beneath the moon.


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  • Phil - One of the Mages. Has beach celebrations.
  • Nausi - A fellow Bygone. It was good to meet her.
  • Gloria - I'm sorry about the scare. I promise I won't get the ketchup.


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