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The Others


These poor creatures fight to prevent a Winter. A death and loss unimaginable. It's too bad for them then that I'll be partly responsible for their impending dooms. At least I can offer them the solace that it won't be a winter that I will be an inferno. Nevertheless, as knowledge on their ability and actions are limited, I do as most of my kind do. Kill them swiftly or avoid them entirely.
Werewolf It's truly a pity my Gaian brothers and sisters cannot see the truth that I have been given. Should they, they would turn from the Wretched Mother they cling so tightly to and join me in my crusade. They claim to seek balance, but all they do is fight for imbalance. I know the teachings, the Father is mad. Well, with what the Mother has offered, I suppose I am mad too then. Beware unenlightened brothers and sisters.
Vampire Ah the Kindred. What can I say about a bunch of Licks and Leeches. Useful at times..they are of the Father after all, but once the stench of death wears off most aren't worth the unlife they are given. A few, however, have the ambition and dark desires that prove useful to me. Use them when you can, but never trust a Leech, lest you find yourself a few pints dry, dead in a ditch.
Mage I know little to nothing of the Willworkers, save to beware their unfettered power. There is little more I can really say on the matter, but if one wishes to play God, let them play God. I look forward to seeing the end results of their hubris.
Wraith I know even less about the spirits of the dead. I see them, I have dealt with them, but they failed once, what makes you believe they will be useful a second time.


I have no reasonable input in the matter. I have not encountered one.
Ghoul2 Weak mortals hoping to become something more than themselves. I would wage war with them as well, but ask yourself why a Giant would wage war..with an ant.
Kinfolk2 Tools for the Father. Beyond that..good practice.
Kinain Kinain. What happens when Tinkerbell and a Leprichon bump uglies. Beyond that, there isn't any difference between them and anyone else who thinks themselves special because of their parents. As I've stated before, good practice, just be careful..often it's not what you know, but who you know.
Sorcerer Similar to my thoughts on their full willworking cousins. I've heard they are a bit more tempered and sane, I wouldn't know.
Mortal Mortal society..inconsequential. Useful for a good time..often useful for some other things, but mostly keep the sheep in the dark and the wolf can prowl at it's leisure. Their only real drawback is hunting and preying on them is far to easy and can make me lax..I suppose it's the wolf in me that likes that, but it's the human in me that desires greater prey, and challenging my own mind. Use them, eat them, discard them. They are of no real importance, but still keep caution when interacting with them.

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  • Seven - There is a great deal to say about Seven-Rhya, as I hold her in extremely high regard. We have a long history and I have worked diligently in the Father's graces to be by her side once more. That said, she is someone to aspire to be. Her temperance and restraint are something of note, but her cruel intentions and sadistic tendencies are what really draws me to her. Despite the glory of my fate, I can still only aspire to be half the leader she is, may I learn well from her.
  • Bayne - Ah Bayne, my lupus friend. I can learn much on my wolfish nature by watching you and how you are. To remind me there is more to my exhistance than raping the mother..there is also the Queen of the Bugs to squash..keep me from stagnation my friend and I will bring you to infamy and power.
  • Harano - Harano, ah Harano. The Man-child. Truth be told you are like a brother to me..the brother I don't desire to kill. There is far more to you than others see, your potential is great should you find the aspirations to achieve it. I have much to teach you, and more to experience with you. Stay with me dear friend, and I will bring you nightmares beyond your most horrid of dreams, I promise.
  • Mikael - Thoughts on Mikael here.
  • Varges - Fetid creature this one. He who pines for a lost love like a mewling quim. Your unlife is such a curse to you, and the Father's gifts wasted upon you. You do not understand that which you try to control. We are not your playthings or your friends..we will be your not take us lightly. That said..should you change your ways there is a power you could hold that you cannot even fathom..hopefully you'll learn to reach for it, rather than look back at the past.

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Full Name: Amidio "Dred"
Date of Birth: Unknown
Heritage: Spanish
Position: None currently.
Apparent Age: Early to mid twenties.
Height: 5'10"
Weight 220 lbs
Appearance: PurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.png

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Notable Stats
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