Alice Holmes

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Alice Holmes

"Let's Put A Smile On That Face"

Heath Ledger's Joker

Date of Birth: September 30
Apparent Age: 18
Occupation: Student
Nationality: American
Legal Status: Single
Demeanor: Waif

Always Smiling "Alice has some bad scaring on her face, pulling her lips up into a Glasgow Smile. It's hard not to notice her, and is so blatantly ruins any beauty she once had."

Student "A student at Prospect University. Maybe you have seen her around? She takes classes in biology, science, music, religion, language, history and mathematics."

Newbie "A little bit new in town. Show her around?"

Verbena "For a hippie, she sure loves her steak. And dirty motorbikes."


The Races

VampireKindred "Oh God. Ew."

WerewolfGarou "I don't think I ever want to meet one."

WraithWraith "This is... Kinda scary to think about."

MageMage "Sometimes I get the feeling I shoulda been a Hermetic... But they are a bit too stuffy."

MortalMortal "People will always just be people. Too bad people tend to be assholes."

ChangelingChangelings "I can hardly imagine what your world must be like."

My Friends

Chase "My big brother. He's overly protective, a horndog, kind of an idiot... But he's family and I love him."

Eloise "Potential teacher. Lifeweavers tend to be pretty harsh tutors... But she seems a bit soft."

Marcel "For a self-entitled Gardener... He isn't too bad."

Bayne "He just kept... Staring."


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