2021.05.12:Iceland - Iceland Bound

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Iceland - Iceland Bound
Ben and Steinar travel to Iceland.
IC Date 2021.05.12.
IC Time Day
Players Ben, Steinar, Frigg, Theron
Location Iceland.
Prp/Tp Iceland Visit.
Spheres Gaian.
Theme Song The 13th Warrior

"Iceland - Part 1"

	 The group is already assembling at the designated meeting spot near the Caern. Frigg greets her stepfather by embracing him warmly and he hands her another package from home. 
	 Wiglaf says, "From your mother as she insisted." He grins, and looks to the others. He offers an introduction, "I am Wiglaf Lokamir. Born on two legs, and Godi Elder known as Spirit Blade, and Wulf of Voghra, from the Sept of Hearth and Home. I believe you already know of me, I am Friggs stepfather. Are you ready to begin your journey?" 

Frigg steps to the side and turns to face those who are challenging now for her to stay at Stonecreek. She lifts her chin proudly, giving them a proper Fenris send off. "May the gods watch over you upon this mission, and that you return victorious."

With all his gear and trappings on his person, Ben steps forward. I am Benjamin Godwyn, Patience Of Eikþyrnir, Adren Forseti of the Fenrir. Son of Stephen Godwyn, Clenched Jaw of the North. Grandson of Thunder's Reprieve. Great-Grandson of Tusk-Breaker. Pleased to meet you, Spirit Blade-Rhya. I am ready." He looks then to Steinar.

Stienar has not been at Home and Hearth for a long time. His dealings with the Sept ended the day he left. Those who now hold Elder there, were not when he was last home. But does he know the name? Oh, he would know the name. He would know of Wiglaf and Wiglaf would know of him. A nod if acknowledgement is given to the Elder; they know eachother. He lifts his hand up to touch two fingers to his Fang Dagger hanging from his neck, moving his shoulder a bit to readjust his magical backpack, "I am ready."

	 Spirit Blade nods to acknowledge Steinar, "It has been awhile. When you return we should talk." He also looks to Ben, "It is also good to finally meet you. Svala won't shut up about you." He has humor in him for an Elder. A knowing look passes between himself and his daughter, Frigg. 
	 Frigg scoffs. Passing that news over quickly, she says, "Any word on the trouble in the village?" 
	 Spirit Blade turns to look at Steinar first, "Erik is dead. The Gandwere didn't kill him. We didn't either. Information from the Council to our Jarl is that Erik killed himself." 
	 Frigg asks, "Suicide?" Her expression hardens. 
	 Spirit Blade shakes his head no, "His own magic killed him. He was messing with knowledge the council was not aware of. They no longer lay blame to you or our family." 
	 "It's over then?" asks Frigg. 
	 Spirit Blade nods. "We think so."

Ben nods and offers a smile to Spirit Blade. "I have heard much about the family. I am looking forward to meeting them after this quest is completed." A chuckle, the big Forseti grinning to Frigg as she scoffs. He listens as the information is passed. "Would you like us to find out more on that?"

Steinar lets out a scowl, "I would not trust the Gandwere if they said they did not. They have an agenda that is not ours and they are not shy of lying to us." he makes a mock spit to the side on the ground without actually spitting, "But if the bastard is dead, then that is good. How he died.." He shrugs, seeeming to find the matter closed, himself.

	 Frigg asides to Theron, "Looks like Svala traded you in for Ben." She elbows him. 
	 Spirit Blade looks up at Theron, he remembers him from when he initially picked up Frigg from their home. "No. Svala I am certain wants them both. More trouble than she is worth right now, but she is no longer my problem. She is William's problem." 
	 Frigg rubs the back of her neck as her family laundry is aired out. "She needs to settle." 
	 Spirit Blade agrees with Steinar, "We are considering the case closed. Where Gandwere are concerned, we are not getting involved." He looks to Ben, "Thank you for offering, but with magic we are not meddling." 
	 The Elder looks to his stepdaughter, "You can come home now Frigg. But we'll let the success of this mission decide your fate." He looks right at Ben then Steinar once more, being quite serious, "Be warned. The veil is thinner where you are going." 
	 He calls upon his totem to open the moonbridge for the duo to travel through. The portal of light fills the area beneath the trees and illuminates a welcoming path.

Ben nods to the Elder, bowing his head in recognition of the case being closed. A look then to Frigg, a grin. "I will be back as soon as we finish the mission." He nods. "Promise." A look then to Steinar and the Elder. "Understood. We will be wary." Invisible People, Trolls - all that is taken into consideration. Add to it, Spirits - and it's going to be a romp. Once the bridge appears, he wastes no time - stepping onto the path. Since there are no natural wolves on Iceland, Steinar steps through the moonbridge in his human form; even if they are to land somewhere safe, it is best to err on the side of caution. So, once Ben steps through, so too does the Godi.

	 Frigg smiles at Steinar and Ben. Clearly, she believes in them. "I'll be waiting." She watches until the portal closes and then she takes a deep breath. 
	 Spirit Blade looks to his stepdaughter, and to Theron. "I want to try one of these bagel mini pizzas you wrote to us about, Frigg. Do you still have any left?" 
	 Frigg grins, "They are disgusting! Are you sure that's what you want to do with your time here?" 
	 Spirit Blade grins, "Your disgusting might not be my disgusting. And if it's really inedible, it might be interesting to take some back for your brothers." He laughs. 
	 Frigg waves him to follow her, "We have a long walk..." she shakes her head. "Theron also has corndogs. They stink even worse." 
	 Spirit Blade asks, "Was your whole trip here about food?" 
	 Frigg punches her stepdad in the arm playfully. "Nooo.. you'll see." 

	 - End scene at Prospect. Now to Iceland...
	 The glowing portal deposits the traveling duo up on a cliff edge in a grouping of rocks up above the village that is down below. They can smell the salty air from the fjord inlet as they are close to the water now. There are no trees here, but there is some wild growth in between the rocks, as wildgrass, or shrubs that have tried to seek the sun. 
	 There is a street below, with some street lamps glowing. The time of day is night. Homes still have windows lit with lamps, and there are some shops below, a tavern, and winding streets that lead further off along the waters edge for more houses. It is a small village, population 1836 per Frigg's map in Ben's pocket. 

Ben takes a moment to get his bearings, peering down the streets. A look to Steinar. "The bar we're looking for is The God Spit." He comments, quietly. "It should be our starting point, according to the information we have. It will get us going in the correct direction." He looks then to the signs on the street, looking for any bar or tavern by that name. Steinar looks down at the street below, "And let's hope we do not run into anyone asking for ID. I have not had an ID since.." he pauses, "A long time. We're not exactly here legally." he grins a bit. Oh, not really blending in either. He gives a nod, "I'll follow your lead. I was never much good with humans."

	 Once they leave the rocky cliffs and find the path down to the dimly lit street, they will notice the sign is for tourists. Written in both languages for Icelandic and in English, it says 'Water Street'. And a few blocks down the sidewalk they will find a tavern sign carved with the letters 'The Spitting God'. 
	 Frigg didn't have the information exactly right, but it's close enough. They can see people inside at the bar, and at tables. There is a fireplace within, and an empty table before it. Some have food, and others are drinking beer. There's a healthy mixed ratio of females and males here, but the crowd is older. There's no young people here as if the town was lost of its nightlife, and remains elsewhere. The rest of the street is quiet, with one car roaming down the road.

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======---> Ben rolls Perception + Alertness vs 6 for 2 successes. 2 3 4 +10 +10 <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============-------------> <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======---> Steinar rolls Perception + Alertness vs 6 for 1 successes. 1 4 +8 10 <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->

Ben walks down the street - confident and collected. No concern with meeting people, or dealing with humans. He nods to Steinar, grinning over at the other. "I deal with people, you deal with the other side." He assures, stopping before The Spitting God. A nod, and he points to the sign. "Looks like our sort of place." The man comments, stepping in without hesitation. "Well, at least the ones that speak English." Steinar replies to this, "The others, I'll have to try to deal with." he does not exactly look like a tourist. He looks more like a .. hermit from the wilds or something, what with the buckskin backpack he carries and his leather armless vest thing. Whatever you call that sort of clothing. He does have the presence of mind to stuff the Fang Dagger inside the leathervest he wears, as well. It is not exactly fake looking. He follows Ben into the place.

	 As they enter the tavern a small quiet bell tings the air. Its warmer inside with the heart, and it smells like someone made roast lamb for the special of the day. There is ale and mead served throughout and the mix of scents is pleasant, but it's also some of these folk are garou intermingled with their kin. Some humans are also here, but more Gaians than mortals. 
	 There's empty tables for seats, and a few seats open at the bar. But as they walk within, everyone kind of turns and stares, and looks Steinar up and down as if he just rolled out of one of those Invisible People rocks Frigg told them about. 
	 Everyone except the bartender that invites them in. "Hello travelers. First time here?" They look sort of like tourists. He wears an apron around his waist and is drying a new set of bar glasses with a towel for the rack. At one corner of the bar sits an older man with tufts of white hair on his balding head, and he has a thick wide beard. He's deep in his mug and no one is sitting next to him. 
	 There is one waitress working the room delivering new drinks and serving up plates. She appears to be in her 30's, the youngest person in the room.

The big Forseti glances around, offering a nod and a smile at the surroundings. "First time, yes. Looking for a friend of a friend - family to our friend." Ben explains to the bartender, as he approaches the bar. There's a glance over to the older man, sittting alone. "I would think that might be him, but I'm not certain he wants to be troubled by visitors." A look back to the bartender. "Any suggestions on making introductions?"

Steinar .. might .. look like a Tourist? But with the huge battlescar on his right forearm along with general other nicks and cuts on his bare arms and with the generally stoic disposition the man is nothing if not a very special tourist. He gives a quick nod to the one who spoke, offering a greeting in Icelandic, but otherwise letting Ben talk.

	 The bartender grins, he can already tell by looking at Steinar that he's Fenris. "I suppose so." He nods with a gesture over to the old man. 
	 The old man looks up from his mug of mead and swivels slightly on the barstool to see them both. He leans on his elbow on the bar and takes a big long sip, as he takes his time looking them both over fully. His ears hear Steinar's greeting and he does the same back. 

The old man barks with a laugh, like a Rotagar would. "I knew you'd be coming." He stands up and grabs a wooden stave carved to lean on that he had settled against another seat. "I am Falke. Come..." he starts walking for a back door that leads away from the main room. "You beat the storm about to roll in." Those same fingers go up to signal the bartender to send a tray a of food back.

Ben's scars are hidden under his coat. "Pleased to meet you, Falke." A nod to Steinar and the Bartender, as the large man follows at the older man's pace. Steinar glances around the area a bit, to then look to the old man, "Storms are not to be feared. Merely endured." he replies, as if that was some sort of mantra that he once learned and has since lived by. He does move to follow Ben as the two move for the back door.

	 It's now raining outside. They can hear it hitting the tin roof as it pours down almost at the same time Falke mentioned it. He takes them into a private room meant for small gatherings to have a private party within the tavern inn. The walls are lined with old books on shelves as if it were a mixed library in between another fireplace, and a big long carved table with sturdy legs. There's nearly eight chairs around the table. He moves to the head of the table and sets down his stave before rubbing his palms together and igniting the fireplace with a gift. The room warms and it sets the windows aglow as the wind comes down in the dark outside. The wind howls through an eerie whistling across the landscape, and in the old building it has a special hollowing sound. 
	 Falke offers them both seats, but they will both discover his english isn't perfect. He mixes the two languages together, in a chatter, as he introduces himself. "I am Falke Grimmson. I was born with two legs among the Fenris." He chuckles, "Elder Rotagar, Rited Anvindr." Which means, as Steinar may translate -Against The Wind-. "I am one of the guardians of Grimsgore Well. Those chickens across the sea didn't dare to come themselves. I see they sent you instead, to see if we have the truth." He waits for them to introduce themselves.

Once the Elder is seated, Ben takes a seat as well. "Pleased to meet you, Avindr-Rhya. I am Benjamin Godwyn, Patience Of Eikþyrnir, Adren Forseti of the Fenrir. Son of Stephen Godwyn, Clenched Jaw of the North. Grandson of Thunder's Reprieve. Great-Grandson of Tusk-Breaker." He offers over, giving a bow of his head. There's a pause, the man considering his words carefully. "I come as a part of a challenge to me, to court your Granddaughter." A book is brought out of his pockets, offered over to the older Rotagar. "I am here to collect something for Frigg's mother - a necklace from her fallen husband." The man explains to Falke. "I would also like to, as a Forseti, help mend the rift that has grown between the people of Hearth and Home and your Sept.": Steinar moves into the room and takes a few steps to the side. He stretches a bit, lowering the backpack from his shoulder down to the ground. He crosses his arms over his chest, after fishing out the Fang Dagger; displaying all his badges of office, almost! A nod is given to the Elder, "I am Steinar Einarsson, Rune-Tongue Deed and Name. I am Adren born to the Godi moon, heralding from the Heimild Clan whom sailed to the Americas with the first Silver Fangs ages past. I walk and speak with the voice and face of the blood of Will of Stone." he then silences, again letting Ben do the talking here.

	 The bartender swings the door open to bring in a big tray of the roast lamb with a spiced gravy. With it is root vegetables, seasoned potatoes, and a basket of house breads. On the side is blueberry polenta, pistachio crumble, and aged Tindur cheese. Mugs of the thick ale is served with it. He sets out the plates for the trio gathering and then quietly steps back out. 
	 The Elder is eager to get the second mug of ale but motions for them both to take the food and enjoy it. It's quiet hospitality, but he is listening intently to Ben's information. There is also a nod from him to Steinar as he hears his lineage as well. There is plenty for the Elder to sift through, but he does look surprised when the book is offered to him. 
	 Before he opens the book, he says to both. "There is no rift between Hearth and Home and us. But there is bad blood spilled between Wiglaf and Alruna's family here." He frowns but even age and time hasn't resolved resentment. His face changes color to red, as his rage suddenly spills over. It's in his voice when he tells Ben strongly, "He has cut Alruna and my grandchildren from us!" He bangs his fist on the table. The complaint is followed with mild cursing and he's slow to simmer down. "And he isn't welcome here. Alruna made her choice. It surprises me she wants anything from my son at all." 
	 It seems Ben may have stepped into it. But then the Elder eyes Steinar, and looks him over. "And why are you here helping him?" He points to Ben. 
	 His rage settles as he flips slowly through the book Ben gave him. His features change within seconds as he looks over pictures, and takes out a folded note clipped inside. "Eat." He tells them.

Even in the face of such rage, Ben remains calm. He listens, eyes on the Elder unflinchingly. He doesn't interrupt, doesn't argue - he simply listens. "I did not intend to raise your ire, Avindr-Rhya." He says, earnestly. He does dig in, letting the Elder look over the photos collected in the book. "My apologies for misunderstanding, then." A nod. "I have every intent of making sure Frigg has connections to her family." A nod, his face a mask of determination. "I have no doubt that Alruna has mourned her husband, sir. I have no doubt she would not wish to lose connections to your family. Duty has a way of interfering with what we want, often."

Steinar looks to Ben, "We are here on the errand we are on. It is enough to raise his ire." he then looks to the old man, "We are Pack, serving under the same Alpha and the same Totem. I go where my brother goes." he states, sternly, almost as if he was entertaining someone to try to contradict his right to do so, without really contradicting it. Just a matter of Honor and Pride.

	 The Rotagar Elder is still listening to Ben but does finally smirk when turning a page of the letter to see a humorous picture drawn. He's sneaky, and keeps it to himself. He folds it and tucks it inside his shirt pocket. 
	 He is a bit more serious after hearing Ben's answer. "The distance is far for Alruna to travel and my son is dead. But if you are willing to let Frigg come to see me before I die then it's possible we can help one another." He pats his pocket. "Frigg looks like her grandmother when we first met." He also nods to Steinar, "You will hold your brother to his promises or kick his big arse?" His hand wavers back to Ben, in the promise that he would reconnect Frigg to her lost family here. 
	 His next question is aimed at Ben and Steinar together, "What is it worth to you, to receive my son's necklace? What offering would you give?"

A nod to the Elder. "I will ensure we make the trip." He grins. "And I will continue to travel with her to visit her family, whenever she like." The Forseti offers over. "As to what I would give? Any possession I have. Any skill I can trade. Any counsel I can give. My cabin. My bow." A shake of his head. "Anything you wish to take from me, is yours. So long as I have Frigg, my path is clear." "But if you try to take his life, I might have a word or two to say about it." Steinar comments quickly, his voice stern. He just does not drop that part of his persona, "As for your sons necklace. You know what it is worth to my Brother." he looks to Ben, then looks to Elder, "The question now is, what is it worth to you, Anvindr-rhya."

	 Falke sits back in his chair and relaxes at the answer Ben gives. "Why would I take his life?" He's old but not rattled in the brain. He looks up at Steinar, "We follow the litany here as anywhere else." He taps a finger on the book that holds pictures given over to him by Ben. "My granddaughter is smiling in some of these pictures. She looks happy to be near your pack." 

The Elder looks satisfied at Ben's answer. "I would have given the same for my own mate." He looks Ben up and down, "Do you have something else on you from Frigg right now?" His hand extends as if expecting to receive something.

Falke hasn't quite answered Steinar's question yet. What IS it worth to him? To see his family and grandchildren again? He's mulling it over while Ben decides what he has on him. "As guardian of the Well, it is my duty to protect its opening. It is worth it to me, to receive punishment for letting two outsiders within to try and complete this impossible task Spirit Blade asked the both of you. And if my son lets you have what you are asking for? Well then, maybe everyone wins. Or we'll all be taught a hideous lesson for thinking we can do whatever we want." He warns.

The Forseti thinks, nodding to Falke. "I do." He takes the hand-knitted mittens from his pocket, placing them in the Elder's hands. "To keep you warm and full of good memories." The man smiles. "I would see that you have them, Elder. May they serve you with the love they were given to me." A nod to him. A grin to Steinar. "My life, would not be given. Fought for, certainly." A slight chuckle. "But I do not think either of us wishes harm to another." A look back to Falke. "Should they have issue, and try to punish, I will speak for you Elder."

	 It continues to rain heavily outside but the firelight in the room continues to remain a comfort. Falke receives the item from Ben and seems satisfied once he breathes in its scent. The mittens do have Frigg's scent on them. It's obvious he plans on keeping them, and Ben isn't getting it back. "Thank you." He looks pleased to have more proof of Ben's conviction. 

"Tell the barkeep you are to be given rooms for the rest of your stay. Tomorrow morning, I will lead you to the path you need to begin. But I must warn you both. You will both have to pass the test of mind, the test of strength, the test of self, and the test of spirit. And you will also have to appease Lagarfljotsormur to gain passage through. She is the protector of what is left of the Well." The last is said more for Steinar. He has his work cut out for him. "Rest now. I'll meet you after you have had breakfast."