2021.02.23 Gaian Gathering

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Gaian Gathering
Potluck at the Kinfolk House
IC Date 2/23/21
Players Erin, Nico, Nathan, Sten, Minna, Evonna, Chuck, Ben, Rian, BryanO, Matteo, Theron, Miguel, and Killigrew as ST
Location Kinfolk House

Erin comes in holding some trays from Costco those yummy crossant sandwiches seems to be what she's bringing this evening. She brought so many that she has suckerd Sten and Chuck to carry the other trays and there is one tray of the cookies or is that two who knows. She smiles looking a little happy as she leads towards the food table "Just put it down here somewhere guys and let's find somewhere to sit down " she smiles

Nathan has once again shown up with barbecued food, looks like beef this time. Either he or whoever feeds him apparently doesn't do a lot of regular cooking.

Nico wanders into the area, looking around with interest as she carries a very large pan covered in tinfoil, we're talking restaurant large here. She chooses her footing carefully so as not to step on anything or bump into anyone, but there's now way her arrival can be missed given her size. Glancing around for a place to put the pan, she offers a nod and smile to those already present.

Sten would carry as he had been suckered into looking around to where Erin indicated to put them down moving over and doing so looking around where there were options to take a seat.

Tables and chairs have been brought out, and the fire in the fire ring has been built up to help stave off the cold of the settling evening. A few dishes are already on the table - mostly the better part of a deer with a few other meats added in by some of the kin of the house, with sides being ferried out. There's four coolers with different drinks in them - soda, beer, water. A variety offered.

Killi is near the fire, adding a few last minute pieces of wood to make sure the big log in the middle has plenty to get it going so the coals will be good and hot to radiate more heat. As people begin to filter in, she straightens and smiles warmly, "Evening, everyone. Chases-the-Wind'rhya will be here in a bit, he's out storyteller for the evening. Feel free to grab some food, introduce yourselves and the like. I thiiiink all of you already know me?"

Erin smiles and waveswaves to Killi "Hey, I brought lots of food this time" She looks around and then waves "I'm Erin Harrison, Kinfolk to Mother Ananasa and I'm related to the Fae" she bites her lip a little bit looking around before she fixes herself a plate and goes to find somewhere to sit if the boys haven't found one yet.

Nathan puts his contribution to the evening on the table and grabs a soda before heading over near the fire and finding a seat. He opens his soda and takes a sip before volunteering, "Nathan Taylor, called Rends the Sky, Cliath Ahroun of the Stargazers, born on two legs. Son of Sings in Starlight."

Nico carries her offering to the table and sets it down, then peels off the tinfoil to reveal a pan chocked full to the brim of honey bbq chicken wings. Folding the tinfoil carefully, she then sets the ruck sack on her shoulder down to put the tinfoil and remove a huge jar of blue cheese dressing and another of ranch. What are wings without the dressing? Offerings made, she shoulders the sack again and looks around for who it is she could introduce herself to, then by example given, just speaks up. Her voice is deep, not a baratone but definitely deeper than the usual female. "I am Nico Torrez, homid born under the Half Moon, daughter of Sings of Fury, Granddaughter of Travels with Spirits, rited Themis' Hand, Cliath of the Black Fury."

Evonna arrives from around the back of the house. She has a jar of jerky in one arm, and a cooler in the other. "Guten Abend!" She sits down the jerky on the table. "Mom sent this special from home. I hope everyone enjoys!" She moves toward a better area for the cooler. "Brought some beers and mead. Fenrir special." She grins and looks around at the new faces. "I am Evonna Kummerow, rited Blood Thorn, Fostern Forseti of Fenrir, a Valkyria of Freya, Beta of Shieldbearers of Sigun. I am the proud daughter of Henrich Kummerow, rited Bathes in Blood, Ahroun, son of Elder Godi, Helga Kummerow, rited Vision of Northern Lights." A smile to Zoe. "Thanks again for hosting."

Minna comes along a little late, sliding out of the Kinfolk house. Might be she was around earlier to help set up, or, maybe she's just been around to annoy Zoe. Either way, she didn't have to walk far. She takes a look at the food and decides not to indulge, sliding herself up onto a railing in lieu of a seat. It makes a nice perch for her to see over folks.

Ben arrives a bit after Evonna, carrying several loaves of pretzel bread. "I hope this tastes good - I used my mother's recipe." He nods, setting the loaves down on the offering table. "I am Benjamin Godwyn, Patience Of Eikþyrnir, Fostern Forseti of the Fenrir. Son of Stephen Godwyn, Clenched Jaw of the North. Grandson of Thunder's Reprieve. Great-Grandson of Tusk-Breaker." He offers to those as introductions start.

Nico finds a place out of the way in which she can keep herself, often finding she gets in the way just being as big as she is. Locating a good place to lean, she tucks her hands into her jacket pockets as she does so, and just watches as people arrive and listens to introductions.

Sten looks around with a smile "I am Sten Blixt, Stormhowler, Alpha of Frostbite, Athro Skald of the Fenrir, son of Eric Blixt, Ironheart, son of Johan Blixt, Starsinger, son of Torbjörn Blixt, Redsnow, Son of Olaf Blixt Stormhowler, born to Fimbul Winter sept." moving to take a seat quite curious to hear a promised story.

Chuck nods, and moves to have a seat beside Erin and does a much more simple introduction "Chuck Harrison, Ananasi " He nods to those here and is quiet for now.

"It's good to see everyone this evening. And everyone brought so much food! It's a good thing we have an army to feed." Killi says with a bright smile. "Grab some food, grab something to drink. There's plenty of places to sit and the fire ought to be hot enough to keep the worst of the chill away."

Bryan comes in, a little behind schedule, but he had to squeeze into those Elder pants tonight. He has shit to do. Hey, he even shaved! Lookit him go! Looking all respectable and shit

Nico eyes the chairs and decides against them, no way is she trusting that. Food however, that's another matter. Moving back to the table she collects a plate and few items, a varied selection, then searches the coolers for a bottle of water. With items in hand, she moves away from the table again, returning to her place out of the way to lean. All the while she is conscious of where other people are so she doesn't knock them over, bump into them or step on them. Nico has partially disconnected.

Ben also makes himself a plate, watching the others as they arrive. The big man breaks the bread, leaving plenty for others as he loads up on the good food. "So what is on the agenda for the evening?"

Evonna has to dig into the pretzel bread. "Oooo, been too long since I've had some of this. Thanks for bringing it, Ben." She waves to those just entering.

"Bryan's going to tell a story for us tonight." Zoe says, watching people start to get settled in, then fetching a bottle of sprite from one of the coolers after a bit of digging in the ice to find it. "Figured we could play it by ear after that."

Nathan gets up and wanders over to the food table, grabbing a plate and collecting a good sample of the foods there before heading back over to his seat and settling back down.

Bryan heads over and offers Zoe a little friendly hug and a couple of words, waving a hand in greeting as his name is mentioned. No food for him. Pre-Galliard butterflies.

Matteo grabs some food and drink and then heads to sit near Nathan, being the only one he knows that well here so far.

Erin stands up and goes to the food table, on her way there she gives Ben a little hug before she goes to get two plates and loads them up with a bit of everything. She tries to hurry before storytime begins. She sits between both Chuck and Sten and offers the both food as she got plenty to share let me tell you.

Nathan nods at Matteo as he comes over, "Heya, how's things?"

Minna looks from person to person, many of them unfamiliar. She should get off her ass and great them, but then, watching and seeing how they all get along has an appeal. The moon is fat and observation is good for sussing out who's tempers are short. You sense Bryan's brow arches and he glances down then smiles brightly, softly. "Congratulations. I mean that. I... might have just gotten married a couple of days ago. After the Gathering, I'm going to howl. I'm all Elder now and shit."

Nico continues to study each person, her bottle of water tucked into her coat pocket while she munches on the varies selections of food she chose. She not sizing people up or anything of that nature, she's merely watching them and how they interact, how they all seem to pretty much know each other well, as hugs are passed around, that sort of thing. She smiles as she does this, seeming comfortable in her surroundings, but not likely to intercede herself into what others are doing.

Ben returns the hug to Erin. "Hey there!" A nod and a smile to Evonna as well. "Glad you like! I hope it turns out as well as she makes it." He moves over to find a seat, stretching out long legs to get comfortable.

Killigrew returns the hug to Bryan, replying in like with a whisper, then patting his arm, beaming at the taller wolf when he replies. "That's fantastic. I can't wait to hear it." she says, a little louder, but still quiet. Leaving him to prepare, she meanders over towards Minna, nodding to her and greeting with a warm embrace.

Matteo responds to Nathan, "Good. Just busting through some commissions, and trying to have a social life." he chuckles a bit and then fishes out a handrolled cigarette from his pocket, "I just made a batch of these, when you light them they reveal invisible or hidden things in the area, you want one? and then he waves to Zoe and Erin, having met them both before a bit.

Bryan whispers one more thing after giving Zoe that hug, and then steps back, looking around at the gathered people. He walks toward the fire and throws out his hand, sending up colorful sparks in the air to get people's attention. It's all very dramatic, to be sure, and Bryan wipes his hand on the leg of his jeans and stands up straight, waiting for people to throw their attention his way - or not, as the case may be.

Minna seems half-zoned by the time Zoe wanders on up to her. She snaps to and almost falls off the railing, catches herself with her legs, then smiles and leans forward to give her Kin a shoulder-crunching hug. "Nice party you put together," she says, speaking just a hair too loud. "Thanks for putting it together."

Chuck sits beside Erin, watching, he dies munch a piece of cheese she brought him. He seems to be listening to those at the table, but paying attention to the others about also.

Erin looks over to Matteo "It does what and do I have to smoke it or just light it?" she asks curiously. She has 2 plates of food on her hands as she seems to be sharing with Chuck and Sten and anyone that wants food really.

Nathan nods to Matteo, "Sure, thanks, might come in handy." and then looks over as Bryan sets off his light show, giving the Elder his attention.

There are some late arrivals to the gathering! 2 boys, and one girl, all about eight years old or so. Annnnnd they're riding a fucknormous Jaguar.

Killigrew grunts when smooshed, "Everyone's helped." she says softly to Minna, bumping the shorter Fury with her hip lightly and focusing on Bryan.


There is another shower of sparks from the fire. Bryan's voice, when he speaks, is buttery smooth, one of those voices that could charm a duck right out of their feathers. He pauses for just a moment more, then speaks, his voice resonating just perfectly across those gathered. "I am Bryan James Osborn, rited Chases-the-Wind, Elder of the Children of Gaia, born on two legs under the waning Gibbous moon. I am the son of Blazes-Trails - Theurge in Auspice and Elder in Rank, grandson of Walks-on-Water - Ahroun in Auspice, Adren in rank when he was returned to the cyle, great grandson of Carries-A-Big-Stick - Philodox in Auspice, and a Legend in rank and rumored to still be living to this day. I am a follower of Pegasus, whose strength and wisdom and guidance has brought me to acceptance of my faults and the strength of mind and heart and hand to overcome them.

Evonna finds a seat and settles in to listening to Bryan tell his story. Her drink, and a plate of food with her.

Matteo waves to Erin and mouths, 'talk after' and gives her a smile, and then starts to eat his food and listen to the tale.

Minna gives Zoe a slap on the shoulder when they part, all smiles and grins. "Yeah," she says. "They are. Just not everyone's found their purpose yet, mm?" She perks up and shushes up once Bryan takes the stage. She can be polite.

The Jaguar finds somewhere to settle and the three children scamper off to find their parents as the story begins.

Ben listens as he munches away, watching as the Elder starts his tale.

"While I could tell you of all the tales of wisdom and glory that I've undertaken, I want to tell a story about a boy that I know. He's 12. His name is Danny. Danny was born a kinfolk to the Black Spiral Dancers. He had an older brother named Charlie who did what he could to protect him, but mostly, there were a lot of missed meals, bruises, a few whip marks, a scar across his belly from getting too close accidentally to one of the Dancers, numerous burns from cigarettes, and he's three toes from where his own father bit them off when he was just a baby." Bryan paces while he speaks, his footsteps falling lightly upon the ground, making no sounds but the whisper of his clothing.

"I met Danny just a few short weeks ago when I killed his brother - who had just very recently gone through his first change."

Nico sets her plate on a table quietly and opens the bottle of water to sip while she listens.

ERin nodsnods to Matteo as she turns to listen to the story. She tilts her head as she listens.

Killigrew whispers briefly to Minna, then falls silent to listen to the words of the Elder Galliard, resting her elbows on the railing, her soda held loosely in her hands.

Bryan takes a breath, long enough to let that sink in before he continues, lifting his voice a little bit. "Branton and Tawney were both having weird feelings about a place. So Branton and I went there. And there were these two children - Danny and Charlie - serving as watchdogs. They left, with Charlie shifting into his glabro form to pass as old enough to drive, and we followed them to a rest stop, heading toward Nevada. Charlie, the older one, went into the bathroom. I went in, killed him, and then the others showed up. The other spirals. Danny came to check on his brother, saw me, and I put him into what I hope was the best sleep that the poor abused boy had ever known up to that moment and we took him to a place called Gaia's Hope."

Nico shifts her body a bit, recapping the water and shoving it in her pocket. She listens intently to the story, a desire to murder something itching at the back of her mind but apparently that part was already taken care of by Bryan. She continues to listen, keeping herself controlled, thankfully the moon is not an issue for her right now.

Erin quietly listens and bites her lower lip a little bit as she tilts her head a little bit.

Evonna munches her food, listening carefully. This is a story with spirals! Much to learn here!

Chuck frowns a bit listening to this shaking his head softly but keeps silent while listening, at least quiet enough not to go past his table.

"Just a few days later, they were getting ready to transfer Danny to another Sept. He was doing so well and all his bruises were healed up and he was starting to put on a little weight. And then he disappeared." Bryan pauses again, taking a deep breath and running his fingers through his hair. "Something had led Branton and Tawney to have us check out this old house. As we arrived, the text came through that Danny had been yanked away. Branton --FELT-- Danny in his mind, reaching out, grasping. Branton reached out as well and lent the boy his own power to stave off those who had taken him - the rest of his family." Bryan stops pacing and a little smile comes over his face. "That boy has some pretty powerful telekinesis, let me tell you." He lifts his voice, almost yelling, moving a little more erratically, speaking a little faster as the tale gains momentum. "He shattered every light in the basement." Bryan throws his hand toward the fire and there is a series of little sputtering sparks as he jerks that way and then steps back. "There was yelling and screaming and the window shattered and then..." He lifts his voice a little more, a little more, until it's almost a roar. Then, quietly, he murmurs, "... Silence."

Killigrew sets the bottle of sprite aside and leans forward, both elbows on the railing of the porch, drawn in by the tale of the Spiral kin. Anticipation has her shifting her weight from foot to foot slightly, rocking in place.

Evonna listens with her mouth just hanging open for the moment. She's hanging on every word.

Minna idly reaches down beside her to play with Killigrew's hair as one might scritch a cat while watching Netflix, her eyes on Brian, her legs swaying back and forth.

Ben pauses his eating, listening attentively now.

Nathan eats quietly, giving Bryan his attention and listening to the story.

Erin lays her head against Chuck's shoulder as she listens intently to the story.

"Branton and I wasted no time. I used the Bridgewalking gift to appear directly behind the two spirals in the basement in my Crinos form. I tore into the one that was closest to me, tearing into its shoulder and nearly ripping its head right off its neck." Spirals don't get to be he or she. They are all it. It was still alive, so I finished it off." He takes a deep breath and continues, scanning the crowd for Branton, who is PROBABLY here, and he motions that way. "Branton the Beast, follower of Hecate, the kin I would want guarding my ass in any sort of bind, took out the one heading up the stairs and once again..." Bryan smiles, looking off into the distance a little bit. "We rescued Danny and brought him back to Gaia's Hope, where he is now under maximum security - for his protection, not as punishment. He's a good kid, despite everything that's gone against him since the moment he was conceived."

"But now, Danny's having dreams. Prophetic? We don't know. But tomorrow, I have an appointment to go to Gaia's Hope with Themis' Hand as a local Philodox and Black Fury, and Theron the Kinfolk, and Branton the kinfolk, to see where we go from here." His gaze scans the crowd slowly. "There may be more to this and I might need more volunteers. This is not official sept business and it could be very dangerous, but what good are we if we can't protect our kin from the bonds of the Wyrm?" He lowers his voice a little, but speaks emphatically. "I want Danny to be a success story. I want, years from now, to be able to look out and go 'See that guy over there? Bastard Wyrm kinfolk!" He drops his voice down to almost a whisper, that still carries, nonetheless. "I want to be able to say that he made it out and became a true asset to the Gaians."

Nathan raises his hand slightly, murmering, "Chases the Wind'rhya, if I can assist, I will. I have no assigned duties as yet, so would be happy to help."

Nico lifts one brow for a moment when she is mentioned, but other wise says nothing. She pulls her water back out to open and take a sip, then offers Bryan a nod.

Evonna stands up then. "It would be an honor to assist with this. Anything I can do, as Forseti of Mighty Fenrir, I will stand with you. Anything I can do." She puts her closed fist over her heart, and bows her head. She takes it seriously.

Miguel returned to his homid form and calls out "Will there be Kaiju? I'm looking for one to fight."

Minna raises her hand- not the one on Zoe's head. She says, "I'll be happy to help, any way that I can," speaking loudly again. She ticks her eyes over to where the big jaguar was, then back to Bryan.

Nico eyes Miguel as he changes, a smile playing across her lips before she says, "I'm ready to take on Godzilla if needed."

Erin raises her hand as others "I am willing to assist as needed you can always count on me" she nodsnods.

Chuck nods and says "If there is something I can do to help I will do what I can as well.

Killigrew bumps Minna lightly, straightening and taking a drink of her sprite as she listens. "I'm afraid I have to sit this one out, but it's good to see so many willing to step up and offer help."

Bryan nods, taking a breath and letting it out, leaning more toward a normal tone of voice. "Alright. Tomorrow is Nico, Theron, Branton and I. We're going to gather information. Everyone else... my wife is inside helping with something or other. Give your name to her and a way to contact you. I can barely remember my own name half the time, so make sure you leave a way to contact you. And we'll get everyone involved that we need to - and that may or may not mean everyone. I don't know how big this is, or even WHAT it is. And it should not interfere in any Sept duties you have. But other than that, we're glad to have the help."

Nico looks around at the people assembled again, then lets her eyes settle on Killigrew. "In the defense and protection of children, you can always count on me to act. If needs be, I will act for you as well if you must sit this one out."

Killigrew smiles at Nico, lifting her bottle in salute of the other Black Fury. ooc Oh! and just so it's out there. If rp turns towards plot and people want to do stuff, I can often be tugged on to come run some info gathering etc sort of things, too

Matteo finishes up his food, and then throws away his plate and such, "I gotta head out." he says to Nathan and Erin, "Gimme a call if you want to hang soon."

Nathan nods to Matteo, "Sounds good, talk to you soon."

Erin smiles and waves to Matteo "Of course, see you later"

Nico had taken the time to put her name and phone number on several pieces of paper, since apparently that would be a thing. She then makes her way around to offer a slip to people, with an offered, "If you never need assistance, babysitting, a motorcycle repaired, feel free to call."

Killigrew smiles at Nico, lifting her bottle in salute of the other Black Fury. "See you later Matteo." She calls over to the departing kinfolk. "It sounds like you're going to have plenty of hands, if they're needed." she says with a big smile.

Matteo gives everyone a wave and a smile, and then heads out.

Bryan nods to Nico. "I'll see you tomorrow. For now, though, I have to make a howl." He gives Zoe a little light touch on the shoulder, then wanders into the house to find someone

Erin speaks with Chuck softly then waves to Bryan before she takes a bite of some food looking a little thoughtful.

Killigrew nods to Bryan. "Good luck." she says softly as he makes his way inside. Moving down off the porch, she smiles warmly at the gathered. "Do any of you have other news to share?"

Chuck will eat a bit more of the food Erin brought, and looks over to those left here. "Anything else been going on of late that maybe able to help with?"

Nathan shakes his head, "Nothing I can think of that the group needs to know." He stands and properly disposes of plate and utensils, "But for the moment, I have to take off." He nods to Killigrew, "Thanks for putting things together again."

Nico collects her plate to deposit with the other dirty items, or the garbage if they are paper, but the water bottle goes back into her pocket. "Other than me being new to this area and knowing no one, I have nothing more to share. I would like to thank you for hostessing this gathering, it has allowed me to meet a few new people that don't run screaming or cross the street to avoid me."

"Thank you guys for coming. Not much of a potluck if it's just me." Killi says with a grin,"Meeting people and making connections, finding people to hang with, maybe pack with. That's part of why I think the Gatherings are important. Help us stay together and not just drift apart."

Erin sagely nods "Yeah it's a sad pot luck when it's just one more fun with friends and meeting people"