2019.08.13: A Special Healing

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A Special Healing
Shame of Shadows and Lleu have a request of Jake concerning a very special healing.
IC Time Tue Aug 13 18:22:10 2019, PDT.
Players Shame-of-Shadows, Lleutrim, and Jake Miller
Location Caern of the Sept of Enduring Spirit, then somewhere in the Umbra.
Spheres Gaian Garou

It's healing night! Or at least an attempted healing. Who knows how the evening will end?

At SOS's request Jake is also taking Lleutrim to help out and the Elder meets them in the Caern. He makes sure they're well supplied for the trek then leads them out into the Bawn where he opens a Moon Bridge. He waves the two inside and it's only a matter of moments before they step out into...WOW...one of the most beautiful areas of the Umbra you can imagine!

It's like a set at Disneyland at night with swirling sparkles of light everywhere and a soft warm breeze that energizes as it passes. Overhead the stars shine a light blue.

Jake smiles and looks around. "I love this place. It's full of healing spirits. You can even smell the health in the air." He inhales softly. "Yeah, take a breath and hold it in. Just...nothing like it."

Lleutrim has come to the Caern ready for a ritual or other related event that deals with the spirits and umbra. Therefor he arrives wearing his clan Donnachaidh kilt around his hips and a thick mottled grey and white cloak that falls from his broad shoulders. In Glabro and looming larger than his usual homid form, Lleu wears nothing else except woad glyphs, carved bone beads snagged into his beard, and feathers of birds of prey. Eagle feathers mostly tied into his short hair. One can see that Dragomir is wearing off on him, all the rest of him bared and covered in scars.

From there the Fianna Galliard accompanies Jake into the umbra by moonbridge. His bare feet step off as he lifts up his gaze to look around. A slow, deep breath is indrawn in appreciative silence. Whatever Jake has asked him to bring is carried in a hide ruck he's dedicated. Looking at him, you'd think Lleu'd just come back from the Legendary Realm wearing the thick furred hide from a snow troll.

Carrying a leather wrapped staff in her jaws and a pack of supplies slung across her torso, Shame crosses the bridge with her Elder and her friend, limping gamely along until they step out into the beautiful realm. Here, she is joined by a gust of air that dances and swirls around the huge metis wolf. <<Easten Wind, be known to my friends.>> she rumbles. Lleutrim already knows the powerful Incarnate that is the metis' buddy. <<Defiant Storm'rhya, be known to the Eastern Wind.>> she says, running the introductions between the wolf and the minor god. It's form is more or less see through, a ripple with a playful nature that likes to ruffle the fur or hair and hates to be still for long.

Are those...fairies flying by? Sure looks like it. About the size of butterflies. Their wings emit a pleasant hum that almost sounds musical. In the distance are puffy mauve clouds. There is a pastel tone to almost everything. It's just so relaxing here. No sign of anything Wyrmy or evil.

Jake scans the area again, looking quite pleased. "Perfect. Yes, just perfect." He grins at Lleutrim. "Just a warning. Once things get going...and I do have a good feeling about this...stay at least three feet away from me. I don't want to accidentally erase any of your battle scars. It's happened before. Not in a while but...this place is like a perfect storm for that." And speaking of scars...it's funny. Jake doesn't seem to have any. Not one. Odd for an Ahroun Elder. "Also, you can relax about us running into any evil or angry spirits. It would be quite rare here. Evil and angry auras just wouldn't do well in this atmosphere."

Jake glances to SOS and nods before offering a bow to the Eastern Wind. Very respectful. "An honor. I'm sure you will be good luck to our quest here." Then to SOS. "Okay, I need you in your homid form, no clothes. And before we begin...any questions?"

As the gust of wind blows up his kilt and whips his heavy cloak to one side, ruffling the fur and feathers, Lleu grins and holds out his arms to feel the spirit's passage. In the language of the spirits he offers, << Greetings, Eastern Wind and welcome. >> Even though the Eastern Wind could break his body and likely kill him, the Galliard seems pleased it accompanies Shame of Shadows.

The fairies surely catch Battle Singer's eye. Lleu laughs and watches them flit past, raising a hand out as if to touch them. His attention comes back to his Elder as Jake speaks. A nod, "Understood, Defiant Storm'rhya. I remember the tale you told." Yep, the pink fluffy clouds would scare off evil to be sure. If a pegasus farting rainbows jumps out, Lleu's going to back off cautiously indeed and look out for Pancake's twisty piece of yarn snooping about.

The ripple that is the wind made manifest bobs and dances, swirling before breezing by Jake and quickly spiraling around him. Happy, powerful thing. Shame is always brightening to see her friend 'in the flesh', watching it raptly before turning her focus to the other Garou.

Setting her bag down, she rummages within it, pulling out a corked bottle that seems empty. Pulling the cork out, she blows across the top towards the Numen - a bit of salt spray from the ocean's edge. Not enough to smell, really, and more a thought than proper chiminage. Still learning.

Putting the bottle away, she rolls through the changes to her mangled human form and begins to shed her clothing, looking uneasy. Again, what might be more accepted in her birthshape can be quite a bit more shocking in her homid skin. And there are years of claws and teeth from her old Sept layered on her pale skin. "What do you need me to do?" she asks, limping away from the bag, pausing to realize the staff is still in hand. Torn, she waffles, then offers it towards Lleutrim. "Just for a moment. To hold. I won't lay it on the ground."

Forgot to mention that Jake has been wearing his blue mirrored aviator glasses this whole time as he does every full moon cycle. After another check around the area he finally takes the time to remove them and place them in his pocket. Once removed it's clear why he wore them. His eyes glisten with a silver-amber hue. Rather unsettling and freaky.

Jake takes a deep breath and looks at Lleu. "Okay, we're going to need the help of the healing spirits here. How do we do that. We BRIBE them." Jake grins widely, which reveal teeth that look a little longer and sharper than usual. "I have my own little personal healing ritual that's a little...unorthodox and will need both of your help. Actually, I will need you both to expend some Gnosis. The spirits love Gnosis, you see. It attracts them and makes them happy. So...what we're going to do first is...cover Shame's body in it. Shame, you will concentrate on covering yourself with it while Lleu and I do the same. We don't need to touch you for this. Just...release the Gnosis and concentrate on covering it all over your body. In a nutshell, we're gonna turn Shame's body into a gnosis salt lick. Ready?" He holds his hands palms up, pointing them in Shame's direction. "Now!"

The cloth wrapped 'staff' is accepted with all due respect. Lleu gives her a nod, "It is safe here with us." Though he may well appreciate having the worst of his own deepest scars removed as he grows older, nonetheless Lleu steps back a little to give the other two space. He waits and watches until he's needed.

Ah hah. Jake's glowy eyes shining catch his attention. Lleu then grins, "Aye, easily done." Galliard fashion! He reaches up to unbind some of Shadow's covering on her 'staff' to reveal the crystal blade of Eye of the Storm's former javelin fetish. Battle Singer's deep baritone begins to pick up a chanting lilt, singing low to the spirits of healing to entice them to draw nigh! As he slowly circles Shadows, he slices his left hand along the crystal javelin's blade and smears his own blood over her pale flesh. Thus he offers his gnosis, his singing accompanying the rythym of their beating hearts...

Without her claws,it is not as easy, but it is done. The woman bites hard and deep into the meaty part of her palm, adding her blood to Battle Singer's, painting her skin where it is scarred and she can reach. Eastern Wind is near, but well out of the way, constantly moving as is it's nature to do.

When she is smeared, she takes a breath, her hand healing swiftly - making the pain of it a blip that fades fast. The gnosis lingers, raw energy condesnsed and slathered over her. Bit like using honey to bait ants.

As the Gnosis begins to spread across Shame's body there is a flurry of activity in the air. The swirling lights move faster and seem to grow in numbers, like a swarm of happy bees. The swarm them heads for Shame and begin to cover her head to toe. They seem quite happy and begin to ingest the Gnosis which causes their lights to brighten even more. In fact, the light is nearly blinding.

The tiny spirits seem to respond to Lleu's voice in a very positive way. A few even fly his way and settle in his hair. Yup, he's got some fans already. Jake notices this and says quietly. "Great. Keep that up. They love it."

Lleu's singing attracts even MORE of the firefly like spirits who continue to appear in droves from every direction. Between the Gnosis and the singing they are eager to join the others.

Jake's hands suddenly begin to glow with a soft golden hue. Like an aura tinged with sparks. Yes, golden sparks are flying from his hands. "I'm going to touch you now, Shame. Don't be afraid. Just...relax."

He then places his hands on the top of her head...

Battle Singer does as he is bid. Lleu continues singing to the spirits to appease and lure them in to assist with the healing. He carries the 'staff' and slowly circles opposite of Jake to keep a little distance from the Shadow Lord's accidental touch. As he increasingly becomes decorated like a glowing Christmas Tree, the Galliard eases back, his song continuing low. His own icy grey eyes watch Defiant Storm in action when Jake reaches forth to touch Shame of Shadow's head.

It tickles, in a way, as the little spirits swarm over her bare skin. Stifling a soft laugh, Shame grows completely still when Defiant Storm reaches to rest his hand upon her. She doesn't even breathe, just closes her eyes to focus on what is felt. His touch, the flutter of the hungry spirits, the soothing cadence of Battle Singer's song. Still as a stone, her heart as calm and a undisturbed puddle after a good rain.


The golden light EXPLODES from Jake's hands and the scars on Shame's face start to instantly melt away. Simply...melt away! The Elder -slowly- runs his hands down her face, neck, shoulders, erasing every bit of scar tissue that he touches.

The spirits continue to gather to soak up more of Jake's expended Gnosis which seem to give him even more healing energy to work with. In fact, the light from his hands just gets brighter and brighter and brighter, like a torch.

"Sing louder," Jake says quietly to Lleu. "It's making them stronger." Then the Ahroun's brows knit in concentration as he continues moving his hands down and over Shame's body. Chest...stomach...sides...back...legs...yes, the scars just keep disappearing!

Aye! Singing louder and picking up the cadence of the song sung in the tongues of spirits the Galliard can do! Battle Singer focuses on it, dancing slowly in a wide circle around the two Shadow Lords, carrying Shadow's fetish spear in his bloodied hands as he does so. Lleu's own gaze reflects the full moon's light shining down from the umbral sky as he watches the miracle his Elder performs. In Glabro his deep baritone reverberates as a bass, lifting up to reach for the stars overhead.

More lights join the feast, drawn in by song and food. Unflinching, Shame stands still, willing more gnosis to film her flesh, to feed the spirits. With her eyes closed, she can see the brilliance of the light, eyebrows twitching as she fights the urge to scrunch her eyes more tightly shut, feeling her flesh changing where the touch travels. It costs her solittle to keep the spirits happy while the Galliard and Ahroun do the work to restore her.

What once was a ruined of badly healed, torn flesh is smooth and supple, pale to match the silken length of the raven black hair.

Jake continues to spend Gnosis to feed the attracted spirits who seem to have unlimited hunger for the precious energy. In fact, they seem to be enjoying his energy too much. Consuming too much. At least, consuming more than Jake probably has. They're greedy little suckers!

FINALLY, Jake seems to have completed his task, ending the healing with Shame's feet. Good timing too because at the moment he's finished the Elder goes pale and drops to his knees. The golden light flickers out but the spirits seem to continue to feed on Jake. Sucking his Gnosis dry. They don't seem to want to stop.

It's when Jake falls to his knees that Lleu stops circling and singing. His attention is pulled from Shame of Shadows herself, standing there bathed in smears of blood, to his elder. It takes a few seconds before Battle Singer gets a sense of what seems to be happening, "Defiant Storm'rhya!" The Galliard moves in and with the javelin fetish in one hand and using his bare off hand, Lleu starts trying to brush the spirits off of his Elder, << Go! THAT'S ENOUGH! >> A commanding shout is given in the spirit tongue, << NO MORE! >> It is a snarl to drive them off!

Knelt down with Jake, Lleu tries to push and force the spirit motes away. The spear is laid across his lap so he may use both hands to brush away the clinging lights! "Get them off of you, then I've Spirit Brew." First to get them to shoo off and leave the exhausted Ahroun be!

Feeling the other falter, Shame opens her eyes and stares as the spirits mob the Ahroun. Reverting to her birthform, she turns her muzzle towards where her friend is. <<Help him!>> Less demand and more a plea from a friend to another, one that's been bound to her since her birth.

The little turbulance in the air spirals in, expanding, moving faster, faster still. The Metis moves quickly to crouch at the far side of Jake to the spirit's approach, bracing him like a wall at his back. Just.. fluffy.

Building speed, spreading out, the spirit blows through the remainder of the gnosis-suckers, scattering them, bringing with it the force of a powerful storm.

Battle Singer and SOS's fast actions do indeed get the greedy little suckers to stop chewing on Jake and fly away, albeit a little miffed. After all, that was one hell of a buffet!

Jake wearily raises a hand to Lleu. "No, save your brew. I'll be okay. I'm just...just...need to rest up for a bit." Yeah, the Elder is spent. This took a lot out of him. "Can you bridge us back? Maybe to Journey's back yard. I need...his hammock." Hammock? What's so special about Journey's hammock? Whatever it is Jake seems to want it.

The wind buffets him hard causing Lleu to duck his head down, sheltering Jake's other side until the Eastern Wind passes, blowing the greedy little spirits away. Once the wind quiets down, Lleu says, "I have several spirit brews left, one with me. It's yours if you want it." The 'staff' is offered back to Shame of Shadows, "Make sure to re-attune it to yourself after I have handled it."

With a steady hand the Galliard will help Jake to his feet. "Aye," It takes a few seconds for Lleu to silently confer with his pack's totem and negociate with Eagle to open a moonbridge. Moonlight rains down and opens up a shining path that leaps forth from the umbra, ready to confer them. If not to Journey's back yard then somewhere safe enough they can get to Journey's place from there. A glance to Shame of Shadows, "Let us get him back to rest." Ere they depart, Lleu takes a little time to thank the healing spirits before they have scattered entirely.

Letting the others set the pace, Shame of Shadows is there to help if it is needed as they cross the moon bridge.