2018.12.09 Retribution 2

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Retribution 2 – A little chat
Oleksiy speaks to Yuri
IC Date Sun December 9th, 2018
IC Time 17:00:00 2018, PDT
Players ST: Martha, Oleksiy
Location Cells hidden
Prp/Tp Retribution
Spheres Vampire

Retribution part 2

Oleksiy has given it a say, recuperated himself mentally and physically, fed well and meditated. When he left him, he had already chained and manacled him to the wall of the cell, and let him hang for the day. He was rather careful that, even if he could hear or see in his staked state, that he heard no sound of Olek's voice, nor could see him thanks to the heavy hooded cloak, and later the bagging of him before he was brought in. Now he enters, hood drawn up, and only one light behind him to ensure that he cannot be seen immediately, as he steps into the interrogation cell, and tears the stake free, stepping back, and his bright eyes watch for the first response.

The sound of the stake being drawn out then the wheeze as the Yuri Draws in breath to speak, "Who are you? what do want?" testing the chains as he is now awake, and spending more vitae then he should to heal himself, with a bit of a look of arrogance on his face. HE is not pale enough for the amount of healing he just did somehow.

Oleksiy doesn’t say a word. There is no expression, no sound of word or breath. He looks at him, those grey points of light that are his eyes the only thing that seems visible under the hood. He wont answer immediately. Letting him have time to wonder, to worry... to guess.

Yuri just grins back at the hooded one, not another word from him as he just assesses the one in front of him, the chains well not seeming to bother him as he grins for no reason at all.

Already Yuri is up to something, and whatever he is doing it is a bit of a creepy slithering sensation. He just keeps grinning as ahh his hands and feet are changing. He is doing it fast too, shit he might just skip out on you.

Oleksiy starts to laugh at this, and he will draw his blade and place it at his throat, no word, just that laugh... and the pressure of the blade, that can take his head off. even if he is changing.

Yuri pauses and smiles stilling himself for now half changed, "Always were a bit of an asshole Oleksiy, see the bitch chased you out as well?" the sneer there, "You never took care of his little secrets did you?" the tone more than Divisive, "You were not the only one he sired, just well, the first in a long time." softer, "He did not live long enough to teach me the magic of the clan." he has the oddest expression on his face, almost a mix of well sexual excitement and pain.

Oleksiy steps back and lowers his hood. Looking at Yuri and still not saying anything, but his blade is still ready in hand, the Kilij an excellent weapon for dismembering people. He looks at the man for a moment "Who is your sire." he states finally, his voice low, hard.

Yuri smiles, "Who do you think?" with a harsher laugh and a move out of his irons once the sword is off his neck, "He had told her he was planning to Embrace me that night. She was invited to it, you well he wanted to introduce us as of his blood in the morning." pausing to put all his bones in place again with a look to Oleksiy, "You are so in your books, so trusting sometimes it hurts." moving to stretch and pop all into place again. "You fell for her story, or made your own up." with a look over Oleksiy and shake of his head.

YUri smiles, "Who do you think?" with a harsher laugh and a move out of his irons once the sword is off his neck, "He had told her he was planning to Embrace me that night. She was invited to it, you well he wanted to introduce us as of his blood in the morning." pausing to put all his bones in place again with a look to Oleksiy, "You are so in your books, so trusting sometimes it hurts." moving to stretch and pop all into place again. "You fell for her story, or made your own up." with a look over Oleksiy and shake of his head.

Oleksiy steps back just a little "She?" he asks. "I know no she in this... only a traitor... A betrayer to his master, and his mortal family alike." he looks at you his eyes both angry and pittying. "All for the embrace."

Yuri moves to sit in the corner of the room and just sighs, "You hear but do not listen, I had just been embraced by our sire, the blood servants there, she slew him, and two of the servants right there as I was changing, becoming. Then feed on the other two, and tossed me from the window I fell hidden, hungry...so yeah I killed everything in my path, I was a true monster for nights. She...the first of his children, she, over some tome." shaking his head, "The pack that found me saved my sanity, or what was left of it."

Oleksiy looks at you for a moment "You had been begging the master to have one of the family embrace you for years. He had refused. repeatedly. Even to allow one of the others do so.. You were unworthy." he narrows his eyes "And so in the course of a few days, you say that he changed his mind, enough that he gave you his own blood... and then Another. his first child? came in and killed everyone. over a tome? Is that your story?"

A Shrug, then wry smile, "I begged, worked to prove myself, finally succeeded to prove my worth and that bitch took it all away." then looking to him not another word just that same damn grin.

Oleksiy considers that for a long moment, then pulls out a vial, he tosses it over "Blood. now." he indicates it. His expression shows that he is completely unconvinced.

Yuri laughs as he will the blood thru his body drip by drip from a finger, with a steady look to Oleksiy, "Do not fret I was training to be your protector, body guard, not worthy of the teaching of the Kouldon yet." drop by drop he let's his blood fall into the vial, his mastery over his vitae and form is excellent, yet he does not seem to indulge in the levels of modification most Sabbat do, on the surface at least.

Oleksiy watches you for a long moment his eyes hard "Give me names. I want to know everyone involved in the raising of our home. Not one person was left alive. none in the castle. none in the village. That wasn’t just one new-fledgling going crazy, nor was it just one of the Masters Children. you know better than that, as do I. " he frowns "I want everything you know about each of them... " he will motion for you to toss the vial back to him, once its stoppered.

A toss back to Oleksiy and Yuri slumps, "I do not know what happened after I was toss into the night, There was battle, hunger, blood...then cave, hunger blood for nights before I came back to reason." the slump getting more pronounced, "I went back, and all was gone, I lost it again, wander more, hiding by day, until they found me." then a shrug, "Sometimes I can remember bits and pieces of that night, who I killed, feed from, others..." another shrug. "Only one name to her, "My beloved, that is all he ever called her, she come and I would let her in the back way, I would sneak her in for visits with her men, 4 or five of them usually. She was never allowed to bring in more then two of them. I was not the one who brought her in that night."

Oleksiy considers that for a long few moments, placing the vial in a pocket. He watches Yuri, "Who was the lady at the drop?"

Yuri looks to him, "Our priest, more then that I cannot say." thinks, "Those with his Beloved sometimes called her Madame Kractow." thinking more, "I thought you dead with the rest."

Oleksiy shakes his head "I was out on one of my missions. but you were never privy to those. I spent most of the time you thought I was cloistered away studying, being the voice and hand of the Master outside the realm. Carrying missives, retrieving items." he looks at you for a moment "You were so driven to be embraced, but you never had the understanding, the greater understanding that the Master wanted... Not from one to take our blood. " he shakes his head "I can’t see him changing his mind like that... Tell me exactly how it happened. " he states "Start with a week before it happened."

"He was preparing to send you on a trade more dangerous than before, and though I was not of the mind of one to learn the ways, I was the best warrior in ages, I worked hard for that." softer, "There was something, someone picking at the territory, poisoning the spirits of the land, we would of gone out with 6 trained ghouls, trackers and warriors, me and you. If I protected you to get to the bottom of this challenge, I would begin my training the basics of the ways, enough to help me as a warrior." looking at Oleksiy with a bit of challenge to his eyes. The man could fight no weapon he did not know. Also a bit of a sneaky one. "I did our Sire's dirty work."

Oleksiy considers that for a long few moments "I was his assistant for longer than you have been alive... there is a lot you didn’t know. " he moves to the door "IS your priestess going to be coming after you?" he stops there and looks back at you.

"I do not know, I am new to them, there are more recruits when I came from, or" pausing then Yuri laughs again, "Ohh she struck you good." with a shake of his head, "Ahh brother I would avoid her, she will twist you about so hard, then tear you down and rebuild you." something all too knowing and rueful in his tone over the Priest.

Oleksiy nods slowly "I am sure." he states simply. His expression thoughtful "Are you going to attempt to leave if I leave you in here unchained?"

Yuri snorts, "leave some blood when you can, if you think I will not be questioned and tortured if I escape here think again, they will have to make sure I did not betray them. I am dead now any way, and no I will not betray them either Brother." in a slightly snide tone on the brother.

Oleksiy stops at the door and looks over sighing "Oh Yuri... I was just the distraction. We already know everything you do." he smiles a bit "I’ve been following your every move for over 2 months." he then offers "Who knows... you might even survive this... if what you say is true. If not... " he shrugs "I almost hope you are telling the truth. For your sake."

Yuri Just Holds up his finger.

Oleksiy stops at the door and looks over "yes?" Yuri looks to him, "Could of been, could of been." going silent and curling up in a ball in the corner as he hums some old folk tune to himself.

Oleksiy nods once "stay here, and I will be back. " he then slips out closing and securing the door, as well and ensuring that every guard is aware of the danger this particular prisoner poses.

He loves and hates the pack Priest Tina with equal measure, he is not lying about being Sire, by who, how or what, his memories of that night are a mess of hunger, pain and fighting for blood and life. He was embraced the night before, and in the earth of the land and woke to seeing his sire being killed by the one he mentioned, after that bug nuts, he fell out of the window fighting her, then again, he just woke.

Good news is he knows what she looks like, Green eyes, Blonde hair, tall for a woman, about 5' 8", full figured but not fat, and her voice a raspy whisper so in contrast to her lovely appearance.

Odd a room high up with a brick bed filled with earth is where he woke.

As to Sabbat secrets, he went where he was told when he was told, limited information. Of late he had been picking up drops of Intel on flash drives, and stealing things from all over the south of the boarder for them, under the priest orders, no clue why. Hell he even stole a shipment of semi-automatics from the cartel, some ugly ass statue from a museum...a string of odd tasks retrieval with the Priestess and her guards.