2018.09.16 Family Gathering at The Crown Museum - Theatre

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Family Gathering at The Crown Museum - Theatre
Sunday Night Family Gathering at The Crown Museum - Theatre
IC Date September 16, 2018
IC Time Night
Players Azrael B. Madeline Jolene Heathen Mikael Phoenix Amelie Sharpe Vegard Sentinel Leon Katrina Katharina Arya Arianna Angelica
Location The Crown Museum - Theatre
Spheres Vampire
Theme Song Firehouse - When I Look Into Your Eyes [1]

2018.09.16 Family Gathering at The Crown Museum - Theatre



2018.09.16 Family Gathering at The Crown Museum - Theatre

Madeline has closed the Crown tonight just for this event, only family and friends permitted. She has everything ready from the stage, lights the bar and such. She looks about and smiles "we're ready

Heathen makes his own way in, grinning and waggling a finger at Mikael. "You know, that that game is wonderful. We need to branch out. Get another of those thing."

Madeline looks up and smiles "Game? what game

Heathen gives Madeline a wide grin. "Virtual Reality game. Thingis /very/ immersive, and soon becoming Phoenix's best draw to th arcade."

Jolene enters in this evening quietly looking around the room and smiling softly at those starting to gather. There is still a quietness about her tonight and she is dressed in a burgundy and black blouse and matching burgundy skirt and black heels. She listens quietly as she enters trying to get her barings without interrupting thoughtful, very thoughtful tonight.

Mikael walks in with his arm around Phoenix, and a bright smile on his face. "Bonsoir, mes amies!"

Phoenix heads in with Mikael, offering a smile and a nod. "Evening" he greets.

Madeline smiles and steps over, taking Jolene's hand and kissing her cheek softly then says "virtual.. reality? Is ther esomething wrong with actual reality?

Heathen shakes his head. "It's like.. a roller coaster, but it doesn't actually move."

Jolene wraps her arms around Madeline in a very warm and affectionate hug, happy to see her. She then turns to offer a similar hug to Mikael, Phoenix and Heathen too. "It is so good to see you all tonight."

Madeline returns Jolene's hug and smiles "So.. a roller coaster but it does not move? Heathen returns Jolene's hug with an emotionally warm, if physically cold hug. "Glad to be here." and he pauses a moment, and tries to explain.l "I think we'll just have to have you take a ride yourself."

Mikael says, "Oh, it moves somewhat, but the 'vehicle' you are in does not actually go anywhere. It simply gives you the illusion of such through the headgear, and the seats you are in raise up and down, and side to side.""

Amelie arrives a bit after everyone else has. She has her winning smile, and a lovely wine satin dress. She waves as she arrives. "Bon Soir, mes amies! Lovely to see you tonight!"

Madeline laughs "I do not understand in the slightest" she smiles, stepping over to hug Amelie "bon soir cheri"

Phoenix says, "Well maybe you should just try it some time." he says to Madeline"

Jolene smiles as she listens and enjoys the warm hugs from her family, she does stand to the side though to allow more room for the keeper to enter and be greeted by those already gathered too.

Madeline smiles at Phoenix and blows him a kiss "no" she teases

Phoenix laughs. "Chicken" he teases with a wink back.

Mikael gives Amelie a bright smile, "Bonsoir! It is good to see you this eve. I hope it finds you well?" He softly chuckles, and murmurs to Madeline, "Even if mon Firebird and I hold your hand so you will not be scared?"

Heathen gives Madeline a nudge with an elbow, and Amelie a wink. "C'mon, we can put all you ladies on there at once."

Madeline laughs musically "jolene would you ride on such a thing?" she says, nudging Heathen back

Amelie returns the hug from Madeline and then reaches to hug Jolene as well. "I am well, oui. It has been fairly quiet the last week, so that is always helpful." pose smiles at Madeline and nods, "Yes I absolutely would Mother. A millions times over. Roller coasters are so much fun! I would hold your hand too and you will be safe." She does return the hug from Amelie as well, hugging her tightly.

Jolene smiles at Madeline and nods, "Yes I absolutely would Mother. A millions times over. Roller coasters are so much fun! I would hold your hand too and you will be safe." She does return the hug from Amelie as well, hugging her tightly.

Phoenix says, "Its far safer than an actual roller coaster too""

Mikael says, "And the dinosaurs won't /really/ eat you.""

Madeline laughs "I am not certain, but I shall consider it" she finally conceeds then smiles "I am so please each of you could be here, it has been too long"

Heathen takes a small cigar box his player forgot to pose in with and opens it up. "I know most of us don't imbibe directly, but.. where there's a will and all.. the current crop is still growing, but these sre cuttings of the plants Mikael got the seeds from. "And inside the box... joints.

Phoenix chortles "Wow, heathen the urban dealer.." he says with a snicker.

Madeline smiles and touches Amelie's shoulder fondly, a quiet word then looks at Heathen curiously "que?" (what)

Mikael sighs, "Pardonne him. I am afraid that since we planted marijuana to increase the profits of the Plantation he has become obsessed with the subject."

Heathen gives Madeline a grin. "I'm not obsessed, just in a good mood that this has gone so well. Offer to share one of these with someone before embibing to get the effect. If you'd like to partake. Otherwise, well, a bit on standby couldn't hurt."

Phoenix grins playfully "Good mood indeed"

Madeline laughs warmly "is that not illegal according to the mortals?

Heathen gives a small smile at that. "Not anymore, at least not here in California. A few other states allow it now as well."

Mikael says, "It is widely used by the medical community for an alternative to addictive and harmful pain medications. It is also has the ability to increase one's appetite, so it is very useful for cancer patients. It is more profitable, and helpful than tobacco.""

Phoenix says, "Do you think that drinking unsuspecting people's blood is illegal?" he muses playfully to make a point."

Madeline laughs and shakes her head, "I surrender" then winks "does anyone feel compelled to take the stage tonight?

Phoenix glances to Mikael with a smile.

Amelie smiles, not answering anything with the marijuana. She's into interested in smoking of any sort, but has a appreciation for the good business sense they are having. When asked about performing, she normally would jump to it, but suggests, "I think that Monsieur Rousseau has played back up a few too many times. I think he should perform, if he is willing."

Heathen snorts a bit and gives Mikael a wink. "This is when volunteers are asked for, and everyone else takes a step back."

Jolene as a surgeon, Jolene opts not to say anything either about the marijuana and stands to the side near Amelie. She is happy to see Mikael, Heathen and Phoenix perform though. She always enjoys watching them." She also takes a step back and winks at Heathen.

Madeline laughs "oh come now.. Toreador and their beloved friends are not so shy Mikael meets Phoenix's eyes, and smiles sweetly, "I shall volunteer mon Firebird to dance."

Phoenix laughs "Nope.. I want to hear you sing." he says

Madeline says, "Well then.. that is easily solved""

Mikael sighs but smiles to Phoenix. He doesn't act like his arm would need to be twisted hard. Everyone knew he loved to sing. "What do you wish to hear?" He asks Phoenix. Hearing Madeline, he looks to her expectantly.

Heathen smirks at the pair and drops back into a seat.

Madeline smiles "It means.. Mikael shall sing, and Phoenix shall dance to what he sings"

Phoenix laughs. "Nono it doesnt. I have absolutely the wrong shoes on.." he teases and moves to plop into a seat.

Heathen leeans forward and suggests.. "Barefoot?"

Madeline scoffs "since when do shoes matter Phoenix"

Mikael gives Phoenix an exasperated look, but sighs softly and smiles, "As you wish, but then you /must/ chose a song.

Phoenix hrms "Do the one from phantom again." he says then makes a shh motion to Madeline.

Jolene finds a comfortable seat as she waits for Mikael and possibly Phoenix to take the stage. She is giggling as she listens to them going back and forth about the terms leading up to the actual performance.

Madeline laughs and takes a seat with everyone "dont shush me" she teases

Amelie smirks trying not to laugh too much, and finds a seat near the others and crosses her legs.

Mikael looks between the others, and shakes his head. "Very well, but I do not have the props. Give me a few moments to go the vehicle to get the sound recording." He moves out of the room.

Madeline looks to the others "shall we get a drink while our artist prepares? Heathen flips theough his phone for a few moments as he heads toward the sound system. "I think can help find the music. And I could go for something bubbly."

Madeline rises smoothly and moves to the bar "Anyone else?'

After a few minutes Mikael comes back in with a sound recording, and then moves to the sound system. He glances to Phoenix first, and then the others. "You will simply have to imagine the mask, and the costume as I was totally unprepared. It is only luck that I have the musical score for the number with others in that monster of a vehicle."

Phoenix laughs "We have good imaginations" he promises with a grin.

Madeline returns with champagne for herself and heathen and smiles "Well we certainly should" she agrees

Mikael takes out the special microphone that he had made, and starts the recording. It starts with a simple sound of a guitar, but after the first verse it has a definite metal touch to the version. With a quick bow to the ones gathered, he begins to sing,

"Night time sharpens, heightens each sensation, Darkness stirs and wakes imagination, Silently the senses abandon their defenses.

Slowly, gently night unfurls its splendor, Grasp it, sense it tremulous and tender, Turn your face away from the garish light of day, Turn your thoughts away from cold, unfeeling light, And listen to the music of the night.

Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams, Purge your thoughts of the life you knew before, Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar, And you'll live as you've never lived before."


Heathen takes the glass from Madeline with a wink. "Oh, I'm sure my imagination is up to that, and far worse."

Amelie listens to Mikael sing, and just sways back and forth. So lovely. She loves that song.

Jolene closes her eyes though and listens to the beautiful song regardless of if she gets it or not she knows the song backwards and forwards anyway. Slowly opening them as she watches Mikael sing. His voice beautiful and enchanting as always. She loves this story very much and sighs softly.

Madeline smiles and sips her champagne then sighs softly as she listens in delight Phoenix stays settled in, his smile growing as he listens to the amazing singing.

Continues to sing, his eyes going to Phoenix, as they had the night of the ball. Only now he glances down to the silver ring on his hand, and meets the redhead's eyes with a soft expression.

"Softly, deftly music shall caress you, Hear it, feel it secretly possess you, Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind, In this darkness that you know you cannot fight, The darkness of the music of the night.

Let your mind start a journey through a strange new world, Leave all thoughts of the life you knew before, Let your soul take you where you long to be, Only then can you belong to me.

Floating, falling sweet intoxication, Touch me, trust me, savor each sensation, Let the dream begin, let your darker side give in, To the power of the music that I write,The power of the music of the night.

You alone can make my song take flight.... "Help me make the music of the night."

Heathen leans back, lips quirking up in a smile as his Toreador Distraction weapon stays in tune.

Everyone is happily listening to Mikael as he sings "Music of the Night"

Phoenix listens happily, his eyes turned up to watch him.

Jolene feels chills through her body even though she shouldn't as she listens, the song filling up her mind and losing herself to its meaning easily, holding her breath she doesn't need for as long as the song goes on and its beauty fills the air.

Mikael finishes the song with a slow repeat of the last words, almost whispered before the smile he gives to Phoenix lights up his whole face. He gives a bow to the group then, and steps off the stage, holding the microphone out to Amelie. "Merci for listening to me. That is a very special song to me."

Amelie smiles, "Moi? Are you sure you do not want to sing another?" She is willing to go, but loves to have Mikael shine as well.

Phoenix beams and stands to step over and help him down, hugging him "Beautiful"

Madeline rises to her feet and applauds Mikael with a bright smile"

Azrael wanders into the gathering. He looks a little tired, but seems to be the way of things for him since his return. Might have much to do with what he's been doing in his absence. Never the less, he manges to put a smile on his face when he enters and starts to take a look around the room as to who is present, apparently just having missed a performance. He applauds anyway because, hey everyone seems to be. WOnder if anyone is jumping off a bridge later?

Heathen pats Mikael on the shoulder with a grin. "Good job man." and gives Azrael a wide smile, motioning to an open cigar box with some joints inside. "Brought a couple of samples if you want to take one back with you,"

Jolene smiles brightly at Mikael as he finishes, though she can see his eyes only see one person and claps for his beautiful performance. She does notice Azrael's entrance though and smiles softly at her best friend softly. She is quiet tonight and thoughtful, sort of happy not to be the one in the spot light this evening.

Madeline turns and smiles, stepping over to kiss Azrael upon each cheek "bon soir mon ami, I am so glad you could make it"

Mikael nods to Amelie, "Of course I am sure. If I had all the music from that night I would ask you to perform the main number with me, but I do not. But I was volunteered and asked to sing. Now I ask the same of you, oui? Honor us with a song, please?"

Azrael offers a smile in return to Jolene. He eyes the box that Heathen present and smirks a little,"I might take you up on that later." he assures the him. When Madeline draws near he turns his cheek and leans down a little so it is easier for her to reach him. After that, a hand raises to wave to Mikael as well.

Amelie turns to see Azrael enter, and a tinge of a blush is on her face, "Ah Bon Soir, mon ami. I'm glad you could join us all." She smiles to Mikael, "Alright. Twist my arm." She rises from her seat, letting her dress sway around her.

Madeline smiles and nods applauding lightly for Amelie as she takes teh stage

Mikael smiles at Azrael, "Bonsoir! It is very good to see you here tonight, mon ami." Heathen gets a small smile, nodding to Azrael and once again getting comfy to watch the stage as Amelie takes it.

Azrael watches Amelie go to the stage. He scans everyone just to see who is about. He pauses and listens to something. He leans over to whisper something to Madeline and after a moment he looks back over the room again,"Good to see you as well my friend." he calls back to Mikael. He offers a smile to Amelie and watches her go to the stage.

Madeline smiles and nods, inviting Azrael to sit "Whisky James?" she offers to get hima drink from the bar

Amelie walks up onto the stage and prepares first by plugging her phone into somewhere, and will hit the button to play the music. Once the first sounds from the keyboards begin, she closes her eyes and sings in the sweet enchanting voice of hers,

"I see forever when I look in your eyes. You're all I ever wanted, I always want you to be mine Let's make a promise till the end of time. We'll always be together, and our love will never die. So here we are face to face and heart to heart. I want you to know we will never be apart Now I believe that wishes can come true. 'Cause I see my whole world, I see only you

When I look into your eyes, I can see how much I love you and it makes me realize When I look into your eyes, I see all my dreams come true, When I look into your eyes.

I've looked for you all of my life. Now that I've found you we will never say goodbye I can't stop this feeling, there's nothing I can do. 'Cause I see everything when I look at you.

When I look into your eyes, I can see how much I love you and it makes me realize When I look into your eyes, I see all my dreams come true, When I look into your eyes."

Azrael nods and goes where Madeline indicates,"Whiskey sounds like a good start." he replies and turns his attention towards the music and the singer on the stage. Once he's settled into a seat he gets a little more focused on the stage.

Madeline gets the drink then pauses to listen with a warm smile and sigh of approval, not moving until Amelie has finished

Jolene closes her eyes and remains quiet, taking a deep breath to steady her emotions, keeping her thoughts inward tonight, despite everything she tries her emotions are getting the better of her but she doesn't say a word.

Heathen gives Amelie heartfelt applause as she finishes her own number. "Brava!"

Madeline applauds with a bright smile "Beautifully done cheri" then steps over to James with his drink

Mikael listens to Amelie sing, enchanted as he always is, his face still showing his current softer mood. He applauds with the others, "Bravo indeed!"

Amelie curtsies to each of them, a bit more blush as she looks to them all. "Merci. Merci." She picks up her phone after unplugging it, and heads toward wherever there are drinks to be had.

Azrael offers applause when Amelie is done. He seems to be getting better settled into the surroundings as the moments pass.

Mikael pockets his microphone, and picks up his glass of champagne. He moves back over to Heathen, "It seems that it is your turn now, mon ami."

Jolene remains still where she is, taking a deep steadying breath before she opens her eyes again,, and offers softly, "Simply beautiful Amelie and Mikael."

Heathen raises an eyebrow at that. "Hey, I'm the backup, not a headliner."

Azrael settles into the seat and just seems to be trying to get back into the swing of things that aren't war. He's still tense, but not so bad as he was at the first night back.

Amelie finds a drink, and sees a seat next to Azrael. "Mind if I join you, partner?" She lifts her glass towards Heathen, "Your turn, Heath." She grins a bit. Azrael pages: The char gen at the new place is annoying me.

Mikael looks to Jolene, and shakes a finger at her. "You are not escaping either. I have heard you sing as well, and your voice is beautiful." Glances back over at Heathen, and tells her in a playful tone. "We will need to hear a beautiful voice after Heath's performance."

Heathen sighs, looking to th heavens a moment, and rises up from his seat to approach the stage. "Any requests?"

Jolene smiles warmly at Mikael and isn't sure her voice can make it without cracking tonight. "You are entirely to sweet Mikael." She winks at Heathen.

Mikael says, "Do the song that is your namesake, mon ami.""

Heathen gives Mikael a smirk as he grabs a guitar and sets up the music system to play the rest. Player, on the other hand, is much lazier than the other players and just uses a link. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UzK4GBaHvgo

Amelie nods along there, listening to the Heathen play. She slips into that seat and sits quietly for now.

Mikael smiles widely, listening to the way Heathen performs the song. He takes a sip from his glass, moving over to whisper to Jolene, "He has improved a lot, has he not?" pose smiles up at Heathen and is swaying to the song and claps when he is done, truly enjoying his song.

Jolene smiles up at Heathen and is swaying to the song and claps when he is done, truly enjoying his song.

Azrael remains quiet and listens to Heathen as he takes the stage and starts to play. He nods to Amelie and replies,"Have a seat." he replies to her. He moves his attention back to the performance.

Heathen has to focus on the music, lacking the natural skills of Mikael and Amelie, though he manages a passable 'All my friends are Heathens...' before hopping back off the stage.

Mikael arches an eyebrow playfully, smiling, "I suppose then that I am considered a Heathe?"

Amelie shoulder bumps Azrael, and then claps for Heathen, "Bravo!"

Jolene smiles for heathen and claps for him laughing as he steps off the stage. "Well done Heathen."

Azrael winks at Amelie and then looks to the returning Heathen, offering applause for his efforts as well,"Well done." he agrees.

Mikael does clap his hands together for Heathen though, and nods his head to him. "If we keep working with you, we might make a singer out of you yet." His tone is still obviously playful.

Heathen rolls his eyes a bit as he steps down, giving Jolene and Azrael a contemplative eye. "So, either of you have a bit to share?"

Jolene steps up on the stage as it seems it is her turn this time, despite her not being sure she wanted to sing tonight, Mikael had already called her out, there is a song on her mind, as she connects her own phone and settles onto the stage, closing her eyes. The tone of the song haunting and heartfelt.

I felt empty space, never could explain Like you were erased, never could replace Now it's so clear with you right here

Like you were never gone Picked up where we left off Like you were never gone You were always coming home Yeah, you were always close Like you were never gone You were never gone You were never gone

How it's meant to be, you held the key Now promise me you'll never leave Time slipped away, we stayed the same

Hannah Ellis - You Were Never Gone


Amelie has felt like Jolene had something to share, and she certainly did. "Beautiful." she whispers to herself.

Mikael watches Jolene move to the stage, and gives her an encouraging smile. His face changes from playful back to a softer expression as she sings then becomes comtemplative as he listens.

Heathen gives Jolene vigourous applause as her own song comes to an end. "Beautiful."

Azrael listens to Jolene's performance and smiles as he listens to her. A nod of approval and he offers applause to her as she finishes. For his part, the nurses the whiskey that Madeline got him and he doesn't seem even remotely interested in getting up to make a show of things.

Amelie whispers to Azrael after applauding for Jolene.

Jolene lowers the microphone and slowly opens her eyes as she looks out at her friends and smiles softly, blushing softly, it was the song on her heart though and she steps back to her friends who seem to be hiding near the bar to offer a warm hug to them all. "Love you all dearly." She offers softly and very heartfelt.

Mikael smiles warmly to Jolene as he applauds her, "That was indeed beautiful, merci for sharing it with us."

Jolene is being called away too it seems for something urgent at the hospital. "it seems I am needed this evening. Good night all. And be safe." Before she makes her quiet exit too.