2018.03 11 Midnight Charity Gala

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Midnight Charity Ball
Sunday Night Charity Ball at Prospect Memorial Hospital - Lobby
IC Date March 11, 2018
IC Time Night
Players Jolene Mary Alexei Azrael B. Amelie Camille Zantosa Mitzi Mikael Phoenix Violet Alexa Heathen On Wings of Angel's Foundation
Location Prospect Memorial Hospital - Lobby
Spheres All
Theme Song Alabama - Angels Among Us - [1]

Midnight Charity Ball, March May 11, 2018

Prospect Memorial Hospital - Lobby

Midnight Ball Fundraiser

As you enter into the hospital Lobby, the room is transformed from sterile white walls to a midnight dark canopy of literally thousands of tiny stars twinkling around you spotted with constellations of the sky. Even the walls have been bathed in a dark fabric to keep the setting as if you have stepped from the daylight into the darkness here.

Posters place periodically at various entrances, welcome you to the "Midnight Dance and Fundraister." This also lists the various supplies that are needed to help the hospital.

Further in, a table has also been set up to accept Monetary as well as donations of supplies for the hospital.(Please @mail Jolene=to let me know what your donations are.)

A state of the art DJ Booth has been set up for the evening, and the music is adhering to the hospitals policy of healing as the volume of the Music for the evening is kept at a decent level. The DJ's booth is setoff to the southwest corner near the dance floor and is accepting any requests that may come. Behind the DJ Booth is a Big Projection screen playing video's of the music as it plays, some of the video's lyrics.

The dance floor is a 24 x 24 dance grid made of black snap together interlocking floor titles, that seem to disappear as well, and as you step onto it and join other guests, shows the scene of constellations on the ground beneath your feet as you dance helping to lend to the feeling of dancing through the heavens.

Banquet tables have been set up with drinks and food, catering to the guests as well as the dietary needs of the patients, so everyone can enjoy the evening, coverered in the same stary sky fabric that covers the walls and ceiling.

There is really no dress code for evening, it is a come as you are event, so that that patients that are able to can feel welcome to mingle with the guests.

There is also a professional photographer offer pictures of this evening free of Charge for all those who wish to have to their pictures taken to commemorate the evening.

For the Younger guests and inner child in all of us, there is also a face painting booth with temporary tatoos that can easily be washed off and come in a variety of fun whimsical styles to choose from.

Jolene is working with the crews to make sure the event tonight goes off without a hitch as the dance floors, banquet tables, dj tables are all set up in their proper places, with the photographer as well. Smiling as she looks around pointing and trying to assist with the canopies and the final finishing touches to transport this evenings gala into a midnight event with perfect lighting and the floor lit up with the constellations and the like from different lighting effects. As she has spared no expense in pulling off this evenings event. She is actually eating the entire cost for the event as part of her donation.

Fashion means to arrive late. Status means whenever you arrive is precisely when you mean to. Her driver stops beside the main entrance of the hospital long enough for herself and her bodyguard to step out, Mary looking somewhat small beside the pile of black-suited muscle that keeps her safe. Almost immediately, her bag is handed off to her guard, so Mary can walk freely into the lobby - Finding reception, she enquires. "Marionette Fletcher, Esquire." She points at the center of much of the preparation, and adds. "This is the organiser? Excellent. Butch, you may sit." Leaving her man at reception, she follows her finger. "Doctor Addison, I presume?"

Jolene looks up from this evenings preparations, and smiles warmly at the lady with her sparkling green eyes, and nods her head respectfully. It is easy to see that Jolene is warm and inviting rather than cold and distant as some of her colleagues can come off and her voice is soft and just as warm as she is, "Yes Ma'am, I am, How may I help you, this evening?" taking a moment away from the preperations.

Mary seems to appreciate a change from the sterility of hospital culture, and offers her own smile in return. "Mary Fletcher Esquire, Arland Pharmaceuticals." She introduces herself, "I had read about your fundraiser on my flight into Prospect today, but unfortunately, I have to finish appointments with my builder, as well as ensure my apartment is adequately provisioned and cannot be sure I will be able to make an appearance." The slender woman allows the frustration to show on her face for a moment. "I have always believed in the importance of business being involved in the community - And would like to make a donation on our behalf."

Jolene a warm smile, an excited smile as a young doctor, graciously extending her hand to Mary, "Miss Fletcher, I am honored and humbled by your generous donation toward our cause. The hospital has expended so many resources and we only wish to help them continue to serve the communitee. I would be happy to accept your donation on behalf of all of us, and see it is used where it is needed most. You have my utmost gratitude and that of the hospital as well."

"Absolutely, Doctor Addison. Our believe has always been that all of God's children receive the best medical care that can be given, no matter their circumstances. Butch, my chequebook." The woman gestures to her bodyguard, who begins to search through her bag. "I will arrange a meeting in due course with the hospital administration to discuss a professional relationship, but this is a personal gesture. Our accounts team are already attempting to produce one of those novelty cheques," She smiles a touch, "But as I said...

Jolene smiles and shakes her head, "Of course Miss Fletcher, I would be very thrilled if your company was able to present your company check directly to the administration, if you so wish. My hope is to be sure all the funds acquired from tonights are going directly back to the procurement of the equipment and supplies needed. But I am certain the administration will be happy to meet with you about more traditional support and what you can offer the hospital long term from Arland Pharmaceuticals, and is always going to be considered, but on a personal note, I am truely touched by your gesture to this evenings event, and there is nothing wrong with Last ninute decisions, so long as you are positive this is where your heart is led."

"Of course." Butch finally makes his way to her with her chequebook, and a gold-chased pen. "No, this is not a problem." Mary assures, opening her leatherbound chequebook to the newest entry, which already has the hospital name penned in, and the donation amount prefilled in her delicate handwriting. $250,000 - Maybe not a world shattering amount, but an excellent gesture from someone new to town. "I am glad that we have chosen to establish our new offices in a town that cares about the people living in it."

Jolene offers softly as her eyes widen at the amount in clear surprise and delight, gently giving the lady a warm hug without trying to mess up her clothing but clearly she is happy by the womans generosity. "This will truly go a long way to helping our cause. I can not thank you enough Miss Fletcher. Truly if there is anything I can ever do to try to help you. I will try my best if I can."

As you enter into the hospital Lobby, the room is transformed from sterile white walls to a midnight dark canopy of literally thousands of tiny stars twinkling around you spotted with constellations of the sky. Even the walls have been bathed in a dark fabric to keep the setting as if you have stepped from the daylight into the darkness here.

Posters place periodically at various entrances, welcome you to the "Midnight Dance and Fundraister." This also lists the various supplies that are needed to help the hospital.

Further in, a table has also been set up to accept Monetary as well as donations of supplies for the hospital.(Please @mail Jolene=to let me know what your donations are.)


Jolene offers softly as her eyes widen at the amount in clear surprise and delight, gently giving the lady a warm hug without trying to mess up her clothing but clearly she is happy by the womans generosity. "This will truly go a long way to helping our cause. I can not thank you enough Miss Fletcher. Truly if there is anything I can ever do to try to help you. I will try my best if I can."

A hug? Mary seems awkward around the idea of the hug, but does manage it without seeming like she's extremely socially isolated and doesn't indulge in a great deal of human contact even at the best of times. "I thank you for your kind words, but you're the one who is making a concentrated effort to better the lives of people here." A smile, as the cheque is seperated and given to the good doctor directly.

Jolene gently lets the Mary go as not to make her feel uncomfortable. Truly this touches Jolene's heart a great deal. "I might be putting all of this together Miss Fletcher, but it is truly the donors who have chosen to follow their hearts to help out the community we call home. This is becoming more of my home every day and I cherish this city a great deal. And I want to do whatever I can to make it a better place."

"We have that in common, Doctor Addison. And although what we do may never be enough, may it never stop us from following God's will for us." Mary states simply, "Even though I have just arrived in this city, it is my intention to remain here for the future. I hope we can do great things."

Jolene smiles at her, "I grew up jet setting with my father all over the world, and when I finally settled her, when I finally was able to get my license to practice here, it is like I finally found a home. This place means a great deal to me, and I want to give back to Prospects people. I have chose to build my own here, and I have no intentions to leave, well not unless I am forced to but for now, until that happens. I will do what I can to make this city thrive. I hope to start a foundation soon, to help assist the city further, but this is where I choose to truly start helping. Since I work here, I can see how urgent the need is."

"I understand that." Mary smiles kindly at the Doctor. "My mother always insisted that it was our duty to give back to those less fortunate than ourselves, to heal the wounds that Evil has made in the world. It was what lead me to Law, and then to Medicine. And now, we can help these people, and ensure they can enjoy good physical, emotional and spiritual health."

Jolene nods understanding, "My passions have been medicine since I was a little girl, a little to my fathers disappointment, he would have rathered I spent time in acquisitions as he did, but he also was supportive of where my heart was and could never fault me for my choice. But traveling with him, studying medicine and the arts, are were my heart will always be. I never knew my mother sadly. She died giving birth to me. So my father kept me close to him, unfortunately it is just me now."

Mary nods in response. "I understand. I have had to bury my own parents." Her hands gather infront of her, "They have gone to a better place, and when my time here is done I will join them. It brings me a small measure of comfort to know we will be reunited."

Jolene gently reaches up to squeeze Mary's shoulder understandingly with her hands in front of her, the setup of the event completed now and the dj is just getting the music ready for the evening doing his sound checks to make sure that the music will not interrupt the rest of the hospital. Jolene is standing with Mary, holding a check she has been given for a donation, and the two had been quietly talking.

"Such is the way of life." Mary acknowledges, looking around the event. Butch quietly coughs, his rich deep voice making itself known behind her. "Miss Fletcher. We are presently five minutes late for your meeting with the builder and architect. Shall I reschedule or have the car brought around?" Mary frowns a little at the situation. "I hope I can be back in time, Doctor Addison. Hopefully this is just paperwork. Take care, and God

Jolene smiles warmly at her and steps back, "Of course Miss Fletcher, again, I can not thank you enough for your donation, and look forward to seeing what becomes of your company and the hospital as well. All good things I hope."

Alexei strode in with his hands stuffed decidedly into his pockets, his shoulders halfway between hunched together with tension and forcefully being drawn into a more relaxed, slouched positon. The strange midway point doing well to display the man as being someone that wasn't exactly comfortable being where he was but that had decided to showup nonetheless. After having made his entrance though the man didn't do anything more than turn a rather scrutinous, though somehow still detached, stare across the area and upon the people present.

Jolene smiles warmly at Alexei as she sees him enter, a fresh face she hasn't seen before and that is exactly what she hoped to see, by holding the event here at the hospital instead of off sight. "Good Evening Sir, and Welcome to the Midnight Ball Fundraiser! Please come in, we are glad to have you here this evening!" She smiles also as we waves goodbye to Mary. "Farewell Miss Fletcher."

Alexei took a step to the side to ensure he wasn't blocking the way once the lawyer and her escort began to make their way out. His attention falling upon the pair briefly only to flit over to Jolene once he was greeted. For a moment he did nothing more than stand there, eyes closing briefly as he took a breath, holding it for a sparse few seconds and then releasing it in a slow stream. The tension that he'd been wearing like a straightjacket leaving his body with the exhalation. "Evening," he greeted back, a Russian accent evident in his tone. "I read you were taking donations for a storm, or something of the like?" He queried, slowly pacing forward.

Jolene offers softly, warmly, as her green eyes tilt her head and she takes a step closer to him, just for the ease of talking but not to invade his space. "Absolutely we are indeed. After the recent storm in Prospect, the hospitals stores were depleted and we are doing our best to replenish new equipment and supplies to make sure we are prepared and continue to remain prepared to help as many in the future." She extends her hand in a friendly greeting towards him if he wishes to accept, "I am Dr Jolene Addison, you are Russian?" She smiles at that, "Sadly it was one of the few countries I did not get to spend much time in as a child but I do wish I could have, the architecture there is magnificent!"

Alexei reached out with his own calloused hand to accept the greeting, a perhaps surprisingly gentle grip being given alongside a brief shake. "Alexei Grigorovich Volkov." He answered with his own name in turn before pulling his own hand back and slipping it into the confines of his coat. "And I am. Or at least that's where I did most of my growing up." He further stated as he drew his hand out and proffered a simple, thin brown envelope. The size and density of it making the contents obvious. It was his donation.

Jolene and Alexei are standing close to the main entrance just off to the side, and she is smiling at the young man warmly. She though she looks as though she could be the same age as Alexei or very close to it. "Mister Volkov this is very genreous, indeed and I appreciate every donation to help our cause, please believe me when I say that and my heart is warmed by you choosing to give to our cause, and if there is anything we can ever to help you, though do not be offended if I say I hope that we do not cross that bridge, because I wish to see you only in good health."

Alexei Volkov offered an unmarked envelope filled with bills of varying condition. All of them are, of course, visibly legible, legally real, and free of any markings or defacing stains. But it's obvious that they were all gathered through disparate means.

Walking into the room, Azrael pauses to look around the place and appriciate the work put into it. Noting Jolene's presence he ambles that way, but doesn't interupt her conversation because, despite some people's beliefs, he might have a few manners left in there. Very few, but a few.

"Thanks. I appreciate the sentiment, and in the same vein I don't really intend to go about imposing on it anytime soon. I tend to be fairly sturdy and-. . ." He diverted his gaze briefly, looking about the general area with apparent reservation despite the decorations that had been put up. "I never really get along well with hospitals." He finally noted as his one visible eye turned back upon the woman he was speaking to. "I guess I don't need to tell a doctor such, but may you be well."

Jolene smiles warmly at Alexei, appreciation. She winks to Azrael as she sees him enter too, but keeps her attention on Alexei for the moment. "I understand Mister Ivanov, and I truly do appreciate your donation to our cause this evening, and well if you do need anything." She offers her card. "Please do feel free to call and I will do my best to be well and safe in the night as well."

Azrael takes time to wander his gaze over the place, noting the DJ and people that are starting to filter in here and there. He offers a hint of a smirk at the wink, but again stays back to let the man have his time with her, he's in no rush. Might be he has all night even. A face is made inspite of himself when he sees the photographer, but everyone has their hang ups.

Alexei accepted the card with a nod, briefly but thoroughly looking over it before slipping it into the confines of his great coat and, surprisingly enough, producing a card of his own. One that was apparently handwritten considering that even from a distance it was obvious that a sharpie had done the writing. He offers it back as well as giving a slight correction. "Volkov. So far as I know Chekhov never wrote a play about me. . . Even if most say I'm melancholy. Anyway, feel free to let me know if you have any odd jobs that need doing. I'm reasonable." And sure enough on the card, just beneath the man's name, were the only other words on the card. 'Odd Jobs for Hire'. Strange wording.

Seeing that there were others arriving, or at least noticing such by Jolene's actions, Alexei finally took a step back. "I guess I'll stick around for a while. See how this all turns out. You probably have others to see though, so I won't tie you up."

Jolene brightly at Alexei and blushes, "My deepest apologies Mister Volkov." It is just about that time the the music is beginning in the background, and more guest are starting to filter into for the evenings event. Some of the patients, coming in through the patient entrance to the Lobby, in various states of dress. A few of them obviously cancer patients. "Are there any odd jobs in particular that you prefer over any others?"

Azrael is looking around the area, waiting for something. Currently his gaze is on the camera and he shakes his head as he turns away. Jolene and Alexie are over a ways from him, speaking to each other. Mostly Azrael seems to be staying out of the way for the time being.

Alexei raised a hand, giving a nonchalant, dismissive wave to the apology. "It's fine. We're all Ivans at heart." Was that a joke? He didn't seem to be smiling, but then again there were the tell tale hints of slight and subdued amusement in his tone. "I've been known to handle just about anything. Last week I was advertising for the amusement park. The week before it was street cleaning. This week I'm selling things. I suppose if anything I don't tend to like doing things that are too group involved."

Alexei was currently in the middle of speaking to Jolene about something or other while

Azrael surveyed the area itself, the decour, and the people from afar.

Amelie sweeps into the room, silently save for the click of her heels. She wears her dark blue dress with lace and sparkles and sheer layer upon layer. She is looking for the hostess of this event. She spots Azrael first and approaches him. "Bon Soir, mon ami. How is the party going so far?"

Jolene smiles at Alexei, "I wish I would have known you before Alexei, and please call me Jolene, I just finished construction on my own home but perhaps there is something I can do to find you work around the estate, if you might be interested. I can call you when I learn of something more I can offer you, and keep my ears open as well."

As they talk the music changes and seeing more people joining now and patients filtering in, he lowers the music and ques for Jolene. "Excuse me for just a moment, please." She offers a wink to Azrael and squeezes his hand in passing to let him know she knows he is there too.

Camille steps into the Hospital Lobby where the event is taking place. She is dressed casually taking a few moments to examine the list of items that the hospital needed...she continues to the next table...monetary donations. She pulls out a stack of cash and slips it to the person behind the table. When they ask her name she just says "Anonymous" She smiles, half genuine half forced. She just nods her head and moves to the food table, her eyes scanning it for any delectable treats. She grabs a few things and starts to meander around the area. She had never been in a hospital before...

Azrael turns his attention towards the sound of his name on a voice so sweet. He smiles and takes Amelie's hand to kiss it gently,"Good evening my dear. As always, you take one's breath just walking into the room." He glances towards Jolene and returns her wink before his attention goes back to Amelie,"How are you this evening?" He looks around the room and adds,"It is just getting off the ground, but I think there is potential."

"I'd appreciate it. Thanks, Jolene." He answered with a nod and took a further step back when she excused herself, a silent bid to show that he understood. With that conversation having come to a halt, or at least having been paused for the moment, Alexei turned his attention to thsoe steadily arriving. Watching quietly with stern detachment while one of his feet rebelled and tapped along to the general rhythm of the music.

For a moment the music fades softly to a whisper in the background as Jolene steps up to the microphone lent to her by the DJ, a warm smile on her features, and dressed in a sparkling gown that makes it look like she may have just have fallen from the heavens, (http://pst.postris.com/posts/29688_397347975_l.jpg) "Ladies and Gentlemen, For those of you who do not know me. My name is Dr Jolene Addision. I a surgeon here at PMH and I would like to take this time to thank you all for taking time out of your busy lives to join us here this evening and to thank you now for your generous support to our cause.

As you all know the recent storm hit the people of Prospect hard, and the hospital was no exception. All donations this evening are meant to replenish supplies and add additional equipment and to replace old, worn out equipment, and more importantly to offer comfort and security to our patients that they can depend on us in their time of need. No donation is to small and all are highly valued.

We encourage you all to give generously, give what you can. If you want to sign up as a candy striper you can sign up with dates and times to come and offer your support for a 2 week to 4 week commitment if that is how you feel led to donate. Or if you would like to join our visitor program to help comfort our patients, who would enjoy the companionship of someone to talk to and share stories with, you would be helping to boost the moral of those in need of your listening ear to let them know someone is here to listen does care. You would be surprised to know that a simple gift of time helps brighten their day and increases their healing so much more than with just the doctors and nurses tending to their body, you would be helping to improve their spirits as well.

Also all monatary donations this evening are going to be matched by Myself and the more that we can raise the more we can give back to the Hospital so it can continue to have the supplies it needs to be here for all of us. Thank you all for your hearing me out and again for your generous support and donations, and I hope you all enjoy the evening!"

With that she excuses herself and the music resumes with, "Black Eyed Peas - "Let's Get It Started" (2004) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKqV7DB8Iwg."

Amelie bows her head to Azrael as he takes her hand to kiss it, blushing as he compliments her. "I am well. Been busy this weekend. I will have to tell you about it soon, mon ami."

Camille stops to look at a few posters. She is lost in the atmosphere , comprehending what the this was all about, something that deviated from her norm. She suddenly feels a tug on her hand and she looks down to see a little boy of approx 5 years old. She just stares at the small human as he looks up at her with large brown eyes. He tugs her hand towards the food table and she reluctantly follows. When they get there he looks back at her and say "cookie please" in a melt your heart kind of voice.

"Sorry I missed it." Azrael replies as he lets her hand free,"I had to leave town for a short trip to take care of some business. Fortunately I was able to get back here in time for this tonight." he adds.

Alexei directed his attention to the stage while Jolene had been giving her speech, his expression remaining for the most part neutral during it all. Though a brief twitch of the brow above his emerald eye ensues at the mention of candy stripers for one reason or another. Otherwise he remains mostly detached from the proceedings at large. . . . Though for some reason or another he does repeatedly glance at the face painting booth and eventually begins to make his way over to it.

Amelie listened as Jolene spoke and softly clapped when she finished speaking. She leans in to speak with her friend quietly, as the music goes up.

Jolene finally stepped back over towards Amelie and Azrael, squeezing their hands, and offering a soft kiss to both of their cheeks, friends to both of them, and happy they could make it. "Thank you both for coming this evening. I adore you both for supporting me here tonight." She can't help but smile as she sees the little boy looking up at Camille and how she can't seem to say no to him. She then looks back to Alexei who is just being approached by a little girl who slips her hand into his while he is walking over to the Face Painting booth.

Camille glances around and stuffs about 5 cookies in the kids little hand. She watches as he stuffs 4 in his pocket and munches on the other one. She looks down at him, as he is happy, her lips curving into a smile. "That's right little one...indulge just a bit" She moves to walk away thinking their meeting was over but he takes her hand again. She dead stops and looks down at her hand in his and how she is now being tugged in the direction of the face painting and tattoo table

Azrael leans down a little as Amelie leans in to tell him something,"Good. Nothing like waiting to the last second. I was absent as well." he mutters to whatever she says. When Jolene approaches he leans down a little to make her kiss on the cheek a little easier and takes an envelope from his back pocket, handing it to her with a wink,"Compliments of the Bellagio. Not that they know that." He winks and shrugs,"They had some new dealers that weren't very good at their job and the cards fell just right." Maybe the subject of his aforementioned absence.

Alexei hadn't -quite- expected to be noticed on his way over to the face painting booth, and so when he felt a little hand take hold of his own calloused one he came to a brief stop. Facade of detachment flickering a bit as surprised registered only for him to clear his throat and regain his composure. "Alright then. . ." He muttered, mostly to himself, before actually continuing on to the table with the little girl in tow. "What are you looking to be? A cat? A little fairy?" He questioned the girl as they got nearer. Amelie greets Jolene with a returned kiss to her cheek and a squeeze to her hand. "I wouldn't miss it, mon ami. You are like a sister to me, and I am always here to support you." She pulls her own envelope from her small purse. "And here is something for the cause as well. I wish you much success tonight."

Soon another video is starting to flash across the screen behind the video, Alabama - Angels Among Us - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_4Xfj2LRSA. Along with images of hospital staff helping patients, blended in, and volunteers taking time with the patients to pay a visit.

At the Face painting table the artist assisting with the booth smiles at up at Alexei, and shows him the book of artwork he has to choose from, "It is not complete, I can probably do whatever you like, just name it, Sweetheart!"

Jolene smiles as Azrael hands her the envelope and shakes her head, and smiles brightly at Amelie too. "Oh I just love you both so much!" She graciously accepts the donations from her friends. "Please enjoy the evening and the music!"

Camille is tugged towards the face painting table the little boy looking up at her "Well go on sit down child...." The little boy gives a cheeky grin and shakes his head and tells her to sit. She eyes the boy and sits. Before she can protest the little boy grabs a brush and proceeds to draw a 5 year olds version of a happy face on her right cheek

The little girl smiles up at Alexei and bounces on her toes, "Fary pwease!!" She has a small gap in between her teeth and has the cuties red hair curls and bright blue eyes that make it hard to say no to her.

Alexei had, thankfully, not been pulled over to have his own face painted by the child that had taken his hand. Though he still proved to be the one that sat in the chair himself, lifting the girl up and placing her on his lap to make her easier to paint on. "Guess that means I've got to be Oberon tonight." He remarked as he brushed his bangs back onto his head, revealing his full, entirely normal face. "One fairy princess and one fairy king, man." He noted to the painter, briefly glancing over at the woman getting the more whimsical job done near him and offering her what would no doubt be his last actually serious looking nod of the evening.

Camille let her eyes glance at Alexei and his nod. She gave an amused look then looks to her 5 year old artist "How does it look child?". She grabs a mirror and tilts her head "Fair enough..." She's still looking at the mirror when she feels water on her left arm. She sets the mirror down and sees the boy putting a smiley face tattoo. "Oh my friend will just love that..." She smirks at the little boy

Mitzi comes into the lobby and looks around at what's going on. She pauses when she sees Azrael, and she looks toward the door.

"My pleasure of course." Azrael replies to Jolene and returns her smile,"Unfortunately, leaving my plantation alone for a few days left me with a need to catch up on some things. I really need to get a few more hired hands." He nods to Amelie and offers,"Call me tomorrow, we'll catch up over a bourbon and you can tell me all about it." Another smile and a kiss on the cheek of the hostess,"YOu have done very well ma chere'. Enjoy tonight." With that, he detaches from the two and starts towards the door. He walks past Mitzi and offers her a polite nod, but moves past and into the waiting night.

A few of the nurses look in to see the children mingling with the guest and that seem to be enjoying themselves and can't help but smile at Camille and Alexei warmly. Jolene smiles understandingly at Azrael and squeezes his hand again, "It is quite alright. Be safe tonight going home and I will definitely call you tomorrow." As she watches Azrael leave she stands by Amelie's side and squeezes her hand watching the evening and the incoming donations from each donor as well. The little girl looks up at her fairy prince Alexei and says "Oberwho? Whose dat!" tilting her head at the cutest little angle. Amelie has reconnected.

Amelie smiles softly to Jolene and leans in. "Ths is a wonderful event, mon ami." She wavest to Azrael as he leaves.

Mitzi noticeably swallows when she watches Azrael walk past her. She takes in a breath and then walks toward her office.

Even Alexei couldn't help but to crack a bit of a smile when faced with the child's absolutely precious inquisitions. "Oberon is the king of the fairies." He explained as he reached up to lightly poke at the child's nose with a fingernail as to not disturb her new paintjob. "He and his wife Titania are the leaders of all the little fairies like you." He smiled fully then, a calm, almost warm expression from the normally stoic man. "He's in charge of making sure you all get to live good fairy lives." Of course that wasn't -exactly- in the play. But what were a few embellishments fo rthe sake of childhood wonder?

Camille chuckles softly as she now has about 5 various tats on her forearms. "Nicely done my child..." She watches the boy realizing they may have something in common...."Thank you child, im a walking canvas..." She chuckled lightly as she made the walking canvas comment. She watches the boy yawn. "Did you eat all your cookies?"

Jolene nods in agreement to Amelie, "It is a truly beautiful event. I should have done this a long time ago, it is sad it took a storm in more ways than one to see it come to life." She watches with a smile at Mitzi as she come through the hospital and heads towards the administration office, but then turns her attention back to her guests and mingling, just as an older boy, but obviously a patient comes up to Amelie, shyly as if he would really like to ask her to dance. "May I.. umm.. have this dance?" He has piercing blue eyes and brown hair. The song playing now is (Sarah Mclachlan - In The Arms Of The Angel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnL1e4-NfaA).

Mitzi returns from her office and lets out a slow breath. She walks around and smiles to the other people. She thanks them for coming to support the hospital.

Alexei rose from his seat once the little girl and his own paint jobs had been completed. He took a short moment to look around only to notice that the song had changed mid-observation. Of course he'd certainly keep up the front that he'd been looking for an out of some kind, but with a visible shrug he looked down at the child and offered his hand again. "Does the little fairy want to go to the ball?" He questioned in as official a voice as he could manage past his natural detachment and accent.

The little boy looks up at Camille and nods, with some cookie crumbs showing at the edge of his lips still. "Yes Ma'am! All 5." He holds up his fingers to her! He is going to have a sore tummy later.

The little girl definitely wants to dance with Alexei! "Pwease Fary Pwince!" She is so adorable and Alexei is making her feel entirely special, he would probably be in tears if he knew her story but this is great for her to have this happy moment and non of the nurses can pull her away.

Camille smiles again when he has no cookies to show. She leads him to the food table and grabs a few more and lowers herself so she's at eye level with him. She leans in to whisper a few words . What she doesnt expect is the cookie crumb laden hug from him. She blinks lightly as she is unsure on how to react. She then hugs him back still unsure

Even the tundra frozen recesses of Alexei's Russian heart couldn't make him be stern with or disaffected by the little slice of precious that he led out to the dance floor after she'd agreed. While the song was still a fairly slow one he beckoned the girl up onto his booted feet and made to begin dancing with her. Bringing her about the dance floor in slow but constant circles of motion. A fairy prince and a little fairy apparently dancing on the night sky if one were to go by the special tilework that had been done to show the constellations. What a magical evening it had become.

Mitzi gets herself something to drink. She sips her drink as she talks with some people.

Amelie hangs out toward the sides of the room. Looking around, and enjoying the music. From time to time she dances kind of with herself, humming along.

Jolene smiles as Mitzi goes by, "Good Evening Miss." Working the night shift she usually does not get the chance to meet a lot of the staff, or Mitzi is a new face she isn't sure, watching the children. Some of the nurses have even stepped out on the floor to dance too and enjoy the evening with other patients, everyone really having a good time. And as she watches Alexei with the little fairy princess, she bites her lip, as they remind her of her and her dad.

The Shy young man again approaches Amelie to see if she will dance with him, "Would you..like to.. umm dance with me?" The song changing to something still slow for everyone to enjoy hopefully. (Kenny Loggins - Meet Me Half Way - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pYNd0MSVXs)

Mikael comes in with Phoenix, and glances around, looking for Jolene as he tells the flame haired man, "What did you think of that one, cher? Should I be concerned or non?"

Phoenix hrms "I dont know. He was hard to put a finger on, wasnt he?"

Amelie nods to the young man, "Bien sur. Merci." She holds out her hand and walks with the man to go and dance with him.

Jolene is standing on her own watching the event, watching the dance floor, tapping her own toes, and smiles when she sees Mikael and Phoenix enter the room. She carefully steps over to the donation table to add the donations that have been given her, to what is accumulated so far. Clearly happy but the music touches her too, as she listens, and watches. Mitzi smiles at Jolene,"Good evening, Dr. Addison. Thank you for hosting this event. It looks great. I think everyone is enjoying themselves. I don't think we've met before, I'm Dr. Mitzi de Rosales."

Phoenix steps in with Mikael and smiles, nodding in greeting.

Alexei proceeded on dancing with the girl into the next song. A warm smile still present on his normally stoic features even as he moves and sways in time with the music as a whole.

Mikael moves to Jolene, and gives her a smile, "Bonsoir, everything looks so nice. Please forgive us for being so late, oui? Business at the cafe. How is everything going?" Camille smooths the kids hair down and looks up to nurse who comes to retrieve him. "C'mon John..." She offers the nurse and John a smile "Thank you my little artist..." She watches them walk away and she stops by the donation table once more dropping another stack of cash to the woman "Anonymous please" She sighs softly...she wasnt a complete degenerate

Jolene smiles and offers her hand to Mitzi as she introduces herself, "It is truly my pleasure Dr de Rosales. Seeing the children smile this evening, and the donors getting along so well with them. It warms my heart. As Mikael and Phoenix approach she offers them both a warm hug. "Thank you so much Mikael, I am so glad you join us this evening."

Phoenix smiles to JOlene, allowing the hug. "If he said we'd be there, we'll be there" he teases

Amelie dances with the young man, the slow dance that is on. A reasonable distance is kept between them an quiet conversation.

Mitzi smiles at Mikael,"Hello, it's good to see you." She inclines her head to Phoenix. Camille moves to Lincoln Blvd. and Fourth Ave.

Jolene brightens at the gift from Phoenix and Mikael and kisses both of them on the forehead at their gift. But doesn't press it to much on the affection offering them a wink.

She tilts her head as she looks between Mitzi and Mikael and Phoenix though as if they may already know each other.

"I've met Mikael before, but not his companion,"Mitzi grins lightly. "Thank you both for coming."

Alexei finally brought the dancing to a slow close after a bit longer. Though he allowed the little girl to retain her own feet on his boots while he half-walk, half-shuffled their way over to the tables laden with refreshments. Along the way he took a few idle glances around the area, a bit of scrutiny returning to his emerald hues as he searched for any actual adults watching him that could prove to be the girl's parents. . . Though at the same time he was also beginning to wonder what a -lack- of having sighted them yet might imply.

A brief hum of consideration and a shake of his head propelled the thoughts to the back of his mind though as he offered to pour some cups of juice and retrieve a cookie or two for the both of them.

Violet walks in quickly, her camera bag over her shoulder

Phoenix smiles to the comment "I'm Phoenix" he offers. "Good to meet you"

The little girl holds to his hands as they walk shuffle to the refreshments and is only to happy to eat a cookie. And have some punch but doing so with one hand constantly holding to his. She seems to have grown quite fond of him and trusts him now. Jolene offers a wink to

Alexei as she sees them together, and mouths 'Thank you' To him.

Violet hurries over to the photo booth and apologizes to the one who was covering for her. She looks in delight at the setup and directs a delivery guy to the side that held a large box full of props...funny glasses, boas, masks, hats, wigs and an assortment of other things

Mikael smiles to Mitzi, "How could I not? I want the hospital to be strong again, and Mademoiselle Addison has worked very hard to gather up contributions, and besides, she is an amie, oui?" He glances around again, taking in everything. "Are the funds coming along?" p alexei=you are a sweetheart! I am trying so hard and trying to make sure everyone gets attention so I appreciate your praise and this chance to see you and Camille really get in there with the patients to brighten their day too!

Amelie finishes her dance with the young man, and another one comes up as the next song begins. Amelie is gracious and happy to continue to dance with the lovely young man.

Alexei seemed perfectly okay with having one of his hands claimed by the little fairy he'd become acquainted with over the course of the evening. . . Even if it means he has to dexterously balance eating a cookie and drinking punch with one hand, something he does manage well. Even with whatever oddities he'd been showing about actually being involved with the place at large, perhaps it had been a good idea to stick around? Jolene's wink and mouthed words catch his eye and he offers a nod and a raise of his juice cup in toast to her.

"I'm glad to see you both. If you pardon me. I'm going to mingle," Mitzi makes her way over to Alexei,"Hello, I'm Mitzi. I wanted to thank you for coming. Is this your daughter?" She smiles at the little girl.

Jolene smiles to Mikael, as offers a reassuring nod. "The donations are very generous outpouring of the communitee to support the hospital. I can not wait to tally the final figures." A few envelopes in her hands that have been personally given to her and there is just a really happiness about her. She is clearly touched by the generosity and outpouring of support. She does nod at Mitzi steps away towards Alexei and turns her attention back to Mikael and Phoenix. "Do either of you have a request. I would be happy to speak to the DJ?"

Mikael notices Amelie dancing, and gives her a nod and a wave if she looks their way. Hearing Jolene he looks to Phoenix, "What would you perfer, cher? We can dance to it if you wish."

Phoenix glances around "I'm actually going to head home and meet you there love..but take your time ok?"

Alexei, at the moment, actually has his face painted in a matching motif with the girl that has hold of his hand. That the man had been painted up as a fairy prince of sorts being no doubt apparent to Mitzi as she got closer. It didn't do a lot for him when he tried to affect a calm and collected nod in greeting to the woman. The genuine smile he wore probably wasn't helping either. "Alexei. Nice to meet you, and it's fine, there's really no need for thanks." He briefly looked questioningly down at the girl holding his hand. "She's not, no. But for tonight she's my little fairy while I'm the prince."

Violet smiles when a group of patients approach the booth. Children and adults alike. They start poking through the prop box as Violet starts pulling things out and placing them on the kids. Once they are ready she starts to position them for a photo

Jolene looks over to Violet as she is setting up for pictures for the patients and donors and really hopes that Alexei will get a picture with Grace and smiles at Mikael and Phoenix but does sort of pout when Phoenix leaves. "Please be safe Phoenix! I do wish you could stay longer, but do understand if you can not." The next song to play from the DJ is "You'll Be In My Heart" (from Tarzan) by Phil Collins - cover by Reese Oliveira (age 10) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jazE5SUzZzE"

"You both look beautiful with your faces painted. I don't think I've seen a fairy Prince and a little fairy before,"Mitzi says and she speaks to the girl,"You must be very special. Are you having fun? I bet you would make some awesome pictures at the photo booth."

Mikael gives Phoenix a smile, and brushes his lips quickly against his cheek, "I'll see you later then at home, oui?"

Alexa enters, wearing a simple black dress and knee high brown boots. Her dreds are in a bun today and she looks like shes made an effort to look semi presentable. She carries a bag full of donations for the hospital with her.

Heathen makes his way in, a little late, but at least he does make it

Grace hides just a little bit behind Alexei peaking around him a little shyly, but she does nod at Mitzi. "Yes Ma'am" She offers softly, and looks up to Alexei as if asking him if the woman is alright. Jolene is standing near Mikael, while Amelie is on the dance floor with one of the patients, and there is music playing softly through the lobby that looks as you just stepped into the heavens, and Jolene appears like a fallen star in her dress, as she keeps herself available for accepting donations, and watching the interactions between patients and donors.

Mikael glances at those entering as Phoenix slips out. He gives them a nod, and a smile as he moves over to the drinks to get himself some punch.

Alexa is a little late herself, but she has just learned of this event, so in she comes. Even in her black dress and boots, she looks down. "Im always underdressed for these things." she mutters to herself.

Alexei took a moment to finish the last of his punch and the last morsels of his cookie before responding to Mitzi. "Beautiful. . . That's a new one." He intones, mostly to himself. "But I'll take what I can get." He finally allows just as he kneels down next to Grace, his newly freed arm slipping around her so that he could pick her up, bringing her into something of a seated position atop. His other hand still clasping her own. "I think we'll go and take a few photos to commemorate the night, yeah. But for now, we can't let a good song pass, huh?" The last question he aims at Grace with a quirked brow, proceeding to carry her off to the dancefloor if she answered in the affirmative to dance with her in that very same position. Another ndo being offered to Mitzi if such did occur.

Amelie curtsies to the one she was dancing with and then exits the dance floor. She finds Jolene to give her her goodbyes, and waves to her other friends that have arrived. "Bon Soir, Jolene. I must get back to work. I hope this fundraiser goes very well."

Jolene offers a hug and a warm kiss to Amelie's cheek as she gets ready to depart for the evening, "Thank you so very much Sis. I understand. I will see you soon and let you know all about how it went!"

Heathen slips over to Mikael and whispers something to him before he makes some rounds around the room himself.

Mitzi waves goodbye to Alexei and Grace. She looks around for a moment and finishes her drink. Then she says goodbye to some of her co-workers and heads out of the event. Alexa shuffles off by herself watching the people after she deposits her donations.

One of the nurses comes over to help Alexa with her donations that join the rest of those given this evening, adding to the pile of growing necessary and immediate supplies that can be used to restock the supply closets. She smiles as Heathen comes in too and offers him a hug and kiss to his forehead too warmed by the outpouring of support from her friends. She doesn't intrude in what he whispers though.

Mikael drinks his punch and follows Heathen out.

After she took a number of photos she moved to the next set of people, enjoying her work. She posed the couple making a few adjustments then snapping a few pictures

After their more formal dance Alexei moved to escort Grace and himself over to the photo booth, specifically requesting only two photos so that, while he would be able to retain one for himself, the young girl would have a physical reminder of the night as well. . . Even if it meant there would be physical evidence that he'd been dolled up as, quite literally, prince of the fairies. The things he did when he let his restraint fade a little.

As one of the nurses sees the little fairy start to yawn, she comes over to hold her hands out for her, and smiles to Alexei. "Thank you Sir for dancing with Grace, I am afraid it is time for our Fairy Princess to return to her room for the evening, though you are welcome to visit with her anytime!" It is now obvious the little girl is a patient here at the hospital.

Alexei, had, at some point made that assumption. Though alongside many other things that evening he'd pushed it to the back of his mind. After ensuring that he'd handed Grace her own copy of their singular photo he nodded and handed the young lady over to the nurse. Parting with a simple, "Sweet dreams," and a brief squeeze of a hug from his own sturdy form.

Jolene slowly the evening is beginning to wind down, though there is a rush on the photo booth for Violet as everyone wants to have their picture taken by the profession photographer. Jolene is smiling still as she was the first one to get here, and will more than likely be the last to leave too, making sure the hospital is restored to its normalcy.