2017.10.03: Prelude for Carys Thomas

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Prelude for Carys Thomas
How Carys Thomas became a Shovelhead.
IC Date October 3rd, 2017
IC Time Night
Players Carys
Location Castle out in the Desert...somewhere unknown
Prp/Tp none
Spheres Vampire Sabbat

You wake up on a cold and filthy stone floor. It's dark and you have trouble getting your bearings. What happened? What was the last thing you remembered? What is this place? You are in a dank cell, empty of any furnishings, only a solid metal door keeping you in.

Carys blinks and rubs her eyes. She looks around and checks to be sure she is alright physically first. Brushing her hands on her clothes, she moves to stand up - slowly. She feels the walls, and then the door. BANG BANG BANG! She hits the door. "OY! SOMEONE LET ME OUT OF HERE!!"

You wait for what seems like eternity. You aren't even sure how many hours pass when finally you hear something. A faint sound of a heavy door opening and closing from far off followed shortly by the distinct sound of the door to the cell being unlocked. When the door opens a man stands there in the doorway. He is rather ordinary looking, though this isn't a friendly face. He's dressed well, but utilitarian. Black coveralls worn over his clothing. "Fight me and I'll kill you without hesitation. Cooperation is your only choice. You won't get a chance to test me." and then he reaches out and grabs Carys' shoulder with an iron grip and he turns her toward the door of the cell. "You may ask me one question while I escort you."

Carys stiffens when touched, but does not resist. She thinks what question to ask. So many are running through her mind. Finally, she decides and asks, "Why did you bring me here?"

Killer shakes his head a little, "You're coming to dinner. That is why you are here." he opens a heavy metal door and then pushes Carys through, closeing it behind them and he then keeps her firmly moving down a dark stone corridor. "That didn't help much, did it? Was that the most practical question?" You come up to three doors at the end of the hall and he chooses the door on the right, inside is an old world room decorated with antiques from a bygone era, it's a dining room of a sort. It's richly decorated with tapestries and paintings covering the walls. This looks like a scene right out of the Reniassance. The dining room table is small and there are no placements, it's empty save for at the head of the table. A pair of manacles are secured firmly to the table.

Carys moves along, rather concerned and eyes daring back and forth as she tries to figure out what the hell is going on. "Probably not the best question, but you kind of got me ruffled. Where the hell are we?? Who are you??"

Killer forced Carys into the chair at the head of the table. He doesn't answer her questions, he simply secures her arms to the manacles attached to the table. Then he secures her ankles to the chair as well. When he finishes, he pauses and looks down at Carys and studies her face, then he frowns and he leaves the room without another word.

Once he leaves, Carys looks at the chair and the manacles. She pulls and tugs and shakes the chair trying to get out. She looks desperately around to see if there is any way of escape. She is scared, confused, and pissed off.

The door opens and a beautiful girl, no more than 10 or 11 years of age enters the room. She is as pale as a ghost and her eyes are inhumanly silver. She is accompanied by a man in blood stained coveralls who bears a striking resemblance to the terrorist, Timothy McVeigh. Fairly regular looking, this blonde man has the coldest eyes you have ever seen. "She was picked already, John. This is how it's done since the beginning." the girl tells the man. She looks up and smiles happily when she sees Carys, "Our guest is awake!"

Carys' eyes widen when she sees the two enter. When the girl speaks, she tries to shrink back in her chair and cannot really move much so she tries moving about and to get loose again. "Guest? This is how you treat a guest? WHAT THE HELL? LET OUT OF HERE!"

The little girl narrows her eyes, "Is this any way for a guest to behave? We haven't even had dinner yet. Are you famished? I can have something brought to you right now?" the little girl takes a seat at the table next to Carys and she sits back in her chair, studying Carys like she were a new toy. "It is rude of me not to introduce myself, I am Angelica de Vaca, Bishop of the Sword of Caine. Do you believe in God?"

Carys raises an eyebrow, "The Sword of what? Caine? Like in the bible Caine and his brother?? And yeah, I believe in God - I'm just not that religious." She looks pissed yet perplexed by this all.

It's about now, when you realize this little girl never blinks. Her gaze is unsettling and her sweet smile does nothing to keep your skin from crawling. "Exactly, just like in the bible. Though you probably know only part of his story. You see, after he murdered his brother Abel, Caine was cursed by God to roam in exile. But what the bible doesn't tell you, is that Caine was cursed to live in darkness as a vampire. Hard to believe, isn't it? You're going to die tonight Carys. I'm going to drink your blood until you have none left."

Carys' jaw drops, "No. Vampires are not real. NO. WHAT? You think you are fucking Dracula or something? LET ME GO!"

Angel slides out of her chair, ensuring she can see Carys' face as she stands. She grabs your arm and her grip is like an iron vice, "This isn't a bad way to go. Believe me, I know worse. If you wish to exist and swear fealty to the Red Circle, you may continue on as a slave. Death by blood loss, or slavery. Decisions are tough to make. Either way, you'll die." she grins at Carys and opens her mouth, her tongue snakes our of her mouth and it's monstrous. The tip of her tongue has a fanged mouth which opens wide as it coils to strike, and strike it does. Angel's tongue lashes out and attaches to your throat and it begins to suck, like a leech.

Carys freaks out and starts screaming at the top of her lungs - terrified by what she is seeing! But when that tongue starts sucking on her throat, she quiets and starts to calm down - the fear is still in her head somewhere, but the pain is replaced with pleasure.

Angel stops feeding and her horrible tongue slithers back into her mouth, she licks her lips and then giggles softly. "See, that wasn't so bad.." she reaches up and strokes your hair, "We have all night.. So now that you know the truth, there is only your choice to make. Serve Caine, or die."

Carys sits there, still in her seat. Eyes darting around, braining working overtime trying to take all of this in. The stroking of the hair especially weird and unwanted. She tries to speak, and after trying she asks, "What does that mean...serve Caine?"

"Firstly, it means that you are the property of Red Circle, if you fail to obey the pack you will be burned into ash. Your loyalty to the Sword of Caine and this pack is your sole purpose. If you try to run away, you and everyone you know will die. I can find you. Prove yourself worthy and you'll be initiated. Fail.. and you will be cast aside. It's up to you how you proceed. "

"Prove myself? How do I prove myself? How many people I suck dry? I do not understand. You want me to believe there are Vampires in this world, and they operate like a gang?" Carys is still confused, but it is obvious, death is not the option she wants.

The tips of Angels fingers each have little mouths on them, as she still has your arm held her fingers dig in and bite, sucking the blood out. Carys can't move while she is being fed upon, but Angel eventually stops again. Carys is cold now and growing numb. It's hard to keep conscious. "You can start by killing anyone you are told to kill, without question."

Carys is trying to keep her eyes open and awake. She is looks at Angel, surprised a bit by what she says, but she wants to live. "Al..right....I......will....." Her eyelids are slipping shut as she gets closer and closer to losing consciousness.

The next thing you remember is claustrophobia, everything smells like earth and you can't move. You can't see or hear anything. You are buried. What is worse, there is someone right next to you, you can feel their warmth.

Carys realizes something is different. The thoughts race - where am I? I'm in dirt? Why can't I move? How do I get out of here? WHAT THE HELL - THERE IS SOMEONE NEXT TO ME? WHAT?? She tries to movie but no matter how hard she tries she realistically barely can wriggle slightly.

In her panic, the beast rises up in Carys and it takes over. She sinks her fangs into whoever it is next to her and she drinks deeply. Fighting to survive, she struggles and with the sustenance she is able to get a hand up out of the dirt, clawing her way she eventually is able to work her way up to a sitting position. Wild eyed and still in frenzy, she scrambles to her feet right as an unfamiliar woman's voice says quietly, "You serve the Black Hand above all." and then Carys is greeted by a punch to the face and she sees stars. Everything goes black.