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Zara's Embrace
Attending Vera's request, Anezka brings Zara into the world of the undead
IC Date September 28th, 2015
IC Time Evening
Players Anezka, Zara
Location Earthly Delights, and then the Desert

Earthly Deligths

The main room of the Earthly Delights is dark and warm and a little sticky. Reddish orange lights illuminate the few tables and couches surrounding the main dance area; most of the place is within a penumbra that is broken by lonely flashes of stroboscopic light. Night workers, tired men, strippers, and young men slumming can be seen on the dance floor; drifting to tunes that range from Darkwave and EBM to Post-Punk and Bjork. Girls ranging from drop dead gorgeous to barely alive junkies fly from table to table hunting Johns, or lounge at the couches waiting for prospective patrons. Regardless of the local legislation, smoking is a fact here, and those who would be bothered wouldn't come to such place anyway. Those lucky (or desperate) enough to score a "date" can rent one of the cubicles in the back.

The bar rests against the back wall. Without stools, it doesn't have the usual crowd of losers wasting their lives one shot at a time. The bottles on the shelves range from white label Walmart booze to weird stuff from Eastern Europe. On the side wall there is a door cordoned with a velvet rope. A neon sign with the words Members Only indicates that some form of VIP Lounge exists, but barely anyone is seen entering the place. Its door is finished in red leather, and it seems to pulse with the beat of the music.

Begin Log

Early in the evening, an hour after dusk, Anezka sends a text message to Zara. 'Meet me at the Earthly Delights at 9:00pm sharp. Before coming I want you to take a shower, groom yourself, and eat your favorite meal. I will be waiting at one of the tables, with more instructions.'

Zara arrives at 9PM, just as she was bade. Her car is parked in a building overnight, and she looks freshly cleaned. Her hair cleaned, straightened and conditioned so it's more like a river of perfect, dark strands than long locks. Her ornate glasses pushed high up on her face, make-up applied. A flowing black silk blouse covers her top half, lace like detailing done in a slight gloss to give it some texture. And a long, black dress, ends in delicate black shoes with a slight heel. She looks around, for her hostess.

Anezka is seated at one of the tables that surround the dance floor. Her eyes roam the crowd, watching their faces blink into existence with each flash of the stroboscopic light. Once she sees Zara, she raises one hand, and stands. After a few quick steps, she stands before her guest. "Vera sends her regards." Two polite kisses, cheek to cheek. "You look lovely." Her smile doesn't reach her eyes, they have something darker behind them.

Zara nods slowly. She watches Anezka for a moment, having returned their kisses, before she parts her lips to speak. Her movements are slow, careful and considered. "You look wonderful as well. Is there something... Special planned for tonight?" She asks quietly.

Anezka nods. "Follow me." She guides Zara towards the VIP Lounge, one of the bulky bouncers lifting the velvet rope. "I love a good cliche, so I'm going to give you the choice I never had..." Her smile is wide, still inside human standards, but her fangs are visible. "After you." The door is open, behind it a curtain to keep prying eyes from perceiving the other room.

Inner Sanctum

This room is made from the stuff of nightmares. The walls, like many cathedrals of old, are formed from black stone sculpted into forms of torment. Twist-backed humans arch and writhe motionlessly, captured at moments of supreme agony, their wide eyes and screaming mouths shaped by sadistic devotion. Shaped. Not carved.

The Inner Sanctum is in a fine voice tonight - an opera of bass moans, piercing cries, and the ululating chime of sobbing beneath the other sounds of sorrow. The central pathway is made of black stone, while the floor either side of the walkway ripples and tenses with the pliancy of human expression. Eyes, noses, teeth, and tongues poking from open mouths... The ground itself is a carpet of faces flesh-crafted together, kept alive by grotesque, baroque blood sorcery; its undead arteries and veins beneath the floor, keeping them moist.

The Osseous Throne sits at the end of the black stone pathway. Majestic in its ghastly opulence, the ivory seat made of fused bone fits properly as the central piece of this chamber of horrors; the Magnus Opus created by the Mistress of this domain. Beside it there is a baptismal bowl, made of the same material, and filled with blood. Hard arteries run upwards on its pedestal, feeding the cacophonous and hellish existence of the souls trapped here.

Resume Log

Zara follows slowly, patiently, her eyes linger on those fangs for just a few seconds before she steps into the VIP area, ducking under the curtain... And she hesitates there. There's a visible, audible drawing of breath at what she spies. It takes a good few seconds before she can take a step forward. And another. She's dealt with things like this before. She has. The second step is harder, as she notices the walkway, and she flinches away... Taking a half step back, drawing her arms around herself and looking away from the path ahead. She's... Only human. And this is so much more than that.

Anezka stands behind Zara, hands resting delicately at her shoulders. "Beautiful, isn't it." A gentle squeeze. "Makes wearing human skin as articles of clothing pale in comparison." The vampire guides the human, step after step, following the black stone path amid the sea of faces. As eyes linger on Anezka, the cries raise in pitch, the tidal fluctuations of pain and suffering expanding on the never still floor. "Being a vampire is so much more than sleeping all day and partying all night. We're at war, and a person that deserves to join or ranks has to be strong." She steps around Zara, claiming her seat at the throne, crossing her legs elegantly. "I will offer you mercy three times. If you accept it, I will just snuff the life out of you. If you deny me three times, I will make you immortal. If you just crack, and lose your mind... You will join my garden." She runs her fingertips on the Osseous Throne arm. "Do you understand me?"

"I..." Zara is lost for words. She's numbed herself, to allow one foot to walk in front of the other when she wants to... Scream. And run. The humanity in her torn at by the cries of pain, by the eternal suffering of those that surround her. It... It's all beyond real. She walks so slowly, the black stone unyielding under her feet. The slightest nod follows Anezka's words, as she tries to focus only on the woman who has brought her here.

Anezka raises both arms, and the cries and moans and wailing shimmer down to small sobs. "Vera asked me to make you immortal. She likes you very much, but her blood is too old... also her lineage isn't welcomed among the clans." She dips one finger on the baptismal bowl, drawing a line that goes down from her forehead to the tip of her nose with blood. "Immortality is brutal. Part of your soul will die, and awaken as a ravenous beast that will rattle and roar inside of you. Always hungry, always demanding blood. If you let this beast take over, your conscious mind will slip away. You will kill. There is no escape." She stands once more, and the floor ripples with every movement of the Lady of this domain. "Do you want to be one of us?"

Zara looks around those who have been imprisoned in here of a sort at those words. Forcing herself to look, as she's bathed in the suffering of others, their words washing her ears... "It is a heavy weight." She settles on, her voice not much louder than the sobs of the damned. Her eyes fall back on Anezka, and she finds her voice, a little louder. "I will bear it. Yes." There's still such fear in her. And a resolute determination.

Anezka nods, acknowledging Zara's choice. "The first seal is broken." She steps forward, hands holding the mortal's arms. "All vampires are descendants of the first murderer. He transformed three powerful persons: Enoch the wise, Erad the strong, Zillah the beautiful. These immortals 'embraced' thirteen more. These thirteen are the founders of the vampire clans. We call them antediluvians." Her expression is grave. "When an ancient becomes too powerful, the blood of mortals is no longer enough to sustain them. They feed from vampires just like we feed from mortals. Right now, these antediluvians slumber beneath the earth, but it's known that one day they will arise, and drain all creatures alive and undead. This is the war I told you, for they have minions preparing their apotheosis. If you accept my embrace, will you join me in the fight against this vampire puppets and their puppet masters?"

There's a pause there, as she wonders what truth lies behind the mythos, how it compares with the lore she knows, all while around her, reminders of this battleground are lingering. She bites her lower lip for a moment, but... The truth in her desires makes the decision simple. Just like this decision... It is one of a survivor. "I will."

Anezka nods once more. "The second seal is broken." She guides Zara past the throne, all the way to the back wall. Hanging from chains, there are two figures that may have been human, but not anymore. Female figures, surely, completely encased in latex and leather. Their heads are sealed into hoods and full face masks, not a single inch of skin visible. Their bodies are beautifully sculpted with large breasts and tight abdomens locked in corsets. Their arms and legs were surgically removed, only the two inches long stumps wiggling as they writhe in bondage. "Newly embraced vampires are known as childer, the ones who embrace are known as sires." She motions to the figures. "These are my offspring. They failed to follow the most basic rules of our kind, and the penalty for such behavior is death." She runs a hand on the head of a gimped creature. "I hate killing, so I decided to entomb them here. As a reminder to what happens when a childe disappoints me." Anezka turns and looks into Zara's eyes. "Vera will be your surrogate sire. She will teach you, with me. We have a set of laws named Code of Milan. Love it, or hate it, we live or die by it. Will you uphold our laws, knowing the price of failure?" The vampire adds. "I must warn you that Vera isn't as merciful as I am."

There's a pause when she's lead. Zara knows nothing pleasant will be behind the throne, and her fear is rewarded with torsos, heads and feminine figures. The terminology isn't lost on her, she doesn't seem shocked as it, as she is with what she is seeing. To her own offspring... The touches cause Zara some distress, but she quells it quickly, biting her lower lip fiercely. Survival. That's what this is for. "I will." The price of non compliance is death. The price of failure is similar.

Anezka nods. "The final seal is broken. You have chosen your fate." She holds Zara hand just like a mother would do on her daughter's first day at school. "We are going for a ride. I have some nice people that you are going to meet." Soon the nightmare is left behind, and Anezka crosses the main room of the club like nothing so horrible is just a door away. Outside the club a big ass Lincoln Continental from the mid 60's pull to the curb, the valet nodding to Anezka as she slides into the driver's seat. The man holds the door for Zara, the bulge of a gun obvious under his white shirt.

Nice people. The word is dead to her, and there's a hollowness to her gaze that reveals that something Human in Zara has already died. It was everything should have wanted to see with every fiber of her being a month ago. It was what she was sent here to find. But the true, suffering, macabre nature of what she just experienced took a heavy toll on the young woman. The gun is barely even acknowledged, she wanders over to the other side and sits in the passenger seat. Hands gathered into her lap. Eyes ahead.

Anezka drives her car, humming softly some melody that is a bit dissonant. "Anything you learned today could work into a book?" She asks casually, turning on the radio, but keeping it at a lower volume. "I love Clive Barker. Kinky old fag that writes good horror. I borrow some of his ideas for my creations, and maybe one day will embrace him." Houses and buildings become sparser, as she enters the desert. Out of the city, she turns off the lights, driving at a decent speed against a pitch black road. Slowly her eyes start to glow a malevolent red.

Zara thinks for a moment. And then... "I don't know." She settles on, musing inside her own head for a moment. "Clive Barker relies too heavily on the readers investment." She offers her own opinion on the Author, "Which is fine until you have a different opinion leading up to a critical point." The girl doesn't touch the idea of borrowing from him for her creations. She clings to that small shred of humanity right now.

Anezka nods. "Yeah, I have this feeling that he's writing for me." She drives in silence for twenty minutes, then she turns out of the interstate and follows a dirt road. The path is sinuous, with lots of curves that are difficult to work in broad daylight. Anezka aces them thanks to her eyes and some previous knowledge of the path. After a while, she approaches a group that is sitting around a fire. Two pickup trucks are parked around the campers, and Anezka positions her car on an open spot. "We're here." She opens the door and leaves the car.

There are two couples sitting by the fire. A tall and muscular woman with a blond mohawk, and lots of tattoos hugs a muscular guy sans tattoos; and a skinny Asian girl leans against a surfer dude with blonde dreadlocks. Anezka points to the blonde girl. "That's my sestra, Polina. Sestra means sister in English." The couples look and wave, greeting Zara and Anezka.

Zara lets that comment sit, watching the winding path with her hands gently placed in her lap. Her nails dig into her palm every so often, a dummy test to make sure she's still awake. She's not dreaming. She bites her lower lip a little. Soon she near a small campfire, and she's getting out of the car without realizing it. Only a small nod greets the information that Anezka has a sister, who looks so different. And the others. Her hand rises unbidden, she waves gently.

Anezka sits cross-legged on a small blanket, a few feet from the fire. She motions to Zara, patting the spot beside her. "Join me, please."

Polina hugs her muscle stud, biting his earlobe. She eyes her little sister, the contrast of the burly woman with her athletic top and cut off jeans and the lithe leather clad girl is quite telling. Yet, they both share a slightly Slavic bone structure. "Sestra! Cute girlfriend." She upnods to Zara.

The Surfer Dude and the Asian Teen both smile and wave, welcoming warmly the newcomers. "Hey! We are backpacking to Vegas. Thanks for the hospitality. You guys have a neat ranch here." - Polina nods. "It's nothing. We love having people around."

<<Plot>> At any time, if the scene is too brutal or causes you any discomfort, just let me know. Full stop is at your command.

Zara takes the spot beside the young woman, her hands gathering into her lap once she's taken a seat. A gentle gnaw on her lower lip betrays her nerves, just as much as the trembling in her fingers when her hand lifts to push her glasses back up on her nose. Even being called cute isn't enough to get her cheeks too flushed with blood... She watches the others, her voice soft as she managed to speak. "What... Now?"

The Asian girl repeats. "We are backpacking cross state, going to Vegas. Polina here offered a ride, and told us that her family has a ranch." She waves around. "So lovely! Great for stargazing." The Surfer Dude pulls from a joint, holding the smoke before puffing upwards. "Yeah. Neat place for camping."

Polina nods. "It's nice to have guests. It's really boring to stay here while all alone." - Anezka embraces Zara, her lips resting against the woman's neck and showering kisses. "Lovely, isn't it?"

"It's..." Strange. Unusual. Anticlimactic. Zara struggles with what word could possibly come after 'it's' for a few long seconds, an arm around lithe little Anezka, hand dangling upon her lip. The touch of leather reminding her what she is doing, an unusual distraction from the kisses upon her neck. "New." She settles on.

Anezka nods. "I'm going to grab a few beers." She stands. "Polina, sestra. Help me grab the cooler." The two sisters stand and walk towards the pickup truck.

The Asian Girl extends her hand. "My name is Christina, and this is my boyo James." The guy raises his hand, in a peace sign. "Yeeeeah, nice to meet you."

No. Don't leave me! Zara's hand grips a little, but she releases it before she risks Anezka's displeasure. Leaving her alone with the young Asian, and the surfer dude. She forces herself to smile, taking the hand in hers and shaking it lightly. "Zara Reid. I'm... A little new in town, sorry if I seem quiet." And mildly traumatized. But that might be an overshare.

Polina walks stealthy around the group, emerging behind the couple. With one nasty swing she shovels both guys, the light fading from their eyes as they fall unconscious. The muscular guy tries to stand up, only to be whacked by Anezka and joining the happy couple in the land of the sleeping souls. The vampire smirks as she eyes Zara, and lunges in her direction; mouth wide open, and fangs out. Without speaking a single word, she feeds from the black haired woman, gorging deeply with her blood.

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
Zara rolls Courage + Self-control vs 6 for 4 successes.

There's a flinch. Zara spots the shovel a moment before the impact and she winces, shying away from the viciousness before her almost instinctively, biting her lower lip as she fights the urge to flee for her life. But the rules are clear. She must be strong, even if she feels bent and broken. In seconds, it's over, and Zara is left looking at Anezka... The lunge is met by an attempt, her feet lifting and her hands behind her, as if she might try to fight the sudden attack - But it's too little, too late. She falls onto her back on the ground with a soft cry. The bite increases the pitch of the sound that slips from her throat, but her hands don't push the Vampiress off... Laid upon the dirt, her neck arches out, giving Anezka room to drink. Her arms encircle the girl while she drinks, and her cry fades into soft whimpers as she feels her life draining.

A dream like state clouds the sight of Anezka's prey, as the waves of pleasure flood her mind. It's better than sex. The vampire feeds with abandon, draining pint after pint after pint of blood. When she breaks contact, an arch of bright red blood arches against the stars. "Almost there." Anezka licks the wound, leaving the woman barely conscious.

Polina pulls what appears to be a wooden trapdoor hidden under the dirt. "When it's going to be my turn? I want to be embraced, goddammit!" She receives a backhand slap from Anezka. "Shush. Don't you fucking dare to speak like this to me again, or it will be you hanging from the back wall of my haven, encased in latex, suffering forever. Do you understand me?" - Polina grunts, walking towards Zara. "Lucky bitch."

Zara lays there until she's barely able to think. Barely able to hear her heart struggling to maintain some kind of supply. Barely able to feel the dizziness that drowns her. Her glasses lay in the dirt, her hair askew, she can hear voices but not discern anything that is said. She tries to move once the bite is over, but there's no response. A light lift of a finger, that falls back to the ground. The gentlest attempt at sound. No real movement.

Anezka hovers towards the other campers, draining each one till the edge of their poor and short lives. It's cold, systematic. She does it with the grim determination of a food critic, having to face a meal that is way too large.

Polina lifts Zara, only to walk to a large hole that was dug in the desert. She tosses the light weight woman into the hole, but Zara doesn't have time to feel alone in there. With a heavy thud, Christina and James meet her at the bottom of the pit. Finally the Muscle Stud joins the unconscious motley.

Anezka jumps amid the crowd, and opens her wrist with a single bite. She feeds the others a large gulp of her rich blood, before finishing to feed Zara. "Do me proud." She jumps out of the pit, and suddenly a large chunk of dirt is tossed over the soon to be buried people.

Zara lands like a sack of potatoes. Thud, she crumples into the bottom of the hole, and barely managed to retain consciousness. The world is blurry. Only the dimmest of sensations are making through to the pretty, now extremely pale Zara. When she's guided to Anezka's lips, the desire to live is visible for just a moment. She feeds hungrily, feeling the bitter, coppery taste of blood and forcing herself to drink and swallow. It doesn't help. She falls limp afterwards, amongst the corpses, as dirt begins to rain down upon her. Only the last words linger in her, as her mind races.

Consciousness comes and goes. The low rumble of the shovels of dirt pile over the group. After what appears a long time, Zara fades into the sweet embrace of death. A white light appears at the horizon of her perception, only to be snuffed by a spasm. Hunger. So hungry. Compacted dirt pressing her face. Must feed. Can't move. Hunger. Despair. HUNGER! Don't quit. Death is peace. HUNGER! FIGHT!

<<Plot>> Please, +roll Self Control vs TN 6.

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
Zara rolls Self-control vs 6 for 2 successes.

It's breath that's the hardest part. The crushing of the dirt and the bodies makes breathing hard, even the natural pocket that has been created by their bodies won't last forever. Whenever she has a sentient thought, that's all it is. Not the feeling of betrayal, or the fear of death. Just... Give me one more, thin breath. Her fingers twitch, her eyes remain closed. And then she exhales for the last time, and the woman passes without so much as a whimper. Time... Doesn't pass, and yet it does. Until her eyes open in the darkness. The pain. The weight. It's nothing. Not compared to the hunger that surges through her. The tunnel fades, the sweet peace of the final goodnight is banished by a /need/ to feed. She tries to move, just a little bit. So heavy. Bodies around her. Bodies and dirt. And hunger, pressing on her, heavier than all.

The darkness and the heat is oppresive. Yet, everything is secondary to the hunger. Realization comes as her chest doesn't move; she's awaken, but not breathing. Is this it? Am I a vampire?" Tongue runs against teeth, and there are fangs! What to do? What do I do? Hunger. So fucking hungry. Do I feel something moving next to my lips?

<<Plot>> Please, +roll Self Control vs TN 8.

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
Zara rolls Self-control vs 8 for 1 successes.

It seethes within her. It's more important than the realization that she doesn't draw breath. It's more important than the sharpened teeth that brush against her tongue, it's more important than the embrace of death. The need to eat. She finally begins to twist inside the grave, moving amongst the heavy, loose dirt. Feed me. Hunger! Her hands clench into fists as she fights the darkness, and the hunger.

Struggle. The fight moves some of the dirt and her face touches skin. Even without being able to breath, the scent of the skin invade her nostrils. Blood. So close. The beast rattles its cage, do it. Do it! DO IT! Who does this skin belong to? Does it matter?"

<<Plot>> Please, +roll Self Control vs TN 10

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
Zara rolls Self-control vs 10 for 0 successes.

No hesitation. She's already swallowed the need to survive. She's already seen suffering. Flesh touches her face and things are suddenly far too much. She can smell it, feel it. Her lips part, and there's no control. Her fangs sink in, and she /feeds/. Within a moment of blood touching her lips, her feet kick. Her hands pull viciously. Trying to bring her body closer to her food, drawing herself in towards it as she suckles and drinks urgently from... Whoever the fuck it was. It doesn't matter. The first taste of blood, and it's lost in the blood madness.

Blood. Red and viscous and warm and the hunger subdues. A surge of strength runs through her body and her fingers move, crushing dirt and peebles. When the blood on her victim dries, the hunger comes anew. The beast howls inside her head, burns through her chest. Claw. Dig. Up. Up. UP!

The sudden rush of strength flows through her, and her victim ebbs less and less and less. Finally she can't draw anymore, and she breaks free - The surface. She could find more down here, but she needs... Up. Hunger. Her fist, bloodied from where her fingers tore into her victim, thrusts up blindly, shifting dirt, her legs bending beneath her as she tries to drive herself up out of the grave.

The night air feels cold against the skin. Light. Moonlight. So strong. Able to stand, Zara manages to see another figure emerging from the dirt about 10 feet from her. Christina howls, hunger eating any sanity left... All the trauma, the crucible that her sire made her pass through, numbed her mind enough to make her a little more rational than the poor Asian girl.

NPC initiative: NPC Christina goes on 10

Zara has rolled initiative: 17

Surface. Zara's fist breaks the surface, and she crawls from the ground, forcing herself to her feet. Cool, all around her, but it doesn't quell the hunger within her. The asian girl emerges, and she isn't Christina, a sweet young woman who was as much a victim as her. It's food. More blood, wrapped in skin. A momentary release from the hunger that consumes her. and her lips part, fangs revealed. The beast, but not howling or hissing. More monster than animal, the slender young woman rushes in low. Never fought before. Bare hands. But for this desire, she'll tear the girl limb from limb.

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
Zara rolls Dexterity + 1 vs 6 for 2 successes.

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
Zara rolls Strength + 2 vs 6 for -1 successes.

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
Anezka rolls 2 + 1 (3 dice) vs 6 for 3 successes.

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
Anezka rolls 2 + 2 (4 dice) vs 6 for 2 successes.

They're so new. Zara doesn't know what she's going to do to Christina when she gets her hands on her, she just wants to feed. Hands come up against the Asian girl, and she tries to get purchase, tries to /bite/, and only misses.

The creature formerly known as Christina growls after being hit by Zara, any humanity that she possessed is completely gone. The husk is guided by her supernatural hunger, and sinks her fangs on Zara's shoulder. As soon as she tries to suck the blood out of the black haired woman, her hand slips and she loses contact. The cut is nasty, jagged flesh hissing around the wound.

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
Zara rolls Dexterity + 1 vs 6 for 2 successes.

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
Zara rolls Strength + 1 + 1 vs 6 for 0 successes.

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
Anezka rolls 2 + 1 (3 dice) vs 6 for 0 successes.

Zara barely makes a sound when she's wounded. She's not running on much humanity either, as she spins away from the bite. Not noticing the blood that runs from her shoulder, or the wound that tearing the other girl off has left her. She doesn't pull away either, leaping at the other woman with her fangs bared, going for the front of the throat - Brought up short by a chin, she tries to stay at this... Extreme closeness.

Christina fumbles as Zara leaps over her, and this time the fangs hold true. A spurt of rich blood fills Vera's favorite mouth, the skinny Asian girl rolling her eyes as the bliss of the kiss numbs her mind. The beast weakens, allowing Zara to regain control over her body as soon as the other woman falls limp on her arms. It's over. No more fight. The hunger still holds true, but at least is manageable.

Anezka sits on the hood of the pickup truck.

It's enough. Zara's teeth find the throat of the young girl, /crunch/ as teeth clench and fangs dig in deep. She drinks, drinks until the screaming in her mind and the overpowering hunger begin to dwindle. Soon the girl is limp, and Zara's mind resurfaces.... The bliss of the kiss replacing the hunger, and when her lips part, she can taste a sweetness to blood that was never there before... Dropping the body, she turns, to look towards her Sire. Lips blood-red, trails leading from the corners of her mouth. Fingers bloodied, body dirtied. No movement from her chest. Undead. Perhaps it's the author in her. She takes a knee.

Anezka leans against the windshield, feet crossed at her ankles. She claps, cheering the dirtied woman. "Well done!" She extends one hand, collecting twenty dollars from Polina. "My sister bet on her muscular boy toy. I had my money on you." The vampire jumps from the hood, standing on the desert. "You survived your first test, but you still are an unproven fledgeling." She stands next to Zara, hand cupping her chin. "Stand. I hate bootlickers. You are now Tzimisce, a proud clan that rules the land beyond the forest since the birth of mankind. The old Tirsa. The blood in your veins comes from Voivodes, leaders among men and immortals. Respect it, as much as you respect me, and yourself." Anezka turns around, catching a large glass jar that was tossed by Polina. She offers the jar to Zara. "Fill it with the dirt from where you emerged." No request, a straight and simple command.

The money is... Noted. Zara rises from the ground when instructed, still overwhelmingly silent - She takes the jar, and kneels by the dirt that she'd only so recently crawled out of. She scoops it into the jar with her hands, as her tongue runs over her teeth, cleaning the last of the taste of blood from her mouth. She can feel that intoxicating hunger lingering just beneath the surface, even now.

Anezka nods as the jar fills. "Remember when I told you that being a vampire is brutal. I wasn't fucking lying. We carry a curse." She laughs. "Fuck... So many curses that I can barely count. Sunlight and fire are anathema to your existence. Face it and a fiery death will finish you. The hunger will never fade, better get used to it. A stake through your heart will put you in a coma, we like to call it torpor, and make you a perfect morsel for a sunlight or fire BBQ. Mortal food will taste like ash, and it never will nourish you again... Hope you enjoyed your last meal." Anezka bends forward, grabbing a handful of dirt. "Our lineage, our clan, has a special connection with the land. Every time you slumber during the terrible hours of the day, you must have at least two handfuls of dirt on you. If you fail to connect with your land, you will wither and become weak. Your connection is with this dirt. The Cuyamak lands. Never forget, for surely you will come back for more. Save this dirt with your unlife, and never let anyone discover that this is the source of your power. If anyone destroys this place, they destroy you. Do you understand how serious this shit is?"

There are some of these things that Zara knows. Soon, she pulls herself back upright slowly, watching Anezka for a few long seconds before her lips part, and she hears herself speak. "... Yes." It's strange. The rules that were - Don't touch high voltage, avoid falling from heights... There are new rules now. Her gaze falls onto her own bloodied, dirtied hands for a moment, before they go back to Anezka. How had she romanticized this life so much, after years of study. "I understand."

Anezka steps forward, resting one hand on Zara's shoulder. "We are done here." She looks over her shoulder and calls. "Sestra! Behead the leftovers and bury them for good. I will take Zara back to town." The Sire looks into Zara's eyes, and nods. "I think that you need a shower, and a proper hunt. I give you a ride back, while my sestra cleans the mess." She winks. "I hope you are ready to surf the tides of blood all the way to the breach of the seventh seal. It can be a fun ride." Anezka guides Zara back to her car, this time opening the door like a proper valet.

Zara nods slightly, at least to the idea of a shower. A hunt... Both fills her with dread an excites some deep, dark part of her... The jar is held in her arms, and is transferred to her lap when she's welcomed into Anezka's car. Sitting quietly, she waits for her sire to get in before she asks. "How... Many of us are there?" Using the term us.

Anezka chuckles. "Too fucking many." She hits the gas, creating a dust cloud behind her car as she drives back to Prospect. "Too fucking many..."

End Log