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Birthdate: June 20th, 2000
Hometown: Montréal, Québec
Star Sign: Gemini
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 97 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Demeanor: Show-off
Current Jobs: Hair Stylist /
Good & Bad Stuff
Appearance: Oceandot-filled.pngOceandot-filled.pngOceandot-filled.pngOceandot-filled.png
Manipulation: Oceandot-filled.pngOceandot-filled.pngOceandot-filled.png
Wits: Oceandot-filled.png
Astrology: Oceandot-filled.pngOceandot-filled.pngOceandot-filled.pngOceandot-filled.png
Etiquette: Oceandot-filled.pngOceandot-filled.pngOceandot-filled.pngOceandot-filled.png
        Street Culture
+ Flirt
+ Great Liar
- Chronically Late
- Derangement
        Histrionic Personality Disorder
- Insensitive
- Low Self-Esteem


A lot of people think I'm not very smart and make really bad life choices just because I'm 19 and dropped out of high school and have two kids. Or because I named them after celebrities' kids. Or because I tried to sell Arbonne and Color Street for a while, I guess?

Whatever. People can think what they want. I know I'm doing what I'm supposed to.

I didn't always. Until I was 15 I was totally just boring and basic and didn't know what I was supposed to be doing with my life.

But now I know. That's why I ghosted everybody and just ran away. And I mean it was pretty rough for a while on my own, but there are people out there who will help you out. At least if you're me.

But then...I don't know. I just had to come out to Cali. Something was calling me here, or something. I can't explain it and it doesn't matter.


Roleplay Hooks
Hurrr Did She considers herself first and foremost a hair stylist, though since nobody's willing to work around her schedule (or her personality issues), she's 'independent' right now. She advertises her services mostly through Instagram, and she seems like she's pretty good at it!
Totally Not Classy Her real main source of income though is dancing at Body Shots. She usually gets stuck with shitty off-hours shifts because she's not even a little bit popular with the club's management, usually showing up at least an hour late, always trying to leave early, and creating all sorts of drama with the other girls.
Drowning In Debt She's absolutely up to her eyeballs in debt, and owes tens of thousands of dollars to a whole bunch of different people. She has collection agencies coming after her on behalf of everyone from utility providers to the DMV to credit card companies to cosmetic surgeons. All of that makes it nearly impossible for her to find anywhere steady to live, or any respectable jobs willing to hire her.
Someone Call CPS Jessika has a kid and is not exactly a great mom. She frequently leaves him in the care of her boyfriend, whom she lives with, and who is not the father of her son. Given their volatile relationship, if you work for city services, you've probably heard of her.
Clout Chaser Her main scheme to get ahead in life right now is just to piggyback off of someone else's success. She aggressively tries to cultivate rich or famous or powerful or influential friends, in the hope of using them to become rich or famous or powerful or influential herself.
Pay Attention To Me! Jessika's (undiagnosed) histrionic personality disorder rules her life. She has to be the center of attention, and she'll do anything to make that happen. She'll cause scenes, she'll tell lies, she'll overreact, she'll be provocative in inappropriate situations, whatever it takes to make sure everyone's paying attention to her.
Kind Of A Bitch She can be fun and vivacious, but she doesn't really have a lot of redeeming qualities. She's disloyal and status-obsessed and superficial and mean-spirited and self-absorbed and views personal relationships as means to an end.




Cash - My beautiful sonnnnnn  Emhearts.png Four year old lil' MONSTAAAAAAAH.

More Than Friends

Jayce - Bae af hubby. Luv u.  Emeyes.png  Emring.png  Emhearts.png  Emegg.png  Emlaugh.png  Emlaugh.png  Emlaugh.png


Nobody -  Emsad.png

Left Inner Wrist: The letter 'M' in elaborate cursive script.
Right Ribcage: 'Everybody dies but not everybody lives' in cursive script.
Upper Back: Small feathered angel wings between her shoulder blades. Gray wash.
Left Back: A rose directly above a tiger's head. Gray wash. 'Jason' in Gothic script below.
Right Inner Ankle: A red rose with green leaves. 'Cash' in cursive script above.
Right Outer Foot: 'Selena' in cursive script.


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