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Jacob Allen Xander

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Camarilla Society needs order. Law brings this order. The Camarilla provides this Law.

Sabbat They are slaves to each other. Order without Freedom.

Changeling ??! Like the tooth fairy? Myth and Hallucinations.


Mage Meddlers, most of them.

Mortal They are both divine and a curse, all at the same time.

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  • Silvana - My Defender. My Princess.
  • Zuri - My darling ebony daughter. My fury unleashed.
  • LittleA - An ambitious young woman. A simple kindness saved her life, and with that she rises to greatness.
  • Mirela - One of my best pupils. She grew quickly into success. It is unfortunate her business keeps her away.
  • JD - Mr McCoy, a backwoods kind of man. Tough as nails.
  • Madeline - Once we were close, though time seems to have caused us to drift apart.
  • Sentinel - Lacking confidence of her own, perhaps a flaw of her being. Nothing wrong with being a servant.
  • Constance - Her kindness is matched by no other. Her children deserve much more.
  • Cross - The Father intrigues me, having a Wisdom much greater than his years, though there is much danger delving into that deep pool.
  • Vegard - I am pleased with his ability to motivate and organize.

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Name: Jacob Allen Xander
Clan: Ventrue
Faction: Camarilla
Date of Birth: July 2nd
Apparent Age: In his 30's
Height: 3'5"
Weight: 108lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Demeanor: Celebrant
Nature: Judge
Other styles...